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  1. O

    Question Terrible microphone quality

    Hi everyone. I hope I'm in the right section for my problem. My issue is, I have very bad microphone quality when recording audio on my PC. It always sounds poor with static and background noise. Sometimes in skype calls it even makes a loud ticking noise that greatly irritates my friends -...
  2. ShawnSMB

    Question Why does my microphone produce white noise, even when it's unplugged?

    I have a condenser microphone ( the Audio Technica 2020), and I have it connected to a phantom power supply. When I listen or record the microphone audio, I hear a constant loud hissing sound, there is no sound in my room that should be producing that loud of a sound. I thought it was my...
  3. E

    Question Microphone is turning itself down

    I have an AKG P220 that is going to a Focusrite Scarlett Solo by XLR, and the Solo is connected to my PC via USB. Whenever there is a loud noise on my end, the microphone will record very low audio and then slowly scale back up to normal volume. I checked the drivers, turned everything up on...
  4. N

    Question Logitech G Pro Headset Mic Problem

    I have looked at many reviews of the microphone on this headset and people say it's really good. I did agree for the first use of the microphone, but when I was using it during gaming. My friends said it there was static and it was like my old mic I had before, they said it didn't sound like a...
  5. L

    Question Upgrading audio setup

    My current setup: logitechx540 plugged into xonar dx card. Headphones plugged into fiio e10k. capacitive microphone plugged into 24v power supply that was a part of the set, the signal is transmitted via 2x RCA-> minijack to the sound card. It worked fine, but recently I started having issues...
  6. T

    Question Microphone volume is really low, no idea where it comes from

    Hello, I searched a bit for my issue, but didn't find anything, so I thought I'd ask here. I'm having issue with my vocal on my pc : when I speak in microphone, friends ( on discord ) are hearing me very low. I had a friend who could hear the music I was playing on my computer, or game sounds...
  7. S

    Question Best Wireless Gaming Headset?

    Hi, I was currently looking to reduce the amount of wires going around my desk and the first step to that was my headset. I love my headset to pieces but overtime its started degrading and its time for a change. I currently have a HyperX Cloud 2 gaming headset (gun metal grey) I was looking...
  8. daedae23

    Question How to fix Nw 7000 mic

    Ive had the mic for abt a month, then recently even with phantom power i can only hear static i cant hear my self, i dont know if its the computer or the mic or the phantom power can somebody please help😞
  9. E

    Question Microphone phantom power

    Hello! I want to know if the TC-Helicon Perform-Ve is phantom powered since i want also want to buy a new mic with XLR.
  10. R

    Question Headphone Microphone Jack not Working When Plugged

    Hey! I just bought a new headset with a mic, they're one of the cheaper ones called "Piranha Gaming Headset HP70" when I plug the headphone jack and the mic jack only the mic works and there is no sound on the headphones. I ticked the option "Disable front panel jack detection" but it still...
  11. B

    Question Microphone randomly stops working

    Bought my microphone (Auna CM 900) in 2018, it worked for a couple of months and then stopped. It does not stop working entirely, but instead of sound there is a low hissing sound. I switched to another mic and forgot about it, but in the beginning of 2019 I connected it and it was working...
  12. S

    Question Hyperx Cloud II Mic problems

    Hi. Im having an issue with my mic where after about 5-10 seconds of being plugged in it makes a buzz noise then just stops working altogether. Ive tried- Setting to default sound and communication Device. Restarting my computer Deleting the device in the device list and letting it reinstall...
  13. G

    Question Microphone volume problem and background noise

    Ok so.. i build a new PC, but the thing is i'm not sure is from the headset. I mean..i'm sure is not the headset problems but maybe someone knows something here. I freaking HATE my life, and i don't know what to do. On my old PC i had the problem that my microphone could be barely heard. So...
  14. P

    Question Can't change audio/mic format

    Just bought a new Headset and i know it's not that good, it's the Sades R7 headset, i installed it's driver already but the only options shown there are about mic volume, equalizer, and virtual 7.1, but the thing is i can't change my audio format, neither from the actual headset audio or the mic...
  15. O

    Question Steelseries Arctis 3 mic picking up every sounds from my laptop

    I'm using Steelseries Arctis 3 headset, I have this issue since I got this headset (i think) for about couple of months now. It's been bothering me and my friends everytime we hangout on the discord or gaming, but I can't find any solutions online. I also already disabled stereo mix and disabled...
  16. Question B350M Audio port

    Hi guys, Just wanna ask I currently have a BM 800 Condense microphone, Hyperx cloud II headphone, and an external speaker? How can I use them all at once on Windows 10 without any problems? Where should I plug each one of them on the Audio ports?
  17. C

    Question Headset Mic doesnt work on my PC

    Hi. So I have a problem with my headset and windows recognizes there is one mic, but I can't get it working, I've tried reinstalling drivers and restarting a bunch of times. The mic however works on another PC, and if I connect Headset 1 (Only audio) and another headset for a mic, it works. I...
  18. Question B350M Mortar AUDIO PORTS

    Hi Guys, Just wanna ask a question about my motherboards AUDIO ports I'm having problems dealing with the components of mine. I currently have HYPER X Cloud II with mic attached using the 7.1 Surround USB on the USB port of the motherboard. And Logitech Z121 External Speaker attached on the...
  19. J

    Question Are sound cards integrated into motherboards?

    I am looking to buy a microphone but it is not USB, it is plugged in through an audio Jack. Someone said you 'need a good sound card' and i'm wondering if i need to buy one separately, or if the audio on my PC is all i need. My motherboard is the ASUS Rog Strix x370-f gaming...
  20. L

    Question ModMic 4 sound quality issues

    I got my modmic 4 yesterday went into properties then into the listen tab and it sounds great. Then I got into a discord call and was greeted with complaints of how bad it sounds, I did a quick recording and it does indeed sound terrible. Downloading Realtek drivers didn't do anything to help...