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  1. BigFhungus

    [SOLVED] mbr2gpt says cannot create EFI Partition not enough room

    Hi I am trying to convert my windows 10 installation from mbr to gpt and have followed all of the instructions and I get this error "Cannot find room for the EFI system partition. MBR2GPT: Conversion failed", please help and thank you in advance IMAGE OF CMD PROMPT error: View...
  2. 0

    [SOLVED] Windows won't boot after using MBR2GPT and messing with partitions ?

    The following error has been preventing me from updating Windows 10 through Windows Update for quite some time (maybe a year or so): "Unsupported Disk Layout for UEFI Firmware". I finally decided to give it a go and try solving it, and to do so, I used the MBR2GPT tool in order to turn my MBR...
  3. [SOLVED] Not able to extend or split any drive in my PC.

    I want to move 100GB from E:\ to C:\ but Minitool gives an error for every action I perform with these drives. I even tried to change E:\ to Logical drive but errors and nothing else. What's wrong with my drives and how can I fix it? Here is the screenshot.