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    Question XMP Not Working!

    Hi, my PC build that I'm so proud of will not use the built in OC Genie or the XMP profiles. I have a: MSI X299 SLI Plus mobo Intel i7 7820X CPU Crucial Balistix Elite DDR4 3200 RAM Single AMD Radeon RX580 graphics card NZXT Kraken X62 liquid cooler kit Samsung 960 Pro 500GB M.2 SSD (OS)...
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    Question How high should i overclock my ram?

    Hello people, so ive recently build my new gaming pc and i have 32GB of corsair's vengeance rgb pro dimm 3200 Mhz. I overclocked it to the advertised Mhz but i wonder how high i should go. I dont know alot about overclocking the ram and what the most realistic speeds are i can go up to. If...
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    Question GPU Memory overclock +700 on 1050gtx

    Hi, I'm trying to overclock my MSI 1050gtx for some reason... and the core clock is stable till +200mhz.. but the memory is already +700 and everything seems to be fine. Is it an ok situation? should I continue to increase it? Can it be dangerous? I'm waiting it to crash but it won't, I'm hoping...