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  1. Benjamin22044

    Question Any experience with NordicTrack Treadmills?

    One of my friends bought this NordicTrack Freestride treadmill during the quarantine and when I visited his house this week, I found this health equipment quite amazing. It is powered by a Mediatek SoC and has a digital display where you can get virtual assistance from the trainers. Besides, the...
  2. Benjamin22044

    Question Migrating from Mobvoi

    I have been using Mobvoi Ticwatch S that I purchased in 2019 and this has been a good device. Now I am thinking of getting a better product with latest features and a good battery backup. Mobvoi Ticwatch S had a good battery backup and it had Google Assistant feature. It was powered by a...
  3. Benjamin22044

    Discussion JBL Speakers

    JBL has such a huge reputation in the market and I think the sound quality of speakers from JBL is amazing. Recently one of my friends bought a MediaTek powered JBL link Music at 70 bucks from Amazon and the audio quality in it was superb. But then I heard the Yamaha speakers and though they...
  4. Benjamin22044

    Question Use of MediaTek in smart speakers

    I guess we all are acquainted with the name "MediaTek" as this is one of the largest chipset manufacturing brands in the world and particularly for the smart home products. I think the smartphone lovers must be acquainted with this name, but did you know that MediaTek smart chipsets are also a...
  5. Benjamin22044

    Question Is Amazon Echo Dot safe for Kids?

    Amazon is launching way too many kid-friendly products these days and my nephew suddenly learned about the tiger-print Amazon Echo Dot Kids and is pleading his parents to buy it. This is actually the similar Mediatek-powered 4th Gen Dot device that was launched as a smart home product, but for...
  6. Benjamin22044

    Question Your view on Realme TVs

    After doing its bit in the smartphone segment, Realme is looking to launch a few series of Realme TVs in the market and looking to take on the likes of Samsung and Sony in the US market. I heard that these TVs are a huge name in India and China and probably Realme is looking to expand its TV...
  7. Benjamin22044

    Question Any idea about Ecobee Smart Thermostat?

    Ecobee and Nest are always in competition in the market when it comes to thermostat but I think Ecobee has a slight edge and this is why I am planning to buy an Ecobee Smart Thermostat that costs $249. This is actually a new-gen smart thermostat with way more features and voice control. It is...
  8. Benjamin22044

    Discussion Samsung 8K QLED TVs worth a fortune

    So I was browsing the latest in the electronics section and I came across this newest Samsung 8K QLED Y20 TV series. Would you believe it that the best variant Q950 which is 85" in size costs $12,000 and I was wondering what was so good in the TV to demand 12 grand. Having viewed the specs, the...
  9. A

    Pc shuts down with ah graphics card but without graphics card it doesnt

    Ive been wondering if the problem really is the gpu My specs are Corsair vs 450w 2 4g ddr3 1866mhz Amd a8 7600 R7 360 oc saphhire 2gig And a hdd 7.2k rpm and an dvd rom The problem is if i remove the gpu the computer doesnt reboots but i only bought the gpu last year and the temperatures of the...
  10. L

    overheating problems after fan changing

    Hello everyone. I have a HP DV7-6b80ec notebook and for some time my fan was making weard noices like its hard for it to spin. So I bought a new fan and dissambled my notebook. I cleaned the cooper fins and changed the fan. Also took of the heatsink and wanted to apply new thermal paste (it...
  11. A

    VPN Setup - First time, Please advise

    Hello, Disclaimer : im new to the whole VPN thing, and my networking skills arent the greatest so please bare with me and i aplogize in advance.. thank you (: I want to setup a vpn server so i can connect to my home network from anywhere... Here is what i have at home : ISP modem.router...
  12. A

    GTX 670 vs Dark Souls III

    Hello, I currently have: i7-3770k @4.1 GHz 16GB RAM GTX 670 2GB 1000W PSU SSD + Raptor 10,000 RPM HDD 30" Dell Display @ 2560 x 1600 Win 7 Ultimate 64 I pre-ordered Dark Souls III with the hopes that my GTX 670 will still be good for it. Then after seeing the recommended settings, it seems...
  13. A

    Any way to toggle between audio from DVI and hdmi?

    Well, the thing is this: My main monitor is connected through HDMI to my GPU, and my headphones in the motherboard's jack, but I have a second monitor connected via DVI in the motherboard, and that monitor has external speakers, is there any way to toggle between headphones and the external...
  14. G

    cpu not detected help!!

    Ok so I reinstalled my 750 ti and now my z170a pc mate is flashing an led that says the cpu is not detected I have taken out the gpu and it still says it it was working fine before and now when I go to try and turn off the pc it wont turn off!!! HELPPP
  15. J

    Any good GPUs that I could buy for this PC?

    Is there any good GPUs that would fit into this PC? I will buy a new motherboard if I cant fit anything on it. This is a stock PC that i'm trying to upgrade as my budget is like 350€ right now. I would like the GPU to be powerful enough to run newer games. PC Model: Asus Desktop PC m11BB Series...
  16. F

    Run gta 5 on medium pc

    I wanna know if I can run. Gta 5 on medium graphics at these pc specs Processor i3 2120 3.3 ghz Gpu. Zotac nvidia gt730 2gb ddr5 Ram 4gb Windows 8 32bit and win 7 64bit I Can run The Witcher 3 at medium preset And AC black flag at max
  17. B

    Does 980 gtx price drop make it more attrative vs 970?

    Hello, I'm looking to update my graphics card after using a 560 ti crysis edition for way too long. I didn't intend to keep it as long as I have but things happen. I am currently gaming on a 1080p monitor but plan to upgrade to a 1440 early next year. When I do, I will have a dual monitor...
  18. D

    blue screen PC problem

    Hi everyone, i have a problem with my pc were i bought a graphic card RADEON R9 380 DD XXX OC 990MHZ 4GB DDR5 wen i turn my pc i got a blue screen with the code: 0x00000003B Which is most likely a video card problem and now wen i try to turn it on my keyboard and mouse wont light up and there's...
  19. Efthimis Vlastaridis

    BSOD Driver_Power_State_Failure Windows 10

    I got this BSOD twice. How can I fix it? I recently did a clean Windows 10 installation.
  20. R

    500w sentey HBP 500 power supply / gtx 970 will it work?

    Hi. Im wondering if my PSU sentey HBP 500-SM will be able to handle a GTX 970. Im not planning to overclock and nothing like that. The PSU has 41.5 amps in one unique rail +12v. If the PSU wont be able to run the gtx 970 will it run a gtx 960 or r9 380? My specs are: -CPU Intel Core I3 2100...