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  1. A

    Question Corsair Dark Core SE has a stuttering response when in game

    I've only noticed this problem recently, but when I'm playing bf5 (or sometimes in desktop, which i just found to happen when I'm writing this post) the mouse when in the wireless connection sometimes stutters, this effect sometimes goes away on its own after a few seconds or so but is really...
  2. Yeldur

    [SOLVED] What's the difference between these two Logitech Mice?

    Hi all, quick question regarding two mice I've spotted, I currently own a Logitech G502 Proteus Core mouse which has been completely and utterly fantastic, the best mouse I've ever purchased without a doubt; unfortunately it's at the end of its tether (Or at least, the scroll wheel is) and even...
  3. AndrewFreedman

    Article Logitech G502 Lightspeed Review: Expensive Mousing Excellence

    The Logitech G502 Lightspeed takes a classic gaming mouse and gives it long battery life and lighter weight, but it’s on the pricey side. Logitech G502 Lightspeed Review: Expensive Mousing Excellence : Read more
  4. TechyInAZ

    Question Logitech HERO 16k DPI Sensor Worth the Upgrade?

    I've got a Logitech G500S currently and it has been serving me incredibly well. Main reason I want to keep this mouse for as long as possible is the anti sweat material has been an absolutely great feature, my hands sweat a ton and this mouse looks basically brand new even after 4 years of hard...
  5. C

    Question What mouse to buy for fps gaming?

    I am looking for a new fps mouse but I don't really know what mouse to buy. Hand size: Medium size Grip: Palm/Claw
  6. X

    Question Can i run two instances of league in one pc?

    I organized a "lan party" with 5 friends but we only have 4 pc's, i have 2 monitors, is there any way that i could run 2 games at the same time with each game having it's own keyboard and mice? i have a 7600k with 16gb of ram and a rx570(8gb)
  7. Xeroshock

    Question Looking for a mouse upgrade (Rival 110 currently)

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade to a more high quality mouse (for gaming). I am currently using the Steelseries Rival 110 which is the perfect size/fit for me. I'm have more of a claw/finger tip grip. I tried the Rival 310 and it was really giving my hand cramps. Also, the middle mouse button...
  8. Z

    Question Anyone know where the close, minimize and maximize icons are stored in Windows XP?

    I'm on a quest to make windows 10 look as close to windows xp as I possibly can, I'm having trouble locating the minimize, maximize and close button icons, anyone know where they're stored?
  9. T

    Question Super Flower PSU (Leadex Gold 1000w) -- Connector Query

    Hi, I'm having an issue after just buying a nVidia 2080Ti -- it has come with x2 8 Pin and x1 6pin connector. The power supply listed above, has very special cables. It turns out when I bought the PC a number of years ago, I didn't receive additional leads. So i've been left a bit short (young...
  10. moranlouie

    Question I changed my system board on my laptop, now start-up is not showing Dell logo, among other problems.

    Greetings! I changed the system board on a Dell Inspiron 13 model 5368 because the old board went bad. Everything was working more or less swell except for the fact that the board was sent to me with manufacturing mode activated. So I followed these instructions ---> Dell Thinga-ma-jig I did...
  11. I

    Question New to computers need urgent help

    Hey dont mind me i am very new to computers and usually have used ps4 all my life but now building a high end type of pc so i just setup Asus Rog Z390 H motherboard with Intel i7 8700k a thermaltake water 3.0 AIO and 8gigs of ram My gpu card and more rams arriving soon alongside m.2 ssd and...
  12. L

    [SOLVED] PSU wattage Ryzen 5 2600 (OC) + 4x8Gb 2666 (OC) + GTX 1080 Ti?

    Ryzen 5 2600 (+overclock) + 4x8Gb 2666 (+Overclock) + GTX 1080 Ti + additional (4 sata, 4 x120mm fan and peripherals) will be 550W enough? For work&homemedia and rarely gaming. p/s i meant basic overclocking
  13. L

    Question Asus PG348Q or....??

    Hello everyone, few quick questions before I decide to pull the trigger Been thinking about the Asus PG348Q for quite awhile, its around $1050AUD give or take. I've got a gtx1080, thats abit wasted on my Asus PB278Q (1440p 27inch 60hz or so) I've been looking at the Asus XG35VQ as well, as its...
  14. Question Asus Strix Logo Hidden Because of Fan

    Hi, I've attached picture, as you can see i've marked where asus logo is hidden due to fan as i'll be using H500 so there's not much i can change except fans or anything you suggest, if changing fans would solve the issue then kindly suggest a aura sync compatible fan if possible otherwise its...
  15. I

    Question Micro Freeze of PC

    Hello, I just upgraded my PC with following components I7 8700 16gb ram (2x8) Kingston hyperx Motherboard msi Z390m gaming edge ac Hydro cooling h100i Platinum. The rest old components are 2 SSD , 2 hdd , Psu chieftec 650 watt 80plus, and Msi gtx 970 100 years edition. I encountered some...
  16. S

    Question Slow download but very fast internet

    As you can see, I can stream 4k with no buffering. I can game all day without experiencing any lag. Everything seems normal but when I download something, my max download speed is around 45kbps to 100kbps. This only happens when I download something off the internet, but when I surf, stream...
  17. SPECOPS70

    Question B450 tomahawk and ....

    Hello. Ryzen 5 2600x build. I’m getting either the rx 590 fat boy or 1660ti. Would either of these run good on the tomahawk b450? Over clock a bit? Would either of those give me good gaming performance? And vr performance? Just looking for opinions. Vids on YouTube state the 1660ti is a bit...
  18. M

    [SOLVED] Which should i upgrade my 1060 6g or my cpu I5 4440?

    I want to play in 1080p , so Im looking forward to reach 60 fps on single games such metro ,Sekrio, far cry dawn. Which one will give me real difference? My currently rig is: Gpu : 1060 MSI Gaming x Cpu :I5 4440 M.B.: h81 Ram : 8g ddr3 1330 P.S.U: 500 antec Monitor : old samsung 1333x768 2011.
  19. C

    Question Would it be okay to build my computer and add my GPU tomorrow.

    Everything other than my GPU will be here today, would it make sense to build it all and just add the GPU when I get it tomorrow.
  20. B

    Question RTX 2080 FPS drops

    So soon as i installed my new RTX2080 i tried playing a game of BFv and i wopuld get dips below 10fps.i tried DDU to install the drivers again then i clean installed them. That still didn't help. Anyone know whats going on, my GTX 1080 never had these frame dips?