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  1. Raphaesthetic

    Question DRAM 3733 MHz not working at full speed

    Hello guys, recently, I bought two DRAMs, HyperX DDR4 3733MHz. I attached both memories as Dual Channel and set a XMP profile. When logged into windows, on task manager it shows me that I have 3733 MHz. Great ! But when using CPU-Z, on memory tab, it shows me 1666 MHz (which x2 is 3332)...
  2. Aliency

    Question Corsair Vengence RGB pro problem with x99

    Hello guys, I have recently upgraded my memory from 16gb HyperX (CL15) @ 3000mhz to the Corsair Vengence RGB pro (CL16) quad kit 32gb @ 3200mhz. My pc wont event make it to the BIOS most of the times. I have managed to make it to the BIOS only once to reset all settings to default except the...
  3. liakos

    Question 2 TYPES OF MEMORIES

    Hi can i combine KHX16C9T3K2/8X (2x4gb) & F3-1600C9-8GXM (2x8gb)? will the pc work smooth? and in order to work in 1600mhz -> KHX16C9T3K2/8X (2x4gb) it needs 1.65v will this be problem for the other memory brand or the mobo or the cpu? MOBO: GA- Z87X-D3H CPU: Intel i7-44770k (not overclocked)
  4. D

    Question Ram CL16 + CL15?

    Hi everyone! Recently my uncle gave to me a new kit of memories from TeamGroup (T-Force Delta 2x8 2666mhz CL15), but the brand and "CL" are not the same as what I have here... I have 2x4GB 2666mhz CL16 from Corsair Vengeance LPX. So, Is there a problem if I use them both (I would get 24GB)? If...
  5. Z

    Question Should i buy it ? Ram speed and mobo compatibility

    Hi guys, So i own a Ryzen 3 2200G and a Mobo Gigabyte AB350M-D3SH, now im looking to buy some RAM (2 x 8), I was looking around in amazon and found the Corsair Vengeance LPX, I’m looking into 2 models the 2x8GB 3200MHz and the 3000Mhz one, I went to Gigabyte website to the memory support list of...
  6. F

    case air pressure

    I might be getting the 10 series strix edition cards in the near future, I saw that you can use the fan headers of the gpu so that your case fans will mimic the 0db fan mode of the gpu, while this is nice, i am afraid that it will turn my setup into negative pressure, since only my cpu fans will...
  7. T

    Samsung Galaxy S Duos won't turn on, battery's not the issue

    Hello there, first timere here. I was gifted this Samsung Galaxy S Duos phone because it had a broken screen and the owner didn't want it anymore. Anyways, tried turning it on only to find that the battery was dead (I was able to jump start it, it is now showing 2.8 volts). Meanwhile, i tried...