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  1. M

    Intel core i7 computer

    I am thinking about buying an Intel core i7 computer for my daughter as a birthday gift. Went to a shopping comparison website and did a search, found this model. But the problem is that the search result shows the same model computers with different prices on different specifications. I am a...
  2. G

    I7 950 and 4gb of 1066 ddr3?

    Hi guys, I'm going to upgrade my mobo cpu and gpu, my ram is actually fairly new currently and so I don't want to have to replace it initially if I don't have to. My question: Will the i7 950 run worse with 4gb ddr3 1066hz? If so, how much worse? Would it be fine to just go ahead and grab the...
  3. T

    I7-940 crazy hot

    Hello, New to the forums here but would like to stick around a while :D Just did the Big Deal from Intel and got the I7-940 and the DX58SO motherboard - I managed to get everything together today and am currently looking at the intel desktop center screen with my temps really unsetlling. At...
  4. N

    Pentinum fan turns to AMD

    I just ordered my first AMD system from a online store. AMD XP 1600 ENLGHT MID Case 340W EPOX 8KHA+ CRUCIAL 256MB MAXTOR 80GB 7200RPM PIONEER 16X DVD All for $626. I thought about buying GeForce 3 Ti200, but I'll wait until the price drops little bit. I am so excited!
  5. S


    hello, I have a Intel core 2 Duo e7200 motherboard and 2.53ghz processor. the motherboard has to slots for RAM, i previously had 2gb RAM stick installed & recently i added one more 2gb stick into the other slot, but the system show only 3gb RAM installed. what could be the problem? :??:
  6. H

    motherboard in new case?

    Hey, so i have the H-CUPERTINO2-H61-uA TX (Cupertino2) motherboard in my hp p6-2065uk and i'm wondering if it's possible to transfer it into the CoolerMaster HAF 912? I already have a new 600W corsair PSU and new GPU not installed in my current hp case. Thanks Also, Will front panel connectors...
  7. T

    My New P :D
  8. G

    q2 serwers

    Archived from groups: (More info?) does someone know q2 serwer - rail only with enabled hook if possible - near poland ;) I've played on one but forgotten adress :( -- regards ibuku
  9. A

    Working with samples

    Wich is the best sound card to work with heavy samples and VSTis? I using sonar and sibelius.
  10. David the Gnome

    I7 870 w/P55 vs i7 920 w/X58

    I have reached that deciding point in my build where I need to decide whether or not to go with socket 1366 or 1156. I don't plan on doing much overclocking of my system at this point. I'm looking for solid reliability and out of the box performance. I will only be using the single GTX 295 card...
  11. T

    Home Built System for D.A.W. - Feb. 2013

    Hello everyone, this is my first post. I didn't know whether this post was to go into the Homebuilt or the New Build category, so I apologize if I put it in the wrong spot! Secondly, I hate to beat a dead horse, I know this topic has been brought up before, but from what I've seen this...
  12. N

    AMD 955 or Intel Q9650 for video encoding ?

    Hi I am looking to buy a new PC, which will be mainly used for video encoding e.g. ripping my DVD & converting them to either divx, mp4, x264, etc. I have narrows down the these 2 cpu, AMD phenom 955 or Intel quad Q9650, to be based on my new pc system. Also I should mention that I have no...
  13. A

    Dell stuck at BIOS

    So, this isn't exactly a new homebuilt machine, it's a heavily modified dell machine belonging to a family member. I've been helping them out to transplant the components into a larger case, then install additional ram, then a new graphics card, and finally a new PSU. At first, it seemed like...
  14. G

    Hp dvd writer/ cd- writer combo

    where can I look to find cd drive (k) to burn music. this drive seems to have disapeared from my computer. I was able to burn my music when copied to this drive 2 days ago. now it is not there. please help
  15. S

    What's a good PSU?

    I am replacing my dead video card with a GeForce 9800GTX+ and have a Q6600 quad processor. According to XFX, I need to upgrade my 400w PSU to at least 630w. I need recommendations for a good power supply. I suspect my old power supply may have caused my dead video card. Thanks for any help...
  16. ericeagle92

    Lack of Power?

    Can a lack of power when running demanding programs like games cause just that program to shut down? Whenever I run a demanding game like WIC or Empire Total War after a random amount of time it stops working and closes. But it takes less time when I have the setting higher. And it takes even...
  17. R

    What happened to my motherboard

    Hello, I let my custom build pc render a video (for youtube) while i left for around 2 hours. During this time my pc shut down. I came back, pressed the power button, and nothing happened. I switched outlets, I heard fans spin up when i pressed the power but they died in a half second. To make...
  18. kansalpk1976

    How can i remove my email address from previous question

    :pt1cable: how can i remove my email address from previous question
  19. T

    Device manager blank

    Hello, suddenly my device manager showing blank fields. What should i do > please help ?
  20. N

    How much power supply do I really need??

    My old power supply died and I am looking to get a temp. while the old one is repaired? What is the smallest power supply I can safely use if I am running an AMD Opteron 165, 1.8 GHz, GeForce 7600GT, DVD burner, 2 Gigs RAM, WD Raptor 74 gig HD? Any help would really be appreciated!! Thanks, Nick