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  1. A

    Question How to use Mega Cloud Storage sync?

    sorry if posted this on wrong category. i want to know how to setup mega cloud storage sync in a way how onedrive or gdrive works to auto backup the documents pictures desktop nd all that stuff nd sync accordingly. i tried to make a manual sync but it says selected folder is already synced.
  2. romiflores

    Asus x540LA Keyboard problem

    Hello, I would appreciate your help with the following topic. After a fall of my laptop Asus x540LA stopped working the following keys: D, pause, imp pant, ¡, delete, enter, ' The other keys if they work ... Believing that it could be a keyboard problem, I changed it to a new one, but the...
  3. Q

    [SOLVED] RGB Splitter and Aura Sync

    So I am looking forward to building an RGB computer (this is the pcpartpicker list So I have counted all the RGB connectors I need 7 1 from the Airgoo RGB strips 3 from the RGB fans on the front of the case 2 from the water cooler fans The...
  4. P

    Maximus IX Formula with Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80

    A few questions for the audiophiles on the forums; Will the "supremeFX" on my asus maximus IX formula drive a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80ohm headphones well? I've heard asus claims up to 600 ohms, but marketing will be marketing. There's also all the other specs which I understand very...
  5. S

    Help with compatibility with my cpu

    Im wondering if anyone could help me , im currently upgrading my pc, ( slowly , but surely ) . and i bought a i5 8600k , im wondering if anybody could recommend a motherboard and RAM that will be compatible with it.
  6. Z

    intel i5 questions

    Hey, i was wondering about 2 things, because i'm getting a new processor soon, i was thinking of getting an i5 7500 but the 7600k is only a few dollars more but does not include a cooler. I was wondering 1. what processor i should get and, 2. if i can use the intel stock cooler that i have on...
  7. B

    Graphics Card Size

    I have this prebuilt computer, will this be able to fit a card like a GTX 1050ti?
  8. S

    Kailh Low-Profile Switches Emerge On ‘Meira’ 40% Ortho Keyboard

    We’ve been wondering where we’d see some of Kaihua’s low-profile switches pop up, and perhaps predictably, they’re appearing in a project borne of the enthusiast keyboard community. Kailh Low-Profile Switches Emerge On ‘Meira’ 40% Ortho Keyboard : Read more
  9. C

    SLeep mode but case fans still on?

    Recently I was playing rocket league and my PC just turn itself off or went into sleep mode. Im not really sure but the case fan stayed on and the only way i could get my PC to turn back on was to turn it off by the power supply and then turn it on by the base. Any ideas?
  10. C

    Should i get a FX 8350 or Upgrade to intel ?

    I want to be able to record games without lagging I currently have an FX 4350 and a gtx 960 without recording i get like 400+fps playing mine craft, but once i start recording my fps starts majorly dropping and get huge lag spikes . I thought about upgrading to Intel like getting a i5-4690k and...
  11. A

    Zotac vs MSI

    Zotac is better or MSI I am confused???
  12. R

    Low FPS (BIOS Settings right?)

    So recently i build a pc with: 2x8gb ram 3200mhz ryzen 5 1600 rx 480 8gb and i cant get it to work on normal fps. I have a few bios pictures maybe someone can help me with that since it says that the current ddr speed is only 2133 i updated bios already and i enabled a-xmp to 3200mhz...
  13. D

    Looking for solution

    I have a problem for my american megatrends windows 10 laptop i dont know how to exit on EFI Shell 2.40 [5.11] so you can help me?
  14. I

    How does my PC compare to a PS4?

    My PC's specs i5-7400 3.0Ghz 8GB DDR4 RAM (2133MHz) Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 2GB DDR5 Thanks for any replies! :)
  15. L

    Need help with laptop problem

    my lenovo ideapad 110,shows lenovo symbol when turned on but then goes to black screen [Edited by moderator - - title was longer than the content - - :sarcastic:
  16. R

    I overclock in my BIOS for my CPU and no result happens in OS

    I am currently using the MSI 970 gaming motherboard with an AMD Fx 6300 6 core 3.5GHz cpu. From the get go my CPU is only running 1399.67MHz. I am not getting my full 3.5GHz. When I try and overclock it in my BIOS I follow multiple guides of people using same motherboard and CPU and some even...
  17. R

    Blown solder point on board, CF error on mobo display

    Hi guys, long time follower first time poster. I recently saved enough to get myself a corsair cooler and a new case. After plugging everything in, checking my spacers, my cable connections, and my seatings twice, I turned my rig on to watch a solder point light up like a Christmas tree. It...
  18. T

    Does my powersupply have the right cables to power this GPU?

    so im planning on getting this: it requires two 8 pin connectors but im not sure if my power supply has enough connectors. It is a EVGA 600B and i have two 6 pin adapters to one 8 pin on it right now. the two 6 pins have another 2...
  19. R

    After amd crimson 16.12.1 update, cannot over clock gpu

    System crossfire sapphire r9 390 i5 6600k After amd crimson 16.12.1 update, I cannot over clock gpu in msi afterburner. Screenshot I also tried using sapphire trixx. I can overclock there, but it causes the screen to tear in lines. here is a video...
  20. A

    Atikmpag.sys BSOD when I install AMD drivers

    Hello Guys, i've HP laptop with intel i5 3317u, 4gb ram, intel hd graphics 4000 and amd radeon hd7670m....Ive got windows 8.1 freshly installled on my laptop but whenever i try to install amd drivers i get VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE(atikmpag.sys) BSOD.... My laptop runs fine with integrated graphics...