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  1. ioannis2015v

    Question S.O.S. : Need help for rgb fans on MC H500

    Hi, I need immediate help cause I am going to build a new pc and now I got confused with the rgb fans connection. I will first mention my pc components and then my question. Case: Coolermaster MasterCase H500 Mobo: Msi X470 Gaming Pro Carbon Fans: 2x 200mm rgb pre-installed fans, 1x 120mm black...
  2. ioannis2015v

    [SOLVED] 200mm fan up and huge cooler

    Hello, I am finishing my build list but I would like to make sure everything is compatible. So, the case I will use is the CoolerMaster MC 500 which has by default 2 200mm fans in front and 1 120 rear. So I want to buy and add 1 more 200mm fan up (same with the front) but I want to ask 3...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] Need help installing Cooler Master MF200R fan on the top of a Cooler Master H500 case

    I'm unable to post pictures, unfortunately, but hopefully somebody can help me. I'm trying to install a Cooler Master MF200R fan in the top fan slot of a Cooler Master H500 case. Included within the MF200R's box was one small bag of tiny screws and one small bag of longer screws. The screw holes...