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  1. M

    Question Temporarily disabling microphone whilst sound is playing

    Hi everyone, There is someone ( a client from work) who asked me if it is possible to mute the microphone automatically when soundcard is playing an output and then to unmute when output stops. This sounds like something that needs to be done via task scheduler or some sort of powershell...
  2. B

    Question Sound is coming through mic on new headset ?

    Hey all, I recently purchased a Steelseries arctis 1 and have been having issues with the sound coming through the mic. When on discord my friends can hear the YouTube videos or themselves echoing through the mic. I have disabled Stereo Mix and tried various things but it still seems to echo...
  3. MrJones11111

    Question Mic issues on friend's system

    PC will let mic record sound but not voice chat on any platform what so ever! please HELP! Hi So my friends Mic is not working in game and on discord etc as the title suggests, and I am at a loss. No amount of google is capable of solving the issue. I will explain what we have tried and what...
  4. Question Is it normal for rundll32 to use the mic ?

    is it normal rundll32.exe to use the microphone like this ?
  5. dwbb

    Question headset with mic can only choose mic in or headphone exclusively.

    Hi, I have a headset with mic. When i plug in the pink color jack > choose Mic in > can record sound but cant hear sound pink color jack > choose headphone > can hear sound but cant record sound. usb extender with jack> pink color jack >unable to choose headphone or Mic in > very low...
  6. Magpeye

    Question Weird Robotic/Echo issue for Tonor Mic, happens about every 15 minutes... Need a fix

    Hi, So I have been having an issue with a Microphone, mixer setup, it seems to work perfectly fine for like 15 minutes then it just makes this terrible buzzing echo kind of robotic it seems. I will post the exact models of what I have and the bottom. The only way I can get it to work is to...
  7. Koninosss

    Question Headseat makes annoying sound

    So my motherboard cant use non usb headset for some reason because there is no sound when I plug it in. So i bought a usb adapter the Virtual 7.1 Chsound but there is a strange noise all the time. And people can hear it in my mic too! What can I do? View...
  8. O

    Question Mic doesn't work on new version of Windows?

    So I just freshly installed Windows 10 version 20H2, installed all the drivers but mic doesn't work on some apps. It works on any browser and on discord but only if I disable Automatically determine input sensitivity and noise cancellation. It works fine on Warzone but does not work on other...
  9. B

    Question How to stop Logitech G935 from auto adjusting, sounds horrible when loud

    Hello, I recently bought a pair of Logitech g935, Overall pretty happy, the wireless range and sound quality is amazing. The only issue I'm having is that the mic sounds pretty terrible, That was to be expected but I thought with some adjusting I could fix the sound issues. Only problem is that...
  10. Flame1

    [SOLVED] Microphone starts sounding like a super high pitched chipmunk when i put pc under load?

    So I'm not sure if this issue is cause by windows, or something else but for some reason when i launch another application and get in a situation where theres more stress on the components the red light in my mic (Its a Hyperx Quadcast microphone) starts flashing on and off randomly and thats...
  11. E

    Question Microphone randomly adjusting levels

    After my Windows update a couple of days ago I've been getting weird random mic adjustments, it's normal for a couple of hours then it randomly starts to adjust.
  12. V

    Question Condenser mic / power supply issue

    I have recently bought myself a 48v phantom power supply for my condenser mic, after very quiet functionality. When I plug it in like it should be ( mic -> psu, psu -> pc), my computer does not recognise it. I've tried everything and Windows just doesn't see my mic. Any help? Mic: Tonor BM-700...
  13. C

    Question Rode Podmic EQ

    So I don't have the money for something fancy like a goxlr, or a Yamaha mixer or anything like that at the moment, I found software called Peace equalizer, and equalizer APO. The problem I'm having with it is I don't fully understand it and audio is kind of not my thing. but i want to make this...
  14. L

    Question Hello can someone help me decide between headphones?

    Hi I cant decide between a few headphones and would like to ask someones opinions on it. The ones i cant decide between are the Razer Krakens(£35), Corsair Hs50 (£45) or Hs45 (£35) or the Steelseries Arctis 1s (£45). Also if i buy the HS45 headphones would the mic work if i plug it into the 7.1...
  15. J

    Question White noise through mic even when muted

    I am trying to record audio but even when the mic is muted the recording picks up white noise. It's not the mic because I've tried it with my headset mic and the same issue occurs. Not software either because it happens in both Audacity and OBS. I have an MSI B550-A Pro and I have the Realtek...
  16. E

    Question People can hear my audio through my mic ?

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right thread forum but whenever I connect my Astros A40 to my pc with a 3.5mm splitter, my friends can hear what I can hear through my headset. But when I use a USB connection with my headset, its working fine. I want to use 3.5mm because I can use Nahimic audio...
  17. ILikeTurtles342

    Microphone level is stuck on 98, how do I fix this?

    When I go to System>Sound>Sound Control Panel>Recording>FIFINE K670 (that's my mic)>Properties>Levels I try to drag the switch but it stays stuck at 98. I can't type in the box to change the number either so my mic level is stuck, I just want to lower it.
  18. D

    Question Blue Compass boom arm wont stay in place

    I'm pairing my Blue Compass with my Wave:3 which is a fairly light mic. My problem is I cannot get the middle joint of the blue compass to stay in place, it ends up just flying upwards. I've tightened the friction plate as much as I can and I've loosened the screw underneath the boom arm as much...
  19. S

    Question Mic not working for headset with adapter

    I bought a 2 to 1 headset adapter so that my desktop headphones would work on my new laptop but now my microphone won't work. I tried uninstalling audio drivers and restarting but that did nothing for me. The headset just doesn't show up under the recording tab in sound options but shows up...
  20. J

    Question Pc is detecting audio i play even when mic is muted?

    Hope someone can help. I am using astro a40s with my pc connected by a 3.5mm splitter one going into audio, one into mic. The problem is my pc is detecting my pc audio and putting it as input for example when im playing a youtube video my friends can hear this even if i mute my mic on the...