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  1. JaxBR

    [SOLVED] Does (higher) AMD CPU TDP help on memory overclocking?

    Hi all, I was choosing between Ryzen 5 3600 and 3600X, and after reading all the reviews about "The X don't worth It" i began to wonder.... Could the 95w TDP from 3600X actually make my life easier at achieving stability on memory overclocking? I don't know, what if that extra power helps the...
  2. J

    i need help with my asus monitor

    Hey guys, for some reason my monitor wont turn on. Its an Asus VE276Q, when i turn on the computer the monitor turns on and shows only the Asus logo then nothing. just a black screen. i can press every button with no success. when the asus logo goes away the monitors power button turns from...