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  1. raphoshi

    Question Microphone problems on Gigabyte A320M-SCH-CF

    Hey guys! My friend have an Gigabyte A320M-S2H-CF motherboard. He recently bought a headset (Hyperx Cloud Stinger), and it's microphone isn't working. He is on windows 10, version 1903 He tested the headset on his phone, and the mic it's ok. I tried to help him throught teamviewer.. What I did...
  2. Question Need wiring help with my Blue snowball microphone

    So my Snowball rolled down to the ground and got notice from a friend it sounded weard, i took it appart and it was a loose wire. but it is no indicators o where it used to be and the breadboard is diffrent from the one i find on google. Its not the ice version. the black wire is connectet to...
  3. R

    Question My microphone does not work

    I just had my Arctis 1 headset delivered plugged it all in downloaded and opened the steelseries engine, went to do the mic test annd nothing. I really need some advice and no the mic is not muted .
  4. AttoBlaze

    Question Realtek audio driver prevent apps from using microphone

    Ok so i have an ASUS TUF FX504 laptop running 64bit windows 10. at one point i was trying to fix a software bug that makes my laptop mic my default mic+ i cant see the headset mic. while doing so, i tried downloading the newest realtek audio drivers, wich did jackshit and only made another...
  5. OllieGE

    Question What is a headset with good mic and audio for under £150 for FPS games?

    Looking at getting a new headset, basically anything under £150 with decent mic and audio. Don't mind if it's open or closed, also don't mind if I use a Vmoda or mod mic with headphones/ just a standalone mic. I mainly play FPS games (CS and Valorant currently) I am currently looking at the...
  6. S

    Question No mic input through 3.5mm

    Windows detects the headset and output is fine. Mic doesnt work but it is listed in the "input device" list. The headset works on my phone just fine, and I can also use USB headsets on the computer. So far I have : Checked that microphone access is on Updated the Realtek drivers Ran the sfc...
  7. H

    Question Microphone buzz noise

    Hey there! I want to hear peoples thoughts or maybe some tips related to microphone problems (buzzing and static noise). I have spent lots of money on many different headphones and microphones but no matter the quality I always get some kind of buzzing noise when I record myself talking and on...
  8. Eldar45454164

    Question TRRS microphone for combo jack

    Hi, I've got this microphone from local store.It works OK with smartphone but couldn;t connect to my Dell inspiron 3593 laptop.What can be the issue?Drivers updated. https://ibb.co/8bLYtsc
  9. Question Rear Panel Mic In not working/detecting very little sound

    I can't actually tell which one it is, since the control panel seemingly randomly shows 1 bar of sound. Story: I decided to use the Rear Panel for my headset, and the sound output works fine, but the microphone doesn't seem to work. Front panel works fine however + front panel USB works fine...
  10. Question Headset mic not working when plugged in to the front of desktop panel

    Hi all, I have a non-USB headset (separate jacks for audio and mic) which works absolutely fine with I boot up my PC with both audio and mic lines are plugged into my front desktop panel. In this scenario everything works fine. However - if the mic jack is not plugged in at the time of...
  11. OrdJk

    [SOLVED] Would this xlr interface be enough to support this microphone ?

    Alto Professional ZMX52 Can power this PODMIC (rode) ????
  12. M

    Question Push to talk causes stutter in Steam games

    Hi, The following is how Steam is working for me which is incorrect. Unlike with other game platforms where the games use the mic, in Steam games it's the Steam Client that uses the mic and not the games themselves. And unlike with the other platforms, where the games constantly use the mic...
  13. J

    Question Can't get a Mic to work on new build

    I just built this PC. I bought Phillips SHP9500 and a V Moda Boom Pro Mic. When I try to test the mic, it is very very muffled. Even when at the highest volume and boost settings. I tried with a pair of in-ear wired headphones with a mic too, and it's the same thing. I have a Gigabyte B365M...
  14. I

    External Mic and Headset (USB) not working together

    Hey, So I would like to use my external mic which has a XLR to 3.5mm but when I plug the mic my headset which uses USB stops working, and even the mic (XLR) doesnt work.....
  15. A

    Question Better options to listen to your voice without delay

    What I have is a Corsair Virtuoso, it does have its own microphone but I want to use a better quality microphone. I have the Samson G Track Pro as what I use when I stream, however I cannot hear myself speak, I have tried using the voice device on my sound control panel but it has a terrible...
  16. H

    Question Please please help with Microphone Problem

    I had a meeting in Google hangups and another in Zoom and the person on the other end could not hear me, I could hear them and we could see each other fine. I also Skyped a friend today and he could not hear me. I've checked all the settings in Windows 10 and nothing seems to work. Audio is...
  17. inakis

    Question Headset not recognized by W10. Sound yes, mic nope.

    Hi, I have bought a Razer Kraken X Lite, which connects by 3.5mm jack. I have connected them to the laptop, an Asus GL553VD and it only recognizes the earpiece, but the device manager cant recognize the microphone. When I connect anything to the jack, Realtek's sound manager directly sets it up...
  18. N

    Question Baffling Microphone Problem (New PC Build)

    So this is a new PC Build, everything works flawlessly, save for this problem. Pertinent Information: Gigabyte B450m DS3H Motherboard Headset - Analog with Y-Splitter for Input/Output (Corsair VOID Headset) The headset part works fine, I can hear everything. The microphone does not work. If I...
  19. K

    Question Laptop screen goes black for a few seconds when I turn on my microphone

    I am using Asus TUF FX504GD laptop, and I encounter a problem where my laptop screen would go black for a few seconds (the screen may or may not come back on after it goes black) when I turn on my microphone. It happened in game when I talk via Discord, and even in browser when I record voice...
  20. TrevorWilliamsTexas

    Question Microphone Buzz/Hum

    After several years of use, I have a grounding issue with my laptop and microphone. This is what the buzz/hum sounds like when I record my microphone without touching the computer. Other than touching the computer, how else can I ground the computer?