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  1. F

    Question G. Skill Memory not working@advertised speed.

    Hey guys, My main rig is: CPU: I7-7800X Motherboard: MSI X299M Gaming Pro Carbon AC Ram: G Skill RipjawsV F4-3200C16-16GVK [64GB Kit, 4x16GB Sticks] My wife's rig: CPU: I5-7640X [I know lol...] Motherboard: ASRock X299 Taichi Ram: G Skill TridentZ RGB F4-3200C16-16GTZR [Brand new] My...
  2. M

    Question My PC is randomly not turning on

    PC Specs : Pentium G4560 Asrock H110m GTX 1050 TI 8GB DDR4 2133 Corsair CV450 Hello, I am having a problem with my pc its randomly not turning on, sometimes its working fine (not shuttingdown randomly, no bsod its completely working fine for 6 hours or more straight in gaming) but all the time...
  3. A

    Question Your Computer Has A Memory Problem - Can I Fix This Myself?

    Hello, my name is Aiden. A few months ago I purchased some new hardware for my PC. I upgraded my motherboard, processor, and ram. My current specs are: i5 9600KF 3.7GHz GeForce GTX 1060 3GB 16GB of Corsair Vengence DDR4 Ram MSI Z390 Gaming Plus Motherboard Since the upgrade, I have been...
  4. ashik007rah

    Question System showing 6gb ram but apps crashing when ram usage hits 4gb

    I have a 4 gb and a 2 gb ram stick, both are ddr3 1333 Mhz. Both of them were working perfect. Recently I have discovered that when I reach 4 gb ram usage, my browser tabs start crashing or my games crash saying out of memory or memory allocation failed (my pagefile is disabled) But system...
  5. HardAsARockie

    Question Installed 16GB (2 x 8GB) Only shows 8GB of RAM.

    Hello. I recently just upgraded my PC. Here are my specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: EVGA 1060 Superclocked 6GB PSU: Corsair CX430 RAM: Corsair LPX 3000Mhz 16GB I'm thinking this is a driver problem, but I'm worried this is a hardware problem. Thanks to anyone that responds
  6. W

    Question why my pc shut down randomly

    hi , i have a problem with my dell optiplex 3020 with the specs : i5 4570 / 6 gb of ram ( 14 - 12 ) / msi gtx 1050 ti oc / 290w psu ( max ) , motherboard dell .. my pc shut down randomly , some times he take a few hours to shut down and restart again and some times he take a few minutes , the...
  7. N

    8gb Double Channel vs 12gb Ram

    I have seen many threads but i couldn't find the solution,I am a gamer and i need the exact amount of ram the games eat.Now in some games I have noticed that the ram is going above 7gb and when it reaches 7.6gb something it is stuck there and the need for speed payback for example becomes laggy...
  8. E

    Samsung led tv power supply voltage read to high

    im replacing some blown leds on a samsung led tv, afraid to reconnect to power supply because im reading 366 volts off load and its written on board 235 volts for led supply
  9. Vlad C Andrei

    Samsung SSD 840 Over Provisioning

    I want to know what is the problem with that message (check black box) and how can i remove it.