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  1. B

    Question My memory is not recognised

    Yesterday, I moved all of my parts minus the power supply to a new case with a new power supply (600W rather than 350W). On the first attempt to boot, my 'DRAM_LED' is fully lit and my speaker is beeping the beep code for 'No memory detected'. [I have an ASUS M5A97 R2.0 MotherBoard, ZOTAC...
  2. ShakMR

    Question Computer problems when recognising RAM/Disks

    Hello everyone, My computer has had this problem several times in the past and now I'm really annoyed by it. Last one happened on Monday (April 22th). The computer didn't want to start (not even a flash or fan trying to move) I though the PSU might be faulty to I unplugged everything and...