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  1. VSS28

    [SOLVED] Can I runne higher RAM speed than the CPU support?

    So I have just installed new memory in my PC DRR4 2x8 3200MHZ. I have put on XMP and it shows that my memory is running 3200MHz in the task manager. But my CPU only suport DDR4-1866/2133. So my question is are the memory actually running 3200MHZ? Can this be harmful to my PC? Can this...
  2. W

    Question memory frequency

    hi , is there a difference between ram pc3 1333 mhz and pc3 10600 or they are on the same frequency and the same compatibility ?
  3. abeer72

    computer generating too much heat.

    Hello, greetings, Well this problem occurs every summer. whenever i use my pc it tries to cook me alive,it generates so much heat that i have to switch on the air conditioner even on a 20c day.I would like to know if buying a water cooler would do any good but i don't think that it will make a...