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  1. Doctor_Den

    First time overclock help i52500k

    Hello, I've just OC'd for the first time using a i52500k cooled by a Hyper 212 evo using a Gigabyte GA Z68-XP-UD3P and 8GB of Ripjaws dual channel RAM. My settings are as followed: .CPU clock ration set to 44 .Turbo DISABLED .LLC level 5/10 .EIST: DISABLED .C1E DISABLED .C3/C6 DISABLED .CPU...
  2. CrestfallenDesign

    Crestfallen's Build Log (Hades)

    I just wanted to sort of document one of the biggest points of my PC building quest, the point in which I open my mind to watercooling. I originally wanted to start off easy by buying a XSPC Rasa Ex 360 kit but i figured i could slowly put my own creation together piece by piece, per payday...
  3. R

    H80 Mounting Help

    Im building a new rig, case im using is the Haf X I will have two 200mm top fans as exhaust. The side , front , and bottom fans as intake. Normally i would have put the rear fan as an exhaust but I am going to be using the H80 which is push pull.. so my quesiton is.... I purchased the H80...
  4. A

    Help deciding 19inch LCD

    Was hoping I could get some advice on the following 19inch LCDs (ignoring the price, since they are about the same). I have listed them in order of preference from what I've read and gathered from the specs and some online reviews. Good quality gaming (e.g. CS:S) and vids with them would be...
  5. G

    HP CP 1700

    Archived from groups: comp.periphs.printers (More info?) Hello just got a second hane HP CP1700 and already hate it. i turn it on (All new carts and printheads) and i get load letter paper!! I live in britain!! we dont have letter paper! we have A4 i pressed cancel and then it wanted A4 (I had...
  6. G

    Laser Printed Pages Now Can Track You 'Like A License Plate'

    Archived from groups: misc.consumers,comp.periphs.printers,alt.folklore.urban,alt.politics.libertarian (More info?) PC World / Mon Nov 22, 2004 Government Uses Color Laser Printer Technology to Track Documents Jason Tuohey, Medill News Service WASHINGTON--Next time you make a printout from...