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  1. nopriorities

    Question Inconsistent Ram Errors

    I recently upgraded my pc from an old build. my current build is: "NOTE: No manual overclocking" A few weeks after building my new rig my computer froze up once and shut down. Before shutting down I got a blue screen with a " CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION"...
  2. sammiokas

    Is this the best setup I could get?

    Hello, I was wondering about my setup, and is it the best one I could get for around $1300? I have no idea what cpu should I get, should I get the i3-8350K or a i5-7600K? Also, should I overclock the cpus? I don't really have much knowledge about computer parts, their prices and the best things...
  3. S

    windows will not autoload

    brand new build, clean install of windows 10. windows will not auto, and when booting comp, goes directly to uefi bios utility. i saved to correct boot order, but nothing seems to work. I can manually select the hard drive with Windows from the bios and Windows will then load correctly. any...