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  1. grismeister

    [SOLVED] What is the best airflow setup Meshify 2?

    What is the best Air flow setup for a Fractal Design Meshify 2, I am planning of buying a NH-D15 and 9 Noctua NF-P12 as case fans, I have never really cared/looked into air flow, so I dont really know anything about it, or does it even matter that much?
  2. Isokolon

    [SOLVED] Phanteks 719 vs. Fracal Meshify 2 XL vs. something entirely different?

    Hello! I've got to switch to a new case and would kindly ask for some advice. my build currently: AMD 3700X Gigabyte Aorus X570 Pro GTX 1070 (to be replaced probably next year if prices return to reasonable levels) 3 3.5" HDDs 3 2.5" SSDs 420mm radiator (45mm thick) & a 1 D5-pump with a 150mm...
  3. Venombanan

    [SOLVED] Meshify 2 Airflow Issue

    Hello everyone, I’ve got a question regarding the cooling setup I have going in my Fractal Meshify 2. I’ve got 6 fans total: 3 x 140mm in the front for intake and a 360mm aio with 3 x 120mm fans up top for exhaust in a pull setup. My problem is that very little air is being exhausted from the...
  4. ThePitifulOcean

    [SOLVED] Calculating the compatibility of NH-D15 cooler with vertically mounted MSI Suprim X 3090 through case PCI slot measurements?

    I recently landed an MSI Suprim X 3090 and am hoping to vertically mount it because (in my opinion), it's one of the nicest looking cards. However, my CPU cooler is the Noctua NH-D15 which is notoriously massive, if an excellent performer. I haven't bought a PC case yet, but I'm trying to...