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  1. M

    [SOLVED] My Mic On My Earbuds Not Working

    So i use my hyperX cloud 2 control box with my ear buds. Everything used to work, i could hear and the in line mic on the ear buds worked. But now all of a sudden the mic no longer is working. I tested the mic using my phone and it works, so the mic isnt broken, but when i plug it into the...
  2. geckovic02

    Question Is this a good combo? (+Question)

    Hi! I want to get myself a new microphone (my current headsetmic is pretty bad) and I was thinking directly going with an XLR setup instead of USB. So I was looking around, watching reviews and comparing prices until I ended up with following setup: Mic: Blue Ember Interface: Presonus...
  3. Bahazbz

    [SOLVED] [Weird Issue] Computer is Recording Sound WITHOUT a Microphone attached

    Hi all, I have a kind of weird issue I seriously can't figure out. Today I was playing a game with friends online. I currently do not own a microphone so I wasn't expecting to be able to chat. To my surprise, when I launched Left4dead2, my friends in discord were not able to hear me, but I...
  4. Endre555

    [SOLVED] Microphone works with mobile phone but not with PC

    I bought a cheapie 3 dollar lavalier mic from ebay, and I gotta be honest for the price it's absolutely amazing. Only problem is it doesn't work with my computer. When I plug it into my phone, it works fine and records audio normally, but when I plug it into my PC, it detects it as a microphone...
  5. M

    Is the i5 4460 good for gaming?

    So right now I have a q9400 with a gt 1030 but I’ve been looking around and I’m gonna start saving up to get a gtx 1050 ti and a new cpu and motherboard. I saw a motherboard which is good for me it’s ddr3 1600 but has an lga 1150 cpu slot so that’s why I want the 4460. Or can anyone just...