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  1. F

    C2D X6800 cooling issue

    Specs: Homebuilt machine in Aug 06 C2D X6800 2.93 4 GB DDR2 ATI 5750 1GB SB Audigy ASUS P5W DH Deluxe 3 case fans, 2 in, 1 out Thermaltake SpinQ cpu cooler Windows 7 Pro 700W psu Just installed the SpinQ which dropped my idle temps from mid 50's to mid 40's. Right now my idle is around 44-46...
  2. ehanger

    Should I sell my i7 system?

    Should I sell my core i7 920 system and get a core 2 Quad instead? Here is my specs: i7 920 Corsair 3GB DDR3 ASUS P6T non-deluxe XFX 8800GT alpha dog Corsair TX 750W PSU WD 300GB 7200rpm SATA HDD Enermax Uber Chakra Full tower case Windows XP 32-bit If I sold this system I would sell it for...
  3. U

    USB 3.0 not working?

    The two 3.0 USB ports on my ASRock 970 Extreme4 mobo don't work? Also I downloaded XFast USB and when I click on it nothing happens?
  4. E

    What is the difference between a mSata caching drive and mSata boot drive?

    I was wondering the difference because I'm probably going to get an Alienware soon and one of the options for a hard drive was a 1TB 5,400 RPM + 64GB mSata caching drive for $225, then there was a 500GB 7,200 RPM + 128GB mSata boot drive for $175, and I was wondering if there was a better one...
  5. Wombat2

    AMDs R600 launch: May 2 ... Next week
  6. H

    Intel if you are reading:Keep the chipset requirements equal

    Its been really frustrating buying intel hardware. It seems that they only last for a year before something worthwhile comes along. Looking at their roadmap its 2 years between generations, yet, using the same socket most boards require a refresh to use the newer level CPUs. Take it for...
  7. Russosaur

    MOH: Airborne Win 7 64-bit

    I was on steam almost bought the game but, it said "Windows XP or Vista (32-bit) (64-Bit versions of Windows not supported)" I have read things on a hit or miss on if the game would work with win 7. the game is only 5$ so its not really a loss. Anyway even with compatibility would i be able to...
  8. BaronMatrix

    More builders sound off about the price war

    WHile AMD is just getting the channel supply back up, builders are getting upset that the chip makers are maintaining their volatile pricing. CRN has a blurb about it in the midst of good news from AMD. Linkage!
  9. M

    Planning a homebuild, looking for advice

    Budget = USD $1600. Gaming = yep, I am a gamer, not the bleeding edge "my FPS is teh r0XX0rz" that requires liquid nitrogen to cool my overclocking, but I do play shooters and a lot of online graphic heavy stuff. Requirements: 1) Want to get 3 years minimum with the only upgrade being a new...
  10. E

    Core to Core 2 Duo compatibility?

    I just recently purchased a Core Duo based notebook, due to Turion X2 not exactly being all that I had hoped it would. One question that I do have is: with relatively little pain, will I be able to replace the chip on my notebook computer with the Core 2 Duo when it comes out? Is it possible?
  11. F

    Advice for new system - motherboards, processors, a power su

    I'm looking to buy a new computer and want to get some advice and opinions on motherboards, processors, a power supply, case and ram. It will be a home desktop pc. I'm going to be doing a lot of multi-tasking, running different programs at once like ms word, dreamweaver and statistics...
  12. B


    I recently upgraded my video card from a AIW Radeon 8500DV to an AIW X800XT. Now every once in a while my system will randomly and momentarily lock up- display and mouse freeze and i get a popping sound comming from the speakers. It lasts about 5 seconds and when it unlocks, my CD drives spool...
  13. R

    ups installation question

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I've read about some ups's having their outlets too close to each other. With that in mind, if I use my current stuff which is all plugged into a surge protector (in a strip) and leave that as is and just unplug this surge protector from...
  14. G

    I am an alchoholic

    I keep getting drunk and emailing random people trying to start fights. Hpow can I get help? Please email me :do not post your personal email on the forums, kk thanks:
  15. S

    Win 7 slow boot

    Slow boot into windows with SSD I have a 120GB OCZ Agility 3 SSD as my OS drive. The drive is still less than half full- just Win 7 and some small programs. The problem is that it used to take about 25-30 sec to go from off to desktop, but now it takes over a minute 65-70 sec to do the same...
  16. G

    Halo 2 Lan Party

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi, I was just curious if any of you guys are planning lan parties after the Halo 2 release. I have one planned for November 20th. I will have a definite 8 and a possible 22 attendees. Anybody in Winston Salem NC interested? spidey
  17. P

    Western digital warranty check

  18. S

    PATA to SATA?

    I just bought a new motherboard and found out that it doesn't have a PATA connector on the motherboard so I cannot connect my DVD drive to it. I have a SATA cable except the DVD drive doesn't have a SATA connector on it. Should I get a PATA to SATA converter? If so which one should i get...
  19. pi4

    AHCI question

    Hi guys, I've first enabled AHCI in BIOS and then I've installed Windows 7 x64 on a brand new PC with SSD. So I wan't to ask does Windows 7 has automatically configured it's Registry for AHCI mode? I checked via CMD with this command fsutil behavior set disabledeletenotify and it returned 0...
  20. G

    crashing, power supply?

    my system continues to lock up. i've gone over everything and I determined it is my power supply. i have an athlon 900 w/FIC Az11 motherboard, savage 2000 video, 384mb ram, modem, 1 dvd, 1 cdrom, and a usb mouse all connected to a 230 watter. (on the back it says in little small engraved...