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  1. Senbonzakura_miku

    [SOLVED] Which is better, 2x4GB CL17 or 1x8GB CL15? Does it matter at all?

    I'm building my rig, and i have two cases. An 8GB G.SKILL Ripjaws V 2400Mhz CL15 (15-15-15-35) or 2x4GB Geil Evo X 2400Mhz CL17 (17-17-17-39)? Should i care about CAS Latency? I usually play games.
  2. M

    Question PSU noisy on new mobo, not on old?

    My Corsair CX550M is really noisy on my new motherboard and totally silent on my old motherboard. The new motherboard is a Gigabyte Z390 UD. The old was a MSI B150M Bazooka. The sound is like a buzzing sound with some crackling in between. My question is now if the PSU is faulty or if it's...
  3. A

    Question Wireless mouse and keyboard that are charged with a mouse pad.

    Hey guys i'm trying to cut more and more cables from my build and after getting a wireless keyboard and headset i find myself having to charge them one after another. I'm wondering if there is a full desk mouse pad that supports charging both a mouse and a keyboard. Only see mouse options...
  4. D

    Build Advice Novice needs help with Video Edit Build

    Hey guys, I'm taking a break from my career to learn how to video edit and create content (and just have fun.) I'm having difficulty in picking out computer parts that will allow me to have great flexibility for at least the next 3+ years with programs like Adobe Premiere CC and other similar...
  5. Noobdaboojs

    Question Upgrading ram on a amd a6 7310

    I have a lenovo e41-15 laptop with 4gb ram It runs on and a6 7310 apu so I was planning to upgrade the single slot memory from 4 GB to 8gb as I read APU's have significant improvements over ram upgrade to get better fps in few games like nfs 2012 and ASC1 Is the upgrade worth? It seems it has...
  6. D

    How to enter my kindle fire hdx?

    Hello, I have a kindle fire hdx that I broke the screen and now need to get all my information from it into my computer. Before (Which I should gotten fixed , was that the screen was loose, so anytime I had the tablet, the screen would turn into that static like TV and it would be all jumbled. I...
  7. B

    RX 2700X, NOT MY GTX 1080 TI crashing my games!!! HELP

    I have a GTX 1080 TI and an R7 2700X with anb evga 650w gold certified psu. Any game i play will crash after about 10 min of gameplay when overclocked. I'm super confused and don't know what to do. I've tried a million overclocking solutions and looked at guides. The 1080 TI is new as is the...
  8. L

    Laptop doesnt turn on after PSoD (Pink Screen of Dead)

    I was playing in my Laptop MSI GT72 2QE Dominator Pro and suddenly the screen goes pink showing just a pink screen and no errors. Then the laptop turns off and when i try to turn on the laptop doesnt go on.
  9. M

    Laptop crashing due to graphics driver when playing videos

    My laptop has begun crashing when playing any kind of video (youtube, lecture capture, Netflix, etc.). When a video begins playing the laptop freezes, then the screen turns white and it restarts (and sometimes the screen is multicoloured before restarting). After searching for a solution on...
  10. N

    [SOLVED] Help with NVME and B350M Bazooka !

    My motherboard is B350M Bazooka I want to put in an m.2 nvme , does it just fit into the same slot the m.2 goes into Or do they have separate slots on the motherboard? Moreover, IF there happens to be 2 different slots, could I install 2 of the nvme sticks? thnaks !
  11. T

    Joining the Ryzen world soon! need help

    Im finally about to abandon my old i5 2500k its served me well for long enough. i was looking at the i5 8400 but when i saw the ryzen 5 2600 prices were actually exactly teh same and it seems performance is better is that the better option here? ALso is $50 worth the upgrade to the 2600x? im...
  12. N

    Generic 800w PSU.

    Well, I'm about to upgrade my Graphics card, from Gtx 660 to Gtx 1050ti, will a Generic power supply (Orion Atx) with 800 watts may do?
  13. H

    [SOLVED] Water cooling question.

    Hey guys, Just wondering if I need anything else then other then these two things to have a successful loop? Thanks for reading.
  14. M

    Can my motherboard use the intel I5 processor? If not,please feel free to give me a cheap suggestion.

    Hello! I have a question. Can my MEDIONPC MS-7501 motherboard be able to use the intel i5? I don't have much knowledge on the computers side,so it may be funny for the experts if my motherboard is bad. If it can't be able to use it,could you give me some cheap ones that could? Thanks in advance!
  15. W

    [SOLVED] 100% cpu resources

    100% cpu and looks like tons of rundll32bit going crazy. I am in task manager finally. Anything I can do from there to clear this
  16. D

    I get some frame drops even with a good pc

    Hello again everybody. So now I have an Acer nitro 5 8 gigs of ram gtx 1050ti and I can see that I can run fallout 4 on the recommended settings but sometimes there are quiet a lot of frame drops. So I even checked a game not a lot might know of, unreal tournament the new one and even there I...
  17. S

    Yamaha surround receiver

    Need help hooking up my Yamaha rx-v379 reciever to my Xfinity 1 cable box to listen to surround sound.
  18. I

    [SOLVED] win10: numlock defaults to 'off' at boot

    Hi, All, Well, either when I reset bios or after an update, my computer stopped defaulting to numlock 'on' and now defaults to numlock 'off' I have not found a way to fix it on Google. Have any of you found a reliable fix for the problem? TIA, Larry
  19. F

    How to find messages in deleted fiolder?

    On left panel it gives a number next to junk e-mail. How can I see what’s in that folder. Same question with Deleted Messages.”
  20. K

    White/Winter theme Build(Budget $1500)

    First to build PC. I came from Taiwan. The price listed in may be difference from local seller. The following are some candidates. 1. I use M-ATX case to fit the mainboard. Corsair 280X or LianLi O11 dynamic, which one better...