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  1. J

    Question Best Budget Keyboard

    So hey guys! I just want some opinions or suggestions for a good budget keyboard. Im looking to replace my 6 year old cooler master keyboard. Right now I'm choosing between Anne pro 2, Machenike k7, and keychron k2 or k4. I'm from the Philippines. Any more suggestions?
  2. mymercedesisntfast

    [SOLVED] Razer Blackwidow Blue switch Keyboard isn't as "clicky" as my Outemu Blue switch keyboard?

    So i've had this razer keyboard for a while, the keyboard itself is old and i bought it for cheap. View: My Question is : 1.Is the cliking sound sounds normal for a blue switch? because it sounds less "clicky" than outemus. 2.Do i need to replace the switches...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] Motospeed ck62 vs New release Havit wireless 60%

    Im looking for a under 45$ budget 60% white wireless mechanical keyboard. Since my budget is low for what i want, Im between these 2, i already know the motospeed is really popular but i´ve seen a lot of youtubers reviews and they do not recommended it because of the function caps you have to...
  4. H

    [SOLVED] Looking for options on high price to performance replacement for current keyboard.

    Hello there! Recently i got myself the Durgod Venus, i had heard very good things about this keyboard. Out of the box i quite enjoyed the keyboard, the build quality was top notch, RGB bright a lovely, and the Cherry mx black linear switches were a joy to type on. 60% form factor was something...
  5. E

    Question Reddragon K552 Lights up but dosen't type.

    I bought a Reddragon K552 sept 2019, then I unplugged my keyboard since I was trying to fix my wires then when I replugged it, it suddenly said Unknown USB device, I've tried all the youtube fixes power settings, updating driver, and more. The keyboard still lights up normally but it wont type...
  6. gregorylevine

    [SOLVED] Spilled Hot Sauce on Corsair K70 - How To Fix

    I have a Corsair K70 Cherry MX Blue keyboard for my desktop PC. I had a little container of sauce on my desk that I picked up, but the people at Buffalo Wild Wings didn't secure the lid, and it spilled on my keyboard. Most of the left third of the keyboard was covered in the sauce. I was drunk...
  7. anti_matter

    [SOLVED] Hyperx Alloy Elite vs Corsair K70mk2

    Hi Champs, I am looking to get my first Mechanical Keyboard, and within the availability constraints, have zeroed in on either the Hyperx Alloy Elite(non-RGB) and the Corsair K70Mk2 , both MX Browns with the Corsair being roughly 40USD more expensive. My primary usage will be typing and...
  8. Oxiriar Cayton

    [SOLVED] Mechanical Keyboard Metal Keycaps?

    In preparing to build my first PC from scratch, I really wanted to see if it was possible to get metal keycaps for a keyboard. Specifically, I want full brass, brass plated or at least brass colored. I don't think doing the entire keyboard is necessary, I mainly want to replace WASD, the...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] Deciding on Keyboard Switches for Gaming and Typing

    My town does not really have many tech stores I can try out what switches I like without buying them. This has been even more limited due to COVID and not being able to just go around touching things. I currently have the Steelseries Apex M750 TKL with the QX2 linear switches. I like how light...
  10. C

    Question Keyboard Switch

    Some of my keyboard switches does not register sometimes, I already blow it and half press, it would work but would come back again. Can I use a 70% alcohol to clean directly the switches? It's okay to stain my keyboard since its only generic and will buy soon. Thanks!
  11. Jyro10

    [SOLVED] Can I remove a switch from my mechanical keyboard and use it somewhere else?

    So, I have a cheapo Cherry MX copy mechanical keyboard, with plate mounted switches, and my spacebar is failing most of the time I try to use it. It happened before, the same thing, but I solved it by just removing the keycap and putting some isopropanol and mashing the key, and that fixed it...
  12. Aabhas Roxx

    Question Need a fix for my Redragon K551 RGB Keyboard lost firmware.

    By mistake, I installed K552 Firmware update on my K551 keyboard. And now the numpad of my keyboard is not glowing up. Please help me to fix this issue.
  13. G

    [SOLVED] Good Mechanical Keyboard for gaming and programming for under $150 dollars?

    I want something with the follow features: RGB lightning Interchangeable switches Macro Keys Numpad And that's all. i'd like to see your suggestions, members of this forum.
  14. nospecgamer

    Question My TAB key only works when I press Q+TAB (HELP)

    Alright so I might have done something to the keyboard that I don't know about. I have no macros whatsoever on this board (Redragon K552). For some reason the TAB key does not work, i've tried everything on the internet and after trying all the different suggestions I found out that if I press...
  15. Vishal_7

    Question Help with gaming mouse and keyboard

    I use a logitech b100 mouse and amkette multimedia keyboard for my gaming sessions. More than an average gamer yes. For me it has always been an issue with the mouse is that I have a big hand so small mouse never really work well. I tried some gaming mouse like havit etc but they are really big...
  16. Skydaz

    [SOLVED] What switch is the same shape as Razer green Switch on Razer Blackwidow 2014?

    OKAY so im looking forward to buy an used Razer Blackwidow 2014 with Razer green Switch, since the price has dropped so much in the used market. So there is one selling for around 15usd For Razer Blackwidow 2014. But the switch for key "alt" has broken. Im looking forward to buy it and replace...
  17. N

    Question Mechanical Keyboard stopped working all of a sudden??

    So the only keys that work are the space key along with the right shift button and the ? button. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling but am pretty sure it's a hardware problem. I took apart the keyboard to see if there were any obstructions on the PCB but everything looks fine. When I test it...
  18. K

    Question Mechanical Keyboard recommendation? Mk750,K70, Strafe,k68

    So i am finally moving from a [redacted] membrane keyboard onto a full mechanical keyboard and i am wondering what to buy. As it stands i can get any of these keyboards for exactly 88 dollars. Cooler Master MasterKeys MK750 (red) Corsair Gaming Strafe RGB MK.2 Cherry MX Red Corsair Gaming K68...
  19. B

    [SOLVED] Keyboards enter key and right shift key doesn't work. Asus ROG Claymore

    I was cleaning my keyboard, not with any soap/water I was just removing dust. And I didn't unplug my keyboard while doing so, just had notepad open. So I hit some random keys at the same time and now my enter key doesn't work and my right shift key. My enter key on the Numpad works...
  20. D

    Question My D key doesn't work (sometimes E and S as well)

    2 days ago I noticed that my "D" key started skipping and not responding as it should, I plugged it in my laptop and it was the same. Today I noticed that my "E" "S" and "D" key were doing the same (2 days ago "E" and "S" worked perfectly), so I somehow found out that blowing into them makes...
  21. A

    Question Can i switch the switches in a mouse?

    so i've been having some problems with my mouse lately. The mouse click doesn't feel as good as it used to, it feels like im applying more force to it than i was before. so i was wondering if it possible to switch/ change the switches of mouse with better ones just like we do in mechanical...
  22. [SOLVED] Mechanical Keyboard

    Does this kind of keyboard with arrow keys very close to the space bar exist as a mechanical keyboard?
  23. S

    Question The problem with 'd' button.

    Hi, I have got a problem with my Thor 300 keyboard on red switches. Everything was fine, untill the day that 'd' button has started acting strange. Sometimes, the 'd' works, and sometimes doesn't (button, and switch are working normally, but the keyboard sometimes is not registering 'd' when I...
  24. P

    Question How do I light up my keyboard without connecting it to my pc? (For display purposes)

    Hey, I've just made a display rack for my keyboard collection. The thing is, I wanted to light up all my keyboard without connecting it to my pc because I did try to connect them all to my pc and it put stress to my ram which is bad. I want to turn on all my keyboard for display purposes, does...
  25. S

    Discussion I want a keyboard that sounds like the Ornata Chroma, but don't want a membrane keyboard again.

    So for a while, I've been playing and typing with a Rosewill Apollo with a red backlight and clicky tactile switches. So I ran across an ASMR video where the ASMRtist was typing on a few different keyboards, and the Razer Ornata Chroma was one of them. I fell in love with the sound, but I'm...
  26. U

    Question Ducky one 2 mini sleep issues

    For some reason when sleeping my PC the mini doesn't turn off its lighting & when I go to wake up my PC, the keyboard won't register when in sleep mode and I have to push the power button in order to wake it up. Is there a fox for this or am I out of luck? Thanks!
  27. gamewarrior2216

    Question Mechanical keyboard types multiple keys

    In about the last year and a half, I've owned two mechanical keyboards that have been giving me the same issue. My first was the Razor Blackwidow and it would type multiple letters when I pressed it once but only on certain keys. Now I have the Gamdias Hermes E1 keyboard and it's starting to do...
  28. S

    Question Looking for a mechanical keyboard for a friend

    Hello everyone, So I am looking for a keyboard for a friend, here are the specs he is interested in; Has to be a full keyboard with a num-pad, NO RGB (He really doen't like RGB). Cherry MX blue switches preferably, dedicated media keys would be a plus, but they are not mandatory. I guess the...
  29. T

    PC parts should have better performance, is motherboard important?

    Over the years i've upgraded the majority of parts of my extremely bad pre-built computer to fulfil my gaming needs, however it still runs fairly badly, for reference it runs PUBG at around 60fps on all low settings and whenever fighting starts it lowers to 20fps ish. Current specs: GPU...
  30. E

    Are the small boost worth it in the long run?

    I need assistance deciding which parts to go with on my first build. Using it to play newer single player games like Fallout 4 and Witcher 3. Some For Honor. Also edit photos and videos. Here's the components I need: Midsized black case with front usb 3.0 ports, rubber ports to help with cord...
  31. Y

    X470 AORUS GAMING 7 WIFI hybrid fan header

    Hi, I just want to make sure I'm underestanding it correctly. On the Gigabyte's website, it says all fan pin header upgraded to hybrid fan header does that mean I can plug my pump for my custom loop into any fan header since they are hybrid? And on the page it also said that Supports High...
  32. J

    Would love to hear your help from old to new

    Current old rig, I want to upgrade. CPU: i5-4460 CPU Cooler: Hyper Evo 212 Motherboard: Asrock H97 Anniversary GPU: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 960 G1 Gaming 2GB GDDR5 (if not needed to upgrade hopefully yet) RAM: HyperX Fury DDR3 1600MHz CL10 module 8GB (one single stick RAM) PSU: XFX TS 650W SSD...
  33. R

    Can i run pubg?

    My pc specs: AMD A8 7650K 3.8ghz w/ r7 graphics 8gb ram GT 1030 Mother board: Asus A68HM-K w/ r7 graphics Resolution: 1366x768 Can I run PUBG? Systemrequirements lab says that my pc doesnt pass because of the processor :/ Strange cuz i saw someone playing pubg with the same processor
  34. A

    js my gpu or mobo fried?? and if I just need to reset my cmos battery how do I do that in my rig???

    Hi I have Intel pentium dual core e6600, 6 gigs of ddr3 ram and gt 710 2gb ddr3 gpu, mine motherboard is a nec one don't know which model and I had over clocked my gpu to core clock +320 an memory clock +350 so if my gpu is fried could it possibly burn my motherboard too mine gpu was a passively...
  35. Q

    is 90°C Temp Normal For Laptop When Gaming?

    i have an Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-780B temp of CPU and Mobo hits 90°C - 93°C is this normal when gaming? im playing Guildwars2 , nba 2k17 , Dota 2. heres a link for the image and full specs of the laptop. thx in advance guys http://
  36. D

    Samsung SSD not available in boot priority list

    Hello, My computer recently crashed and on my replacement I'm trying to install a Samsung 840 EVO 250GB, The drive is formatted and good to go, shows up in BIOS but not on the priority list. I asked a co-worker of mine to see if he could boot from it and he can with no problems. I have a Dell...
  37. J

    Can I have my PC in a different room for VR?

    Hi, I'm considering an HTC Vive and have an odd setup. I have a man hut on my roof of my 3 story 700 sq foot per floor house. My PC is in the hut on the roof but it's a small room. I was wondering if I can somehow run cables from my PC down to my 2nd floor to the base station for the Vive...
  38. MagicWolf

    SSD Question / Loading speed

    I saw and learned that if a system has an SSD in it, it will load programs etc. way faster than a system without one. And i actually thought i had an SSD on my PC (before i got into these stuff) but was dissapointed when i checked. The thing is i didn't really notice with all the loading, it...
  39. J

    Computer build for revit, Photoshop and gaming

    What would be a good computer build to have a computer running revit, Photoshop, and some VR gaming. Would like to stay around 1,000 if possible.
  40. Endeavor01

    What is this?

    Hey guys, my friend gave me his burned out 970 so I figured I'd give it a go at repairing it as I have a bit of soldering experience. The only problem is I have no idea what the burned out components are or where I can find them...