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  1. J

    [SOLVED] Memory Speed & CPU Question

    I'm looking at picking up a Ryzen 9 5900x or a 5 5600x and pairing it with some Corsair dominator platinum memory. I've been reading, but I don't completely understand how to best match memory speed with the CPU. In reading it sounded like a consensus of a good memory speed for one of these CPUs...
  2. U

    Question NOOB question - does DDR 3 come in different speeds?

    Dear Anyone. Just updated my ancient Windows XP computer to 64-bit ancient Windows 7 (spot the hidden dinosaur!) I know my computer is DDR-3 memory. Right now it's got 3 2-gig sticks in it - that's what it came with when I bought it sometime last century! I want to take advantage of the...
  3. R

    Question Kindly suggest me the which RAM to buy ?

    The current specs of my RAM which is in-built are DDR4- 2133MHz 4GB and CAS latency 15 clocks and my OS is Windows 10 -64 bits
  4. T

    Question Can't get memory above 2133Mhz on asus tuf gaming x570-plus (wi-fi)

    Edit: Update, I guess it's working now. I'm not actually sure when it started working bc I was judging based off the first bios screen speed numbers. I found those must be inaccurate because in CPU-Z it was showing the full 3600Mhz. Ran a userbench to confirm and it shows me running above...
  5. Karol A.

    Question RAM speed and mobile Ryzen

    Sorry if this was asked earlier, but i couldn't find any thread about this. so here's my question. Does RAM speed matter that much in ryzen 2gen mobile processors as it does in desktop ones? The exact case is how much bottleneck will there be with ryzen 2500u and 2400 mhz memory
  6. G

    Question Best memory for ryzen 3400G

    Hello ! I'm buying some 8gb RAM for my new ryzen 5 ( 3400G) , what speed should I buy ? I'm kind of lost as on the specs it says max memory speed is 2933 Mhz, now I found some single 8gb stick on amazon, one is 2400 and the other one is 3000 Mhz. Will the 3k one work and give me higher ram...
  7. stefanaleksovski

    Question what means DDR4-2400 bridge to DDR4-2133?

    Hello, my notebook specification says that it supports this speed of ram memory, but I can't figure out what "Bridge" means in "DDR4-2400 bridge to DDR4-2133"? My laptop is hp 250 g6, and here is the official specifications:
  8. E

    Best case fans

    Recently i've been asking around for gpu water coolers and such because my components are getting to hot. I only just discovered i have 2 extra fans slots that fit 120mm and 140mm that i could use for cold air intake. Which case fans should i get to maximize my intake. I would maybe get three to...
  9. T

    ASUS Z170-AR vs ASUS Sabertooth Z170 S

    Hi guys, Im looking at building an all white gaming rig and need a white board for it. I live in Australia so the prices here are a bit different for these motherboards so if i was to get the sabertooth one, its cheaper for me to buy it from newegg to ship to aus lol. The prices i have worked...