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  1. Orbit Storm

    [SOLVED] Edge appears to have low FPS, causing inconsistent video playback and choppy scrolling.

    I reached out to Microsoft Support, and they claim this is a known issue but of the handful of people I asked about this that use Edge, none of them are experiencing this issue. One of those people are using a system that is largely identical to my own. The Microsoft tech was unable to provide a...
  2. V

    Question What is the latest trick for uninstalling MS Edge?

    I tried the technique describe in the article but that didn't work. I then made a comment over in that the technique...
  3. C

    Question Screen stutter issue with Google Chrome and other browsers !

    hello , yes i know this question was asked and got solution except .. it didnt work for me , i try 3 of these steps : " Try running dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth in cmd and sfc /scannow in cmd aswell, also try running chkdsk. " but it didnt work so if there is a way please do tell...
  4. P

    [SOLVED] Every .exe file opens Microsoft Edge

    A friend ran a batch script and used the Assoc command to associate every .exe with Microsoft Edge... I'm struggling to revert this. How can I fix this?
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Does accumulated browser history/cache actually slow down a browser at all?

    I'm on Microsoft edge. I know clearing history can help protect your information and refresh some pages that are having issues loading, but other than that do you really ever need to clear browser cache/history? Does browser history itself take up space/resources somehow? Say for example over...
  6. Diltoid24

    Question Edge always closes unexpectedly, even when I close it down manually ?

    This isn't a huge issue, but it is supper irritating. For one, my Asus Strix B550I is set to S4+S5 so when it shuts down, it shuts EVERYTHING down. No power to usb's, no power to anything but the power button. Not sure if that's causing this, but everytime I shut down my PC, the next time I...
  7. SomeGuyonTHW

    [SOLVED] Microsoft Edge used to have a small icon on right of task bar, how to re-enable

    Microsoft Edge used to have a Very nice feature where it didn't close itself, instead it kept running in background with an small icon on the right side of taskbar. I right clicked it & disabled it but I don't know how to revert this change/re-enable it. Why I want it back? Because it made...
  8. CrimsonKnight98

    [SOLVED] Why is Edge showing up as a blank icon on my taskbar when I run it?

    No other app does this: Edge shows up as a blank white paper icon when I run it. On the desktop and on the start menu, it has an icon, even pinning it to the taskbar shows it having an icon, but when I run it, a new icon appears (the blank page) and I can't seem to fix it! I have tried...
  9. E

    Question Windows 10 - (fn+) F11 key causes Edge to open

    I've decided to post this here instead of the components subforum because it's obviously a software issue. I am using an HP 255 G6 laptop running Windows 10 (version 1903). Ever since I bought it in May of 2018 it had this issue that I never bothered to try and fix, but now it's starting to...
  10. Nerdy Nerd

    Question Guce Advertising

    [Moderator edit to break up "wall of text".] I am trying to help an elderly couple out and they're using the old aol email. Anyways, when I try to sign them in with their username and password, the url address keeps getting redirected to Guce advertising site. I have tried a lot of things...
  11. S

    Question Edge opens multiple times a second in safe mode, fresh OS, non-touchscreen

    Hey everyone, I am stumped. I have a laptop that keeps opening Microsoft Edge multiple times per second at semi-random intervals. So fast you cannot access anything else; about 2-10 times a second (could even be seizure inducing). Here's what I've tried and know: It still happens in Safe...
  12. datgman7

    [SOLVED] Edge is the only browser that works, any other does not.

    Greetings. So a little bit of history: When I first built this PC and installed Windows 10, I installed Chrome. It did not work even though Edge did. I have tried tinkering with it but I just decided to download Fire Fox and that worked. Then everything went well until one day where Fire Fox...
  13. Gosraj

    [SOLVED] Connected to Internet but it ain’t workin

    Hoo boy this new pic is givin me some gray hairs. So for some reason, I’m completely connected to the internet, but some things like Chrome and Steam straight up don’t work. However Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer work perfectly fine? Ya boi head hurt EDIT:resetting the network through...
  14. waaedalqraan

    should i use a psu adabter

    i will be building my new pc after i have the full budget for it i already have a 500 gb wd blue 64mb cache hdd/case and a week ago i found a brand new(from 2004 but in the box) 400w psu and if i used it in my next ryzen build it will save me some money but it doesnt have a 6 pin or 8 pin...
  15. A

    8GB memory PC runnin on 4GB

    So my Motherboard is ASROCK FM2A58+ BTC RETAIL and my RAM AM HYPERX HX321C11T2K2/8 HYPERX PREDATOR 8GB (2X4GB) DDR3 2133MHZ. I recently noticed that my PC is using only 3.94 out of this Ram. But also its reading both sticks and has 8GB installed according to Bios and System information. I...