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  1. G

    Question 3 OnBoard Monitors on Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2H-GSM

    I have a Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2H-GSM and I trying to run 3 monitors off the motherboard. 1 VGA 1 DVI and 1 HDMI (Via an adapter to DVI) When I plug the HDMI cable in the DVI port turns off. It detects 3 monitors but it will not allow me to "Activate" all 3 at one time. I have upgraded to the...
  2. Senbonzakura_miku

    Question How to overclock my CPU with a motherboard that DOESN'T support CPU overclocking?

    Another topic just like this was previously created by someone else but too old (2010), and at end no one mentioned how to do it. So, now, after 9 years , how to do it? Please don't suggest me getting a new mobo. If i wanted to, i wouldn't wait and waste my time. I know this isn't an easy work...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] PC Freezes or BSODs with 8gb of RAM, but not 4gb

    Configuration: CPU : AMD FX-8350 MB: Gigabyte 970A-UD3P (rev. 2) PSU: Cobra Power 700W RX-700-AE-B 80 Plus Gold GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ ATI Radeon RX580 8gb VRAM RAM: Patriot 2x4gb @1600MHz (PSD38G1600KH) / Replaced with Samsung 2x4gb @1600MHZ (M378B5173QH0-CK0) SSD: Kingston 223GB SA400S37240G...
  4. N

    JBL Flip 4 paired with laptop won't play audio

    My JBL Flip 4 and laptop are paired, but the audio will not play through the JBL, only thru laptop. What am I missing. It works perfectly through phones.
  5. C

    Motherboard taking 3 minutes to boot PC

    I recently upgraded my computer and installed a new motherboard, cpu, and ram. I am currently using the ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 motherboard with an i7-7700k and GSkill Ripjaws V Series 3000mhz ddr4 ram. I am booting from my ssd and I have 3 raid 1 hard drive setups in there as well...
  6. J

    Best 2016 Card for Under $350?

    @Title Im building a rig now powered by AMD and I'm looking for a grpahics card that can handle 900p - 1080p AAA gaming at high/ultra settings and clock at least 50FPS. Heres my part list for reference. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/3w28JV
  7. B

    Newly build PC sounds like Jet Engine, need Processor cooling recommendations

    Titles says all. I live in Canada and have a fixed budget of $30 dollars, must match the stock cooler in terms of performance for an FX 8320. Hyper 212 Evo will not for in case. And please, let it be quieter... Thanks!
  8. B

    When are new Intel CPUs coming out this year?

    So, my CPU and motherboard are in pretty desperate need of an upgrade, but, they still work fine currently. I don't follow the CPU market very much, so, when's the best time to upgrade this year? I've looked around and it seems confusing at the moment, the 6th generation Intel Core processors...
  9. G

    Help me pick between these 2 PSU!

    Hi guys! My case is the Corsair 380t and it says 160mm in length but you can remove the Hard Drive tray for 180mm, which I would do. I'm not quite about these 2 EVGA options, as one is from "Superflower" and apparentally that merits almost $40 in diffrence? I will be using an Nvidia Pascal gtx...
  10. L

    7950 Boost throttling at stock

    I have had this problem since I got the card where the the core freq would throttle to 501 mhz unless power limit was increased and I was wondering if two years later there is a solution so that I don't have to increase power limit. I know it is a problem with the boost as my other 7950 paired...
  11. V

    HELP motherboard powers on with fans but pc wont

    The other day I tried to replace my cpu on my thinkserver ts140 It's a i3-4130@ 3.4ghz LG 550 socket ( I believe) anyways I had the wrong socket type i5 cpu I tried to install it didn't work so I took it out and placed the old one back in and now my pc doesn't power on. The fans spin but...
  12. I

    Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 Not Detecting Second 7870?

    So, long story short, I had to upgrade my mobo from an m5a97 to the Sabertooth. The m5a97 was able to run both my 7870's in crossfire without any problems whatsoever. But ever since installing the new mobo (and the os), the mobo seems to not be detecting the second gpu. They both work, but only...
  13. R

    GTX 970 build

    So I'm building a gaming computer and the GPU I want in it is a 970. I'm also looking on a i5 5690k CPU and I will most likely overclock it. The overall budget is about $1200 but I can cross it if I need to.I want a quiet stable build that will last me a couple of years. Thank you.
  14. O

    Intergrated CPU vs low-end dedicated GPU

    Hey guys I bought an AMD a8 6600k with an intergrated HD 8570D. If i put a sapphire hd 5450 1G ddr3on my pc, will my gaming graphics improve? or will it be weaker?
  15. F

    Brand new e545, having issues with the wireless adapter

    I am having trouble with my edge e545 wireless adapter. The adapter works initially when I turn the laptop on, but will drop out unexpectedly. When I navigate to network adapters, the adapter would have a red X on it. I have tried to disable it and re-enable it to no avail. I end up having to...
  16. kiwi king

    Will this graphics setup work right

    Hello! I have a 4 GFX card case, and I was wondering if I could put 3 of these in there: http://www.amazon.com/NVIDIA-900-22081-2250-000-Active-Computing-Processor/dp/B00GR8FHB6/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1392342352&sr=8-3&keywords=nvidia+tesla then lastly put this in the last slot...