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    Question How do I control my addressable RGB light strips on motherboard?

    I purchased a Maximus XI hero wifi and installed an EKWB water block with addressable rgb lights. However when using aura, I can't seem to find anything or figure out how to control each individual light? double checked all connection so its not a hardware issue. I tried reinstalling Aura and...
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    Question New Build Won’t Post

    Hello, I’ve got a new build I’m a bit stumped on. Parts: *Asus Rog Maximus XI *Intel i9 9900 *G Skill 3200 8gb x2 Corsair cooler hi115 EVGA 750w gold PSU Toshiba SATA 3T Corsair Hydro Hi115 *Nvidia GTX 1060 (* indicates the part is brand new) The system turns on, all leds light up and the...
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    Question overclocking on maximus xi formula AIR COOLED VRMs vs maximus xi hero

    i'll be overclocking a 9900K either on a maximus xi formula with air cooled vrms or maximus xi hero. Which will yield higher performance?
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    [SOLVED] looking for suggestions on ram and storage

    what i have currently i7 9700k asus rog maximus xi hero asus rog rtx 2080 8gb corsair hx850i platinum power supply windows 10 pro corsair 500D case corsair h150i pro AIO cooler +3 LL120s in push +3 ML120s in pull +3 LL120s exhaust I WANT TO GET THE MOST OUT OF MY SYSTEM , i left myself room...