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  1. R3sist_UdS

    Question Antimalware Service Executable (MsMpEng) - High CPU usage (Have tried everything)

    Hello there! I have tried everything I could find on how to fix MsMpEng's high CPU usage. Have excluded the file and the folder. Have used options in the windows scheduler options. Nothing seems to work, can somebody please assist me on this? The CPU usage is pretty high nowadays - somewhere...
  2. Question A small problem with one of my two RAM sticks

    Two years ago I got my first gaming pc, I went to a local hardware store ordered all of the components and asked them to build it for me since I was still pretty insecure about [mess] something up while building it. After 1 year and a half I noticed that after around a full day on my pc my...
  3. smushaheed

    [SOLVED] I want to add 8GB memory to my laptop with existing 8GB memory.

    I'm not sure what 8GB RAM I must install. I'm using Fedora. To get RAM info, I used sudo lshw -class memory This references a Kingston RAM. I was hoping to go for this: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B01BIWKP58/?cstrackid=89315117-ce98-43d4-8226-7e3303ba6ffb&tag=micronin-21 Is this good and...
  4. nickp72

    [SOLVED] Not sure if I should get 3000Mhz memory or 2400Mhz memory

    I have my PC right now running 16GB 2400Mhz Ram, I am using the built in XMP profile which makes it run at 3000Mhz. I want to get new ram to replace the 16GB I already have but I am unsure if I should buy 3000Mhz or 2400Mhz ram. My PC is a prebuilt sadly from CyberPower and they told me that my...
  5. ZakYOLO

    [SOLVED] Pc not booting when i install a specific type of ram

    Well...i have 1gb ddr3 and 2gb ddr3. I installed the 1gb ddr3 and jt worked fine. But when i added the 2gb ddr3 it didnt work, pc says 1 short beep 1 long beep which of course indicates that there's a ram problem. Now, i installed 2gb ram alone and still same gosh darn thing. 1 short beep 1 long...
  6. M

    Question Bios only uses 8gb of 16gb

    I bought a new kit of 16gb of ram and my bios reads the 16gb but only used 8
  7. Tigerwarrior1

    [SOLVED] Ram stuck at 2400

    Hello! So let me start by saying that the kit I'm using is a set of 4x8 ram sticks (32 gb total). But I was only given 3 sticks (It was a gift🤷‍♂️). So for a while I ran with 12gbs of ram at 2400, even though the desired speed is 3000. Then I learned that ryzen really has a taste in high speeds...
  8. F

    [SOLVED] Memory upgrade goes horribly wrong

    I have HP Pavilion dv6-21em Intel Core i3 CPU M 330 2.13GHz with 2x2GB RAM, my laptop supports up to 8GB upgrade. I needed upgrade and I went to Crucial website and their analytics showed compatible memory Crucial 8GB Kit (2 x 4GB) DDR3L-1600 SODIMM. Since it was out of stock I find Kinston...
  9. Am Weeaboo

    Question Why is my memory so high while idling?

    I have 16GB of ram and for some reason it idles around 40% when basically nothing is open but nothing is using anything more than 100MB other than discord.
  10. Bheepal05

    Question Usable ram issue

    I currently have 8 GB of ram installed in my system. But it seems like that only 3.93 GB of it is usable. I tried solving this issue myself using common ways from the tutorials i found on YouTube. It doesn't really work for me after several attempts. It might be me making a mistake or the ways...
  11. N

    Question how to underclock my memory

    Hello, I have two same rams but with different mhz 1 is 1600mhz and the other is 1866 mhz and i want to underclock my 1866mhz ram because my pc hardware reservers my 1866 mhz ram and i need more ram because i multi task alot and i don't really care about WEI.Any help would be appreciated...
  12. A

    Question CL15 RAM runs on CL16

    Hello. As you can see on the screen below my ram timings are 16-17-17-35 although I set the XMP profile in BIOS with the 15-17-17-35 timings. I also noticed that if I change CAS latency in BIOS to 15, it jumps to 16, if I set 17, jumps to 18 etc. but if I set 16 or 18, the value doesn't change...
  13. S

    Question Will 3200mhz ram work on this motherboard

    It says that you can use 3200mhz ram but says (oc) next to it https://www.newegg.ca/p/N82E16813145086?Item=N82E16813145086 Can someone pls let me know if that means it will work or i can get that speed if I overclock it if i get 3000mhz
  14. Question RAM show Single Channel in Bios but in cpuz/hwinfo it show Dual Channel

    Does my ram running in dual-channel ? cause i'm using this ryzen 3 2200g igpu.
  15. H

    Question 3gb usable only installed 4gb ram

    hey guys , my pc has 2gb ram and intel e5200 processor and a china mobo , when i installed 2gb ram it shows only 3gb usable and 1gb hardware reserved. how can i use full 4gb ram
  16. I

    Question Intel Optane memory

    So, I have a few questions maybe y'all can help me with. 1. Will Intel optane memory 16gb / 32gb version work with Gigabyte z370n mother board, its a mini ITX with 2 m.2 slots but since Intel optane memory is a Sata m.2 I'm not sure it works. I don't want to buy it then find out it doesn't...
  17. C

    [SOLVED] Dual Channel needed. Confused to buy new.

    Hi everyone. I own a corsair vengeance LPX 16GB(1x16) 3000 mhz. I use my computer for gaming and 3d modelling. So planning to upgrade it to dual channel. Is it possible to buy another 8GB to make it work in dual channel with the current or i need to buy another 16GB to make it work...