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  1. P

    Question Please help! New Mobo & CPU = Red dots on screen, stuck on low resolution, GPU not running ?

    Hope you all can help! Very frustrated, searching for a solution is frustrating; there are multiple symptoms so searches get muddled, and the suggestions always amount to "reinstall and update drivers" which is what I've done all day. This is a problem with my desktop after upgrading to 13th...
  2. Krishnan 05

    Question mx330 showing as microsoft basic display adapter

    I recently bought a laptop which is the dell Vostro 3500. When I bought it, I saw in the device manager had 2 GPUs one is the integrated GPU and one is the dedicated GPU mx330. The problem is some heavy apps run on GPU 0 which is the igpu and it bothered me so i disabled the igpu in the device...
  3. LukeKG

    [SOLVED] Win10 failing to recognise GPU/PCI device after fresh install and updates

    Hi, Just did a fresh install and formatting of my PC after years of successful running. Now my 2080 Super isnt being detected by device manager in Win10. The PCI is listed under "Other Devices" and windows fails to find/update any drivers associated with this. Under "Display Adapter" it says the...
  4. thomfranken

    [SOLVED] No connection on startup

    Hello, Since i upgraded to a new motherboard (Gigabyte B360M H). My PC wont start with an internet connection ( sometimes it does when im lucky). Or sometimes it does but it doesnt work properly so i need to reboot again. I got tired of rebooting and i sort of found a fix. I go to device...