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  1. Crimson Morrow

    Question 3080ti 1700mhz idle

    Hey guys! So I just bought a 3080ti GIGABYTE and it is... pretty hot) Well actually it is not. But in order for to be at 71-75 the fans have to be spinning 100 percent. Which sounds like a jet taking off. So um... I'm trying to balance noise and temp. I'm using it in a Fractal Design R5 Window...
  2. Harman026

    [SOLVED] RAM speed higher then CPUs rated RAM speed

    I realised that the speed of the RAM i got (3600Mhz) is higher then the rated speed for my CPU (Ryzen 7 2700x). I also have a b450 Steel Legend. Im not sure if that makes a difference. If i were to jut put in the ram and boot up my system will it be fine? Will the RAM speed be automatically set...