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  1. lolU

    Question Ram dual channel

    I don't know is RAM dual channel working properly. I've installed 2x4gb ram in my computer and the windows 10 says I've 8gb ram, but task manager show 4gb and PC UserBenchmark says "Performing below potential (32nd percentile) - ensure that a dual+ channel XMP BIOS profile is enabled". So I've...
  2. T

    My laptop won't connect to my home network while other devices will. Is this a Windows 10 issue or laptop?

    I have a Lenovo Thinkpad E485 that is only 5 months old. Luckily, it's in warranty but it has come with a myriad of issues and has been the most frustrating laptop experience to date dealing with them. Lately, it's had issues connecting to my home Wifi. I don't use Wifi outside my house much...
  3. J

    New PC for my Brother

    Hello. My Brother asked me to build him a new PC I would like to ask you, if I have choosen the right components. CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Cooler CPU : BOX (AMD Wraith) Mainboard : MSI B450-A Pro PSU: Corsair RM550X GPU : Zotac GeForce RTX 2060 AMP RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX, DDR4, 16 GB 3000...
  4. N

    Will my system bottleneck?

    Hey guys, I've seen a lot of questions regarding bottleneck here. I think I know some things about computers, but recent releases in both CPU and GPU made me confuse and I really can't find an answer anywhere, so that's why I am creating this thread. Maybe there are other people in my situation...
  5. G

    Need Help With PSU

    Hello. My current PSU cant handle with my new PC, im looking for a PSU in the range of 30 - 50 euros, my specs are: intel i5 9600k asus gtx 1060 6gb 8 gb ddr4 2400 mhz ( will upgrade in the future to 16 gb + more mhz) ssd 240 gb I will overclock in the future to, but for now i just will use...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] Intel i5 8400 or AMD Ryzen 5 2600

    Hi everyone , First at all sorry for my bad English I hope you will understand me. I want to build brand new PC for Internet using ( Mozila ) and some programs like Microsoft Office. So I have two configuration in mind: Intel i5 8400 Gigabyte Z370-HD3 LGA1151 DDR4 4000MHz Kingston 8GB DDR4...
  7. M

    Streaming Sticks for Dated TV(s)

    I have a Panasonic PLASMA TV - MODEL #T4-42PX50U, Purchased 8/9/2005, and a LG LCD Flat Panel U750, 3-D TV Model #LM4600-UC, Purchased 3/4/2013, could anyone recommend the best streaming stick(s) for my TV's. Both TV's still work perfectly, have never had any issues, and I have no plans to...
  8. F

    Ports not opening

    Hi, i tried to open ports but it wont open. What can i do? My previous router had no problem dealing with ports but this router wont open anything. My Router name is tplink ac1200 As you can see in image i added port 25565.
  9. S

    Laptop fans seem to intermittently not work, overheating while gaming

    Laptop is Acer vn7-571g. It seems the past couple days that the back exhaust fans stop working while gaming sometimes. I've played a game a few times for 10-20 min, have felt the fans putting out warm air and continue to work fine for long periods of time, temps remain ok. But after an hour or...
  10. O

    Windows 10 stuck on startup after restore

    I recently restored my PC. When I turn on my PC and get to the Hi There page, I am asked questions about language and region, but I can't answer them because my mouse and keyboard don't work and I can't click anything so I am stuck. How do I solve this? Thanks
  11. G

    Best laptop to buy

    Hi, I’m planning to buy a laptop & only have a budget of 500$. Do you have any recommendations or advice? I want to be fast pc & have plenty space.
  12. C

    FPS drops in GTA 5

    Hello, I have very often fps drops in GTA 5. My specs are: Asus GTX 1080 @ 2000 mhz I7 8700k @ 4,8 ghz Kraken x62 for cpu cooling MSI Z370 A pro Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 RAM...
  13. W

    GTX 1070 Ti Freezing the unfreezing

    Titan Fall 2, Rise of Tomb Raider, I'm sure others will freeze a few seconds then unfreeze. I've looked at Afterburner and see the GPU drop, but have no idea how to figure out the cause.
  14. B

    Should I use Ryzen or Intel CPU for homelab virtualization server?

    I am very new to hardware as I come from a software background but am moving into systems security and the pentesting world. I am looking to build a home lab server to load 20 -30 virtual machines running both Windows and Linux OS's to dissect malware and test vulnerabilities as well as...
  15. S


    ive had a few crashes on windows i thought it was to do with heats but they are are 30-45 30+ at idlearound 45 at load doing things i have downloaded blue screen viewer it shows this ================================================== Dump File : 010118-7734-01.dmp Crash Time ...
  16. T

    Ryzen vs Coffee lake

    I know this may be controversial... I recently started looking at builds on PC part picker and on these forums, it's good that people are supporting underdogs in the marketplace and encouraging competition. But am I the only one that has looked at the benchmarks and realised that even the...
  17. D

    Upgrade or keep and put in a dedicated graphics card?

    Motherboard - ASRock-Fm2A75 RAM - 16GB DDR3 Intergrated Graphics Card - AMD A8-6600K. I want to play new games like COD WW2 etc and the current board stutters and hangs sometimes so what upgrade or better still a dedicated card without having to change mother boards. Budget is around £200
  18. P

    Can I use this SSD for my Motherboard?

    Hello! I wonder if I can use this SSD for my computer: my motherboard is a ASUS Intel Sandy Bridge H67 you can see the spicifications if you scroll down on the site below...
  19. C

    No storage, but I have

    In apps and games, it says 174 GB used but when I multiply all of them its max 50gb used
  20. A

    BSOD, Any Help Appreciated

    So, I've been experiencing a lot of BSOD crashes as of late. To be specific the WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. It seems to happen randomly. It might be worth mentioning that the error started occuring (some) time after I upgraded my graphics card. I have updated my drivers, cleaned the computer and...