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  1. thedonquixotic

    Question I have a RAID1 array with one failed drive that I need to back up to a new drive, on Linux, what do you recommend?

    I had the OS SSD fail, and then a motherboard fail, so now I've got an all new set up but I need to get my archival RAID1 set back up. One of the 2 drives appears to have failed (it's showing only 4gb partition in Gnome disk utility), and I want to rescue what I can from the remaining drive...
  2. L

    Wifi works but ethernet doesn't.

    I even replaced the ethernet cable, updated drivers, tried turning off wifi before checking my connection. All it says is no internet connection. Can someone help me please, my internet is not worth the price unless its connected by ethernet becouse DL speed drops to 3 from 48 and my ping raises.