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  1. mr.luncher

    Question sample rate of bm-800

    I was going to buy a mic call bm-800,then i realized that i do not know the highest sample rate can this mic reach,and to be honest sample rate is very important for me so,the main question is,what is the highest sample rate can this mic reach?
  2. A

    Question pc microphone

    I already have a good headset my problem is that my friends can sometimes here my keyboard and echo. i need suggestions for a good microphone under $100 thanks for the help.
  3. B

    Question Microphone randomly stops working

    Bought my microphone (Auna CM 900) in 2018, it worked for a couple of months and then stopped. It does not stop working entirely, but instead of sound there is a low hissing sound. I switched to another mic and forgot about it, but in the beginning of 2019 I connected it and it was working...
  4. X

    Question Rear Mic Jack not working

    As the title says my rear mic jack isn't working. When I plug in my mic it appears and then disappears rapidly. The front works but since my headphones are up there as well my friends can hear my Discord audio. I did a small amount of monitored travel with my computer and nothing else was...
  5. S

    Question Corsair HS60 Headset: Discord and other applications pick up desktop audio

    When i'm on discord, teamspeak or in a video game's voice chat, everything playing through the headphones can be heard through the mic, I've tried everything at this point, I've disabled stereo mix, uninstalled and reinstalled my realtek drivers, tried different settings, pretty much everything...
  6. Firetailmadness

    Question My laptop has only one audio jack, but what about the mic?

    My laptop has only one Jack to plug in any 3.5mm devices, and I've got earbuds with an in-line microphone, but when I plug them in I only get audio but the mic pics up nothing :/ My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 GAMING™️ attached is the icon next to the audio jack that looks like to me a...
  7. Saymou

    Question Please Help! Problem with my G231 prodigy Headset!!

    Hey everyone! So basically i bought a g231 prodigy a year ago and it's working fine on my ps4. However, once i bought a new gaming laptop and tried to use it on it, I found issues with the mic. The headset mic wasn't getting detected so i tried reinstalling the headset drivers and what not...
  8. A

    Why is my condenser microphone not working with phantom power

    I have bm 800 microphone and a 48v phantom power…when I connect them with my PC the mic just makes the buzzing noise but does not record my voice which is weird. Anyone knows what could be wrong.?
  9. butterfig

    Question Connecting Mic To Keyboard Passthrough?

    Hello, I am wondering if I could plug my Blue Snowball iCE into the passthrough port of the K70 Mk2 Rapid Fire. I don't know if it's delayed or not, but it seems pretty stable right now. Will this effect the performance of the mic and response time of the mic? Thank you.
  10. Y

    Question Usb Headset no ambient noise option

    Hi i have a cheap USB headset, now the last one i bought of this one, there was an option if i go to sounds>Headset>properties>Levels and there was a mic volume adjuster that would let me adjust how much of my ambient noise i wanted to hear around me, now this new headset which is the same exact...
  11. E

    [SOLVED] Is the Logitech G430 still good in 2019 for gaming?

    I only do gaming though I want to do more multiplayer gaming. The Logitech G430 is on sale for £53 with 7.1 surround sound and USB. Is that a good deal? What headset should I get for £50 or under preferably as that's my budget for a gaming headset. I do have a mic though it's pretty bad since...
  12. R

    Question connecting piezo contact microphone to laptop mic input

    hi, this may be a very easy question to answer. https://www.amazon.com/Neewer%C2%AE-Contact-Microphone-Mandolin-Accurate/dp/B019TW4BZO I refer to the above item, piezo contact microphone. the end point is 1/4 inch female jack. Does that mean that I have to purchase a 1/4 inch male to 3.5mm...
  13. lame tie

    Question connecting wireless microphone to pc [receiver missing ]

    hello, guys my music system came with a wireless microphone the music system died a few weeks ago so, i wondered if i can connect that wireless microphone to my pc searching on google hasn't given any answer so far any ideas on how can I do this ??
  14. P

    Question Looking for Best $100 XLR Microphone

    I need help choosing the a XLR microphone that is under $100 so far I have found 2 of the most popular microphones and they are the audio technica at2020...
  15. F

    Question Blue Snowball mic is not showing up - missing drivers?

    I was doing homework on my computer as normal and then my computer crashes. According to the error screen, the file that malfunctioned was: CMUSBDAC.sys I restarted my pc and it crashed nearly immediately after again, due to the same driver. I then tried rebooting my pc with my mic unplugged...
  16. Netherzapdos12

    Question Headset/earbuds with good microphones?

    I've been struggling to find a good headset/earbud that has decent quality in terms of microphone. I know it's natural for earbuds to have bad quality, but i've had several others that were decent (slight static noise but decent voice quality) and that was like 5 years ago, so i don't remember...
  17. F

    How to fix headset mic not working with y-splitter?

    Hi, I recently bought this y-splitter for my HyperX Clouds II; However, the mic does not want to work. In the sound settings on Windows, the bars fill up green indicating that some sound is coming through the mic. I discovered that it's just static that is playing through the mic, it doesn't...
  18. N

    Question Headset/mic Problem

    Hi! I have a headset and the audio work fine but the mic is weird i can't speak with anyone and when i play something on my playback audio every one that i'am in a call with can hear my playback audio so i have been sitting for a couple of hours to try to fix it but i have had no luck i hope...
  19. R

    Question Microphone problems

    I accidentally spilled water a little while ago on the internal mic on my laptop (acer vx15) and when I used it with no sound playing it works fine. However when sound is playing the mic sounds all messed up and bad. This even happens when i have headphones plugged in and when i used the builtin...
  20. T

    Question Can't use headphones and built in mic simultaneously??

    Hello, I built a PC for gaming but I can't seem to use any headset I try with it's built in microphone simultaneously. I have a microphone jack along with a headphone jack on the front of my case, but my Turtle Beach headphones only has the 1 male jack. Due to that I may chose to use either the...