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  1. A

    WD Elements external hard drive gets extremely slow after falling down.

    Hello Everyone, I have a 500GB WD Elements external hard drive. It fell down to the floor but not too hardy. Now it is working and showing all data but responding very slowly. It is taking very long to open files on it and even longer to send files from it. Data read speed is just 30-40...
  2. F

    Automatic reboot running heavy games

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, sorry if I'm in a wrong section. I have a PC built approx. 4 months ago and still doing well until today without changing anything since then. Here is the specs : Processor Intel Core i5 4430 3.0Ghz Motherboard ASRock H81M 4GB RAM Corsair Vengeance PSU Corsair VS...
  3. C

    System Error on Reboot

    Hey Guys, This might be a be a small book so sorry but I want to make sure I tell you everything I can so that you might be able to help me before I just say F it and reformat it :). System: i7 4930K 16 GB Corsair Dominator 750GB Samsung Evo SSD 780 Ti Video Card Asus Rampage Black Mobo NZXT...
  4. J

    Help For My Gaming Computer!

    Hello my name is John and I am building my very own gaming computer for the first time. This is my second post on this subject and I thought that I received a very great answer the first time, but more opinions could never hurt. Anyways I am looking for a simple parts list of a gaming computer...
  5. L

    Build me a gaming pc?

    Can someone build me a gaming pc? I will mostly be using it for gaming obviously but I have a youtube channel and it needs to be able to work well with my Razer Kraken Pro headset, and have some video rendering capabilities.
  6. C

    bsod, wont turn.

    I have 2 problems. I started with a bsod of atikmpag.sys I think i fixed it, but playing around with the sony laptop it turned off by itself. I tried restoring tk latest windows update but it still turns off. And i check if it was a battery problem but it wasnt. I then opened up the laptop if...
  7. T

    SSD RAID 0 Terrible speeds (I mean terrible)

    Hey All!, Long time reader, first time poster. I have a problem, I have two Kingston SSDNOW v300 120 GB cards in RAID 0 and my speeds are terrible. I never did speed tests with my single SSD so I cant compare but these speeds are slower then one SSD which makes no sense...
  8. P

    My internet keeps disconnecting when playing BF3

    My computer keeps disconnecting when im playing a game, and when it disconnects, i cant even get into my router page, i have to disconnect and reconnect to access that page, i checked my router log for the approx. time i got disconnected, but all it says is this, [Admin login] from source...
  9. Y

    will this cpu cooler fit on my motherboard?

    My mother board is Asus Maximus V Gene and i want to put a Cooler Master V8 GTS with G.Skill F3-12800CL10D-16GBXL and two Asus GTX760-DC2OC-2GD5 video cards BTW what do u think of this build:
  10. G

    Discolored text in game

    Hello all, I recently built a new gaming rig and when I booted up one of my favorite games, the text seemed to be extremely illegible and discolored. I am currently using a NVIDIA GTX 760, it is more than capable to run the game that I play. I've upgraded to the newest drivers and tried to...
  11. M

    Mainboard, ram or cpu problem?

    So my problem goes like this.... I was trying to download a torrent 12gb. And I turned on the auto shutdown from utorrent. I don't have a really fast internet speed so left the pc on for the rest of the night however this morning when I turned on the pc, it went through the windows screen logo...
  12. T

    Concerning upgrades help please

    Hello! I am looking to either upgrade my CPU from a FX 6100 to a FX 6350 BLACK EDITION. (Btw i have win 7 64 bit and 8GB ram) Or buy a gtx 770 and go from a CORSAIR CX 500W PSU to a Corsair TX 650W Since the gtx 770 takes way more power than my current xfx 7850 2GB. What should I upgrade? I've...
  13. D

    I want to download a driver update for my toshiba c655 to a different hp laptop and don't want any conflict on my hp.

    I need to restore my Toshiba Sat. C655. It just stopped turning on. I saw that I may need to download a driver update for my toshiba. Can I do this to a different hp laptop and not come across any conflicts on my hp.
  14. Jason H.

    GeForce GT 520 102 Deg. C. under load..

    is this normal? I see on the Nvidia website the 520 max temp is 102... how bad is this and how much further could it actually go and still not break, if any at all? Also fan speed is at 100% when this is happening (automatic fan speed, it raises and lowers in connection to the raise and lowering...
  15. W

    need mobo advice

    I need a mobo for this CPU: AMD A6-5400K 3.6GHz Dual-Core Processor. I need a "fullsize" not a micro or mini ATX
  16. jwsutts

    An Editing Beast Build - Need Help.

    Approximate Purchase Date: In the next month Budget Range: $2000 - $2500 (with a little wiggle, but keeping it lower is better obviously) System Usage from Most to Least Important: Photo / Video Editing, Graphics work, Gaming, Regular surf the web stuff Parts Not Required: Nothing outside...
  17. G

    120hz Monitors. Futureproof? Help!!

    Hey, so in a nutshell my current monitor sucks. And I have been looking around the web and apparently these 120hz that show over 60 fps are pretty awesome, and make the game look that much smoother - period. The thing is these monitors are pretty expensive... So the question is, if I pay £250...
  18. pschmid

    Color Laser Printers: Fast and Affordable!

    For two years now, manufacturers have been offering some particularly economical models, and HP has even broken new ground by launching a color laser - the Color LaserJet 1600 - selling for less than $300 in mass-retail chain stores.
  19. seanyd

    Operating system compatability?

    i was just researching the web to help me choose what OS i might want, for a new computer i'm going to build, when a certain question came across my path. what Bit OS is compatible with the motherboard and CPU i'm looking to use? this is the motherboard that was recommended to me: AS Rock...
  20. G

    Dual Monitor Setup

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general (More info?) I have a Sony VAIO desktop and I want to get a second video card and use a spare monitor that I have as a second monitor. Has anyone done this with a VAIO desktop and integrated video? I read that the integrated video has...