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  1. M

    Question Windows 10 won't let me log in with my Microsoft account, instead only allows me to use it through a Local Admin account.

    So i did a clean install of Windows 10. I have Windows 10 Enterprise. I had the same Windows before that as well, and i have my key, it's an original Windows, no issues with that. But the thing is that before i did the new installation i had my windows run with a Microsoft account. Right now it...
  2. R

    Need an upgrade... the other GPU was sold...

    Hey all, I was about to buy a superclocked gtx 660, however the craigslist post was already sold. So I’ve gathered some new cards, but I need your guys thoughts please on which is the Best Buy. I can afford all of them, so performance is key. Really the only game I play would be H1Z1, FORTNITE...
  3. Ecg28713

    Dell Optiplex 745 restore to factory settings

    I was given a Dell Optiplex 745 with Windows XP at my job and I work for a school. So it requires a login when it boots up, but I don't have the password. Also I do not have any boot discs or OS discs. Is there a way to format or restore it to factory default?