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  1. Tolis_GR

    Question Sapphire Rx 580 Nitro Memory Clock maxes out at 144 hz

    Hi Toms, Recently i bought a 144 hz gaming monitor, namely the LG 24GM79G gaming monitor. I noticed that my Rx 580 will boost the memory clock to the max frequency which is 2000 mhz when setting the monitor refresh rate at 144 hz. The clock goes idle at 300 mhz when going to 120 hz. I am not the...
  2. V

    [SOLVED] Low memory clock?

    So basially I have a Asus phoenix gtx 1050 ti and here it says that the memory clock should be at 7000 Mhz but I only seem to have half of that.
  3. T

    Computer randomly locking up during gaming.

    My computer has been locking up and i have been getting a randomly colored "screen of death" occasionally during gaming. more recently its been happening right on game launch or shortly after. i just got a SSD and just upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10 (fresh clean SSD and install) Recently...
  4. P

    Hardware problem - not disk or memory. Advice needed.

    This is a TL;DR version of an earlier post in the hope of getting a bit more help. When I woke up my Win 10 PC it immediately said diagnosing windows then trying to repair windows then failed to repair. Restating did not help. Fitted a new 500GB SSD and did a clean install of windows from a...
  5. xxxlun4icexxx

    Can I swap a new cpu block with this AIO?

    Hey, Quick question. I have a swiftech drive x3 AIO cooler. I believe some of these parts are interchangable. A cpu block I saw caught my eye. Could I effectively swap out the swiftech block with this one? The waterblock thread size matches up between the 2. Would I have to basically drain...
  6. D

    Will this msi laptop run fallout vr?

    I'm thinking about picking up this laptop. And I was wondering if it was good enough to run it. I really don't want to spend more...
  7. M

    Win10 license? Swap HDD from 2 same Dell mobo, but 1=Home 2=Pro

    This is kind of an odd situation. I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 3650 from a bad source. Sold as new, it is in fact refurb (says Dell support). It has mucho hardware problems and will be returned. However, the software is now configured well and I would like to keep that HDD image. Data and...
  8. I

    Just doing some venting

    So Amazon took my preorder for my ASUS X370 Pro motherboard and a new Ryzen 1700x a week ago which the website said was in stock. Come to find out today they're out of stock and don't have the items I ordered. The extremely helpful so called customer service rep gives me I'm sorrys and we'll...
  9. K

    My pc keeps on turning off all of a sudden.

    My computer keeps turning off and restarting for no reason. I just built this thing a few day ago and it was working fine but now just yesterday it was giving me issues. Today I just try to browse the web and you can't even do that without it turning off and restarting. Help? Specs i3 6100 msi...
  10. J

    Upgrade my computer

    Hi im going to upgrade my computer for gaming. Right now i play Cs go mostly but i want to play battlefield 1 on high settings. I have AMD-FX 6300 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti. I have like 100-250 fps on cs go on high settings. Do i need a better power supply? i have 600w now and 8 Gb ram..
  11. M

    Should i still expect very good performance while playing on my old gaming rig?

    Hello guys Here is my spec: I'm wondering about my PC performance becouse in a lot of games like Project Cars, The Crew, GTA V, Witcher 3 i have problems with playing smoothly. I can't reach 60FPS on decent settings or even if i have it for example in GTA...
  12. D

    Need help, first build. Nvidia or amd, intel or amd, mobo opinions

    As said this is my first build and I will like to have some help of people who are experienced with the components I'm going to show. Or if you know anything about them, not the basics Ive read a lot as well, but nothing beats actual experience. First of all...
  13. T

    Resolution set 1920x1080, but is at much lower.

    Hey everyone, I need help on this ASAP. I've recently built a new computer and everything was working fine. Kaspersky needed a reboot of the computer to finish installing so I let it happen but when the computer loaded back up the resolution was completely off. At first I thought maybe it...
  14. E

    Cpu bottle necking gpu?

    Since I got my fx 8320 framerates will be better than my old 4300 but the nout of no where the fps will go down to 20 for a minute or so along with my gpu usage going way down to the 40s. This happens in gta 5, Battlefield 4 and Dragon age: Inquisition someone said that the 8320 was...
  15. R

    Question My iMac is running OS X Mavericks. I have a Samsung 480 GB SSD (commercial) that is formatted Guid and installed in a USB 3.0

    SSD in external powered USB enclosure is not recognized by OS X.
  16. O

    Can i install a graphics card to this pre-built PC?

    Im getting this: And i understand i will need to buy a new PSU. Questions: 1) will i be able to install a gtx 660 to this PC...
  17. H

    CPU Cooler Ram Clearance.

    Hi, I'm currently looking at building a new PC. I was looking at ASUS Maximus VI Hero ATX board with some Corsair Vengeance Ram and a Be Quiet! Shadow Rock 2 CPU Cooler or Be Quiet! Dark Rock 3 LGA755. Not sure if those heat sinks will be intruding on the RAM space. Does anybody know?
  18. D

    loading web pages

    how come web pages are loading very very slow if at all. and internet keeps disconnecting and connecting. its not a problem with the actual internet. It also powerwashed due to critical error
  19. T

    About Windows 8.1 (ASK)

    I have 2 Windows installed in my PC. 1 in SSD and 1 in HDD. I have formatted the one in HDD and still everytime I turn the pc on I have to choose to enter from SSD or HDD. Gotta choose volume 3 or 2, I want to delete the volume 2. HELP!