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  1. S

    Question No mic input through 3.5mm

    Windows detects the headset and output is fine. Mic doesnt work but it is listed in the "input device" list. The headset works on my phone just fine, and I can also use USB headsets on the computer. So far I have : Checked that microphone access is on Updated the Realtek drivers Ran the sfc...
  2. Question Rear Panel Mic In not working/detecting very little sound

    I can't actually tell which one it is, since the control panel seemingly randomly shows 1 bar of sound. Story: I decided to use the Rear Panel for my headset, and the sound output works fine, but the microphone doesn't seem to work. Front panel works fine however + front panel USB works fine...
  3. M

    Question Push to talk causes stutter in Steam games

    Hi, The following is how Steam is working for me which is incorrect. Unlike with other game platforms where the games use the mic, in Steam games it's the Steam Client that uses the mic and not the games themselves. And unlike with the other platforms, where the games constantly use the mic...
  4. Randomc

    Question What is the cable called used for the Blue Snowball Ice?

    I cant seem to find the right one and when i do get a similar cable which has the correct input it only turn on the light and my PC doesn't detect it, also please make sure it is for the snowball ice not just the regular snowball, Thanks.
  5. L

    Question Best Headset/Headphones to buy right now for pc gaming and music production!!??

    So I have recently been shopping for a new headset and really can not make a decision. I want the best possible headset but not something ridiculously overpriced, What would give me the best quality for gaming but also good clean audio and deep bass for music production? I would like wireless...
  6. fixedeyes

    Question Need Onboard Speakers while Mic plugged into headset jack

    Hi there, And thanks in advance for any help with this problem I'm hoping to resolve. What I'm looking to do seems simple. I am streaming from my i7 HP Pavillion Laptop 14-ce0505sa using a mic plugged into the headset jack. The mic is recognized as a headset instead of just a mic and so no...
  7. geckovic02

    Question Is this a good combo? (+Question)

    Hi! I want to get myself a new microphone (my current headsetmic is pretty bad) and I was thinking directly going with an XLR setup instead of USB. So I was looking around, watching reviews and comparing prices until I ended up with following setup: Mic: Blue Ember Interface: Presonus...
  8. F

    Question Computer output is seen as mic input

    Hello, I currently have a headset which has to 3-pin jacks, one for mic and one for audio output. The issue is that instead of using the mic on the headset to pick up my voice and input it into the computer, the computer instead taking the audio of the output of the computer as mic input. For...
  9. B

    Question Mic in headset does not work

    I have a Rig 400 headset; sound is great, but the mic has never worked. I never cared; but now I need a mic for this microsoft teams stuff, or so says work. I tried finding settings, adjusting sound stuff, privacy, drivers, restart, ect. It's never worked on anything; games, discord, ect. I...
  10. PrinceSjtP

    Question Mic is picking up windows audio

    When i do a mic test to make sure everything is working, it is picking up audio from my PC such as YouTube audio from chrome. I assumed it was because my headset is too loud and is being picked up through the mic, however my friends can hear my PC audio through discord and my mic is picking up...
  11. M

    Question Voice Over Microphone Sometimes Unintelligible

    Hi, I've used Skype for a while and recently started using Zoom too. 3 times in the last 2 weeks (maybe 1/3 of the times I've used these 2 apps) when I connect the other people on the call say my voice is garbled so badly that they can't understand me at all. It's happened with both...
  12. icewolf461

    [SOLVED] [Logitech G430] Mic randomly stopped working?

    Hello. I'm in a bit of a pickle as of recently. I got this headset a few weeks ago and it was working fine until this week. Nothing has changed software/hardware wise. No Major windows updates or anything. Only the headset part of it works. The mic doesn't produce any sound at all or sometimes...
  13. OrdJk

    Question what is going to be the best microphone for under £150 ?

    I have the audio technica at2020 in mind but it needs 48 volts and that would make it outside the budget I also have looked at the rode nt mini mic. Any suggestions (and why) would be helpful
  14. M

    Question Mic Catching Every Sound From Computer (Tried & Searched Everything With No Use)

    Greetings people, sorry in advance if this isn't the right forum to post this issue on. I'm experiencing an issue where my mic catches every sound from my computer, happens mainly when i'm on voice chat using Discord. Had this issue for almost 2 years now, I even bought a new PC and changed my...
  15. R

    Question mic issue

    hey i have a razer kraken headset and i did a geforce driver update and it seems to have messed up my headset i can hear stuff through it but no one can hear me when i speak if anyone can help i would really appreciate it.
  16. Z

    Question DT 770 Pro

    I've been using basic razer gaming headset for a long but i wanted to change that and get a DT 770 pro 250 ohm but it will be using for gaming, music and stuff like that. but i don't want to spend much on an amp or doc. can i get suggestions for a sound card that isn't expensive and gets the...
  17. Muzsin

    Question Mics do not work on my pc properly

    Hi! So ive tried like 5 mics on my new pc, but they hardly detect my voice, only the cracking sounds when the cable hits the table or i touch the plastic on the mic. This means that I can totally shout, but people will only hear a weak chewbacca sound from the distance, while if i gently hit...
  18. A

    [SOLVED] Cant here in game voice chat in any game! </3

    <Mod Edit> me dead guys this is driving me mad. as i stated i canot hear anyone else in game, i can see there voice chat icon appear but no sound. this has happened in Hunt showdown, rainbow 6 seige and over watch that i have tested. side note i have also noticed in discord when testing my mic...
  19. K

    Question Headphone using splitter only has mono audio

    I have a headphone with an attached mic that only has 1 cable (3.5 TRRS, I believe it's called). My desktop has 2 inputs - one for mic and one for headphones. I bought a splitter for my headset, and plugged in the respective male cables into my desktop. However, when I use my mic on windows...
  20. T

    [SOLVED] Mic Need Single Jack

    My new mic need to be connected to a jack that's combined with the headphone, but I have 6 audio jack, the mic, and the headset jack is separated, and it won't work, it said that it can only work with a combined jack (or single), any idea how to fix it? or how to get around it?