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  1. sverker

    Question Corsair CMK32GX5M2B5600C36 5600 MHZ 2x 16gb am5 fails individually but passes together ?

    Hello! I build a new computer yesterday with: ryzen 7600xasus bf650 plus corsairs ddr5 5600mhz 2x 16 gb sticks Asus prime b650-plus fractal design v650 asus radeon rx 6700 xt kingston fury nmv2 1 tb first thing was that the computer didn't give me any image when I had both ram on the...
  2. veeru153

    Question Need help with diagnosing possible RAM related issues (ran Memtest)

    Hey guys. I'll get straight to the point. (Device: Dell G15 5510, i5, 2 x 8GB RAM, GTX 1650) I have been getting random crashes and BSODs on my laptop. Most of them indicate memory failure or hypervisor related issues (I use WSL). It works fine for hours and days but then it will randomly either...
  3. F

    Question memtest fails on 128GB (4x32GB) 3200MHz QVL RAM with Asus ROG Dark Hero motherboard

    I am using the Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero motherboard with Ryzen 5950X I looked up the QVL list for 4x32GB RAM kits, and settled on this one; CMW128GX4M4E3200C16 CORSAIR...
  4. Railgun_SSBM

    Question Memtest86 tells me I have 32GB RAM but my BIOS thinks there's only 4GB. Where do I go from here?

    Hello, everyone I'm new to this forum, and for probably the same reason as many users, they've tried everything they could think of and haven't gotten results. CPU: Ryzen 7950x CPU cooler: Cooler Master Master Liquid ML120L Motherboard: Asus ROG Strict X670E-I Ram: Corsair Vengeance DDR5...
  5. MoeCrime

    Question CPUs found 32, CPUs started 16, CPUs active 1 .. Are those numbers normal on memtest86?

    Please see this image for reference: 13900KS with 7200mhz ram on Asus Z790 ROG Maximus Hero. Currently running Memtest86 to check fir stability, but are those CPU numbers normal when running this test? CPUs found 32, CPUs started 16, CPUs active 1 .. Are those numbers normal on memtest86?
  6. A

    Question Mysterious randomly appearing BSOD (NTFS.sys PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA)

    Hi all, I am writing to plead for your assistance in resolving a persistent issue with my computer. The first time I encountered a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), I was using a Samsung 980 Pro 2TB SSD with the latest firmware. I did not have full memory dumps enabled at the time, but I quickly...
  7. S

    Question Memtest86 showing only 6 cpus

    Hey guys, I wanted to test my memory stick using memtest86.. I created the bootable usb and when I open memtest86, it shows me Total 12 Cpus but only 6 for testing. How do i enable all 12? Check images for reference:
  8. User_314159

    Question Unusual RAM issue ?

    A few months ago my RAM started acting up, memtest86 threw errors and I RMA-d it. While I was waiting for the new RAM sticks I used a friend's unused RAM stick and it worked just fine. Today the new RAM arrived, and one of the sticks causes Windows to crash almost immediately after boot. The...
  9. R

    Question 8GB of 16GB RAM are hardware reserved, memtest also shows only 8GB, but each single one works

    Hello, I have 16gb of RAM (4x4Gb DDR3 1600MHZ), on a older GA-H97-D3H Motherboard / Dual Channel and an Intel Xeon E3-1231 v3 Processor. 2 weeks ago I had to reset the CMOS and afterwards Windows showed 16gb in task manager, but 8GB are suddenly hardware reserved. The RAM is from 2 2x-Kits and...
  10. F

    Question My brand new DRAM causing crashes errors and freezings in games

    Hello, My build: Windows 11 Mobo MSI z390 gaming plus CPU i5 9600kf ( not OC ) GPU rtx 2070 super ( not OC ) RAM DDR4 Corsair Vengeance 3200hz 16cl 2x8GB CMW16GX4M2C3200C16 Dysk SSD SAMSUNG 980 pro 1tb SSD SAMSUNG 970 Evo plus 512 gb ( windows ) PSU be quiet power zone 650 wat I bought...
  11. Rodion15

    [SOLVED] A computer with faulty memory won't ever reboot during a memory test, true or false?

    I always had this theoretical doubt on how a memory test works: I've never met a computer with faulty memory that reboots during a memory test. If it reboots, then it's some other issue that did it, not the memory itself. So I thought: the test is designed with that in mind, it uses a very...
  12. Vorihs

    [SOLVED] RAM bluescreen

    Hi, lately my PC would often crash beacuse of memory management bluescreen. I ran a test using MemTest86 with results as seen below. I have 2x8GB sticks. One was there when i bought a PC several years ago and second i bought couple of months ago. I don't have an idea what can I do to solve this...
  13. B

    [SOLVED] I am trying to use memtest86

    Hello i am trying to boot up from the usb which has my memtest86 but i am unable to do so. The motherboard i am using is an ASrock h81m-HDS the bios mode is in legacy and the bios version/date is American Megatrends INC p1.90 2014-07-2
  14. B

    [SOLVED] Errors in memtest86, faulty ram slot?

    So I just assembled my pc for a few days, had some issues with ram and xmp, had some blue screens, but were kind of solved after I disabled xmp (btw xmp 1 not xmp 2), and enabled it later. Sometimes games will just randomly crash, but today I wanted to oc my ram, and I enabled xmp 2.0, I booted...
  15. T

    Question Bad RAM or faulty DIMM?

    I've been experiencing occasional BSOD, and have narrowed the issue down to either RAM or DIMM slot/s. I tested my ram a week ago with memtest86 and got over 30 errors (oof.) However, I have since tested all 4 modules individually in DIMM 1, and all passed without any errors. I also tested all 4...
  16. S

    Question PC Randomly Shutting Down

    Hi All, Hardware newbie here so bare with me. I've moved house this year and noticed after the move my PC will randomly shutdown. Sometimes when using Chrome, often when I'm reopening lots of chrome tabs from a previous shutdown, other times in the middle of playing a video game. Seemingly...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] How to realiably test the ram stick?

    When I bought my pc around 8 years ago I got Corsair XMS CMX16GX3M2A1333C9 2x8 gb ram set (should've known better to never buy anything from corsair... didn't knew back then) Not long after I started getting very often BSODS that were always something about memory, so I tested ram with some app...
  18. Castiell

    [SOLVED] Mem86/Ram

    I did a memtest86 with xmp on . all 4 slots occupied new pc build and got 10k+ errors. currently testning sticks indvually on slot 2 , tested 2 sticks currently both of them passed , doing 4 runs on every test . should i buy the PRO edition for more runs? if no ram gets an error i Will try...
  19. Vana Ivan Pandovski

    [SOLVED] How ro run multiple tabs of RAM at once in DRAM Calculator Memtest ?

    Hello, so as my title said a bit, in Ryzen Dram Calculator there is a Memtest, with it you can test memory errors, etc, so I have 5600X = 12 Thread CPU, and when I need to test with it, I have to open 12 tabs separately and add 1024 MB in each of them to test my RAM with every single thread, I...
  20. Sumsin

    Question Memtest86 test 6 and 8 errors on Corsair Vengeance 2x8 3600 MHz

    Hello. I have built Ryzen 7 5800X, Asus TUF B550M Plus amd 2x8 Corsair Vengeance LPX 3600 MHz system. The local shop I purchased said when he installed RAMs as dual channel, 3600 MHz couldn't be met so he insralled them as single channel after updating BIOS. This system started having blue...
  21. j.trshy

    [SOLVED] Question about mixing nanya and micron memory sticks (please read description)

    Not sure if this is the proper place to ask but any thoughts would be great. So I recently purchased a pack of 2x8gb 3600mhz ram (CMW16GX4M2Z3600C18) and due to a mix-up I recevied 2 packs at the end instead of just one, so now I have 2 packs of 2x8gb RAM. They're both the exact same model, but...
  22. C

    Question Is this a CPU, RAM or Motherboard error?

    Hello all, Recently my pc was having random freezing issues and I changed my CPU, RAM and Motherboard to help fix them but every time i change a part that i think is the issue, another issue comes up. I attached two photos for a test i just ran My OLD pc specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 RAM: Team Dark...
  23. J

    [SOLVED] Failing MEMTEST and BSOD with XMP enabled

    Hello guys, I'm a little frustrated because I've just built this computer two months ago and now I'm having stability issues such as BSOD when playing demanding games. I was told that maybe one of my ram sticks may be damaged so I just ran memtest86 and found several issues, after that I...
  24. M

    Question Mem test problem

    Hi, I'm confused, 1st I run Ryzen DRAM Calculator 1.7.3 and I got an error ~66% of the test so run another one mem test OCCT 7.2.2 after 1h they show 0 errors. What should I do now, keep this? Team T-Force XTREEM
  25. C

    [SOLVED] Multiple BSOD despite RAM passing tests?

    Hello, recently built a new rig and have been running into different BSOD and all look to be because of RAM. Some of these errors from the dmp files include : stop code memory management, hardware.sys, one just said RAM, dxgmm2.sys However, I have ran memtest86, hci memtest, windows mem test...
  26. J

    Question Various Errors/Bluescreens with my RAM?

    First of all thank you for taking your time reading this. I wanted to upgrade my ram from 16GB to 32GB. Old RAM: New RAM: Mainboard...
  27. P

    [SOLVED] Memtest86 results, faulty ram. Hi, could someone let me know what any of this means and what I should do from here. I've tested both sticks together and I got 340 errors but then when testing one stick I got over 65000. I'm going to test the other when this pass is done just to see if it is one stick...
  28. Myronazz

    Question PC randomly restarts with Event 41

    The Problem: I have this computer that randomly restarts. Event Viewer doesn't know much other than Kernel-Power events with ID 41 that really mean Windows has absolutely no idea why Windows is shutting down. It does seem to have some data that I don't really understand, however: The Computer...
  29. Koesherbacon

    [SOLVED] After a motherboard short and failure, how can I tell if my RAM has been affected as well?

    I recently had a motherboard short and crash that basically destroyed my computer. It won't turn on, even using the paperclip trick. The motherboard is fried and there's not really anything I can do about that. Anyway, what I'd like to know is in regard to the RAM that was installed at the time...
  30. I

    Question RAM pass memtest but freezes on startup

    So i just bought a new 4x1 gb ramstick to upgrade my ram to 8gb by adding it to the 2nd slot of my laptop. But on startup after it loads some program, it freezes after a few minutes in, or bsod occurs on some occasion with error irql_driver_less_or_equal. I tried clean booting, disabling memory...
  31. exaltedb

    [SOLVED] One of two sticks in a Vengeance LPX pair presumably bad

    I have had consistent instability with my pc ever since I built it (bsods, app crashes, total pc hangs) and I’ve presumed it all along to be memory related. I finally decided to test each stick individually and the first of the two worked with no issues and memtest came back clean after 8...
  32. M

    [SOLVED] MEMTEST Results, something to be worried about?

    Hey guys! I done a memtest twice now and both have come back like this but this one is worse. Does this mean by RAM is dead? or my CPU?
  33. Mark0191

    Question Memtest86 question

    Hello guys! I've been having problems with stuttering in games so decided to give memtest86 a try as I've heard good things about the program. After 3 hours of testing I was given 3 errors in the form of this, 2 of which were the same and one was the pretty much the same but just a different...
  34. W

    [SOLVED] !! Freezing Computer!! Help wanted!

    Hello everyone, First of all thank you for reading my topic, I'm fairly new to this site but I have already checked multiple topics where people had (more of the same) problem as I did but I haven't found a solution yet. I'm having a freezing/Deadlocking/lock-up computer issue for quite a...
  35. tzieri

    [SOLVED] Memory Management error

    Hello everyone! I have an Acer laptop (Acer Nitro 5) that some months ago started to show BSOD presenting the error "Memory Management". After showing this error several times my O.S (Windows 10) crashes and I try to repare it, but never works, then I need to format my computer. I did the...
  36. A

    Question Errors in step 5 on Memtest86

    I used Memtest86 some days ago in an attemp to solve a BSOD problem, and I had errors only in step 5. Could someone explain me the causes of this issue? Below will be the results provided.
  37. xKernalSandersx

    Question Computer Freezes, POST Issues, Crashes

    I don't even know where to begin with the issues I have been experiencing with my new build. It has been running smoothly for about a month, then randomly started some major issues with freezing, artifacts, POST issues, BSOD, WHEA errors, etc. Build: Intel i5 9600KF (have have a K model coming...
  38. F

    Question After installing new RAM, Notebook constantly reboots itself, I can't even run Memtest86 [DDR3, SODIMM]

    Hello and welcome to my post, I'll go into detail so you can know what happened so far. I've acquired a pair of 4GB Kingston 1600Mhz RAM model KVR16LS11/4 modules For an old Samsung Notebook model NP-RV511-AAR1, to which, after EXTENSIVE research on my part (this linked site is one of many)...
  39. G

    Question PC crashes to desktip while gaming

    Hello, I had this annoying issue with my pc since first I had it. IT works perfectly fine except when gaming (particularly more demanding games). The screen freezes and then I'm back to the desktop(it happens at random it could go for hours without a crash or crash within minutes after launching...
  40. T

    Question Very inconsistent memtest86 result: RAM (usually) only show errors 5 min after BSOD

    Just got a BSOD while writing this post... Bought RAM two weeks ago, correct timings latency etc. to the integrated one on my laptop, updated BIOS, updated Windows, checked memtest86: 4 passes. Nice. But then it starts crashing. And strangely as in the title: RAM (usually) only shows (10000)...