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  1. wicked_sticky

    Question Reinstalling windows 10 new hard drive

    Ive windows 10 pro installed in a 250gb Sata SSD drive. Activated with a MAK licence. I've reinstalled a clean copy of windows 10 with the media creation tool 2-3 times a year. Reinstalling doesn't require entering a key and doesn't use up an extra activation licence when done on the same HDD...
  2. LilZpai

    Question Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk.

    I just built a computer from some older parts earlier today, and have been pulling my hair out because of this error that occurs when trying to install Windows. Here's the error: So far, I've tried changing some settings in the BIOS, such as changing from IDE to AHCI as some guides have...
  3. B

    Question Windows 10 Installation from USB - Media Creation Tool Issue

    ERROR: 0X8007025D I am trying to install Windows 10 Pro on a brand new PC build, similar to this: View: Hardware: Mobo: Gigabyte Z370P (F11 Bios for CPU compatability) CPU: I5-9600K EVGA GTX-1060 SSC 6GB ADATA 128gb SSD...
  4. T

    FPS drop for the whole laptop. freezing every 20 seconds

    so basically i got a new laptop in december. hp 250 g6 notebook. specs are: Intel i7-7500 CPU @ 2.70 GHz 8GB RAM 256 GB SSD memory Intel HD Graphics 620 (4182 MB total memory) my issue is, before Christmas, my laptop starting getting very big and longish FPS drops. especially during...
  5. M

    i5-4690K + gtx 950 OR I3 6100 + RX 480

    Which combo would be better for 1080p gaming? Also, what fps would I expect from both builds. Thank you.