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  1. Question Microsoft Store - Page could not be loaded (0x80131500)

    Hi, I cannot access my Microsoft Store nor any of its applications (e.g. Mail). What I've tried: wsreset Uninstall package through Powershell, reinstall package through Powershell Reinstall appx and appxbundles manually Terminate (through Apps & Features) Reset (through Apps & Features) Run...
  2. C

    Question Various Windows 10 Apps Slow/Unresponsive (copied from my post on

    This was something I've posted on a while back. It has gotten 90 views and yet no replies. In fact, the post even got locked for some reason, which was not of my doing. I've always had good experiences with the folks on Tom's Hardware, and even if we can't figure out why...
  3. Tannky043

    [SOLVED] Change where new content is saved help!

    I am trying to download Sea of Thieves but my ssd doesn't have enough storage for it, so im trying to change where it downloads but everytime I try to change it, a window pops up and says "We couldn't Set your default save location" and comes up with an error code "0x80004004"
  4. I

    [SOLVED] Launcher for Windows 10 Apps downloaded from MS STORE

    So i am searching for hours and found no close answers to this my question is there some launcher for my windows 10 apps you know like a convenient list of apps that is from ms store , i know start menu does this. im just askin if there's a software for this because i want to install somethin...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] Microsoft Store doesn't launches

    ms-windows-store: PurgeCaches The app didn't start. This error comes when I tried resetting the settings of Microsoft Store from the run The problem started when I was in Windows 10 v1803 and after updating to v1903, the problem still persist.
  6. Tschrom

    Question Windows Store/Xbox App Store download issue

    I have a bit of a strange issue happening where, if I begin downloading a large file with with the MS Store (such as a game) the game download will stop with an error any time I open an exclusive fullscreen application. I'm not sure what could be causing this at all. Anyone have any ideas...
  7. castedbounds

    Question Windows Update, Microsoft Store, and Windows Security broken as hell

    Windows Update on my computer has completely stopped working. It never automatically checks for updates, and when I manually click the "Check for updates" button, it tries to check for updates for a long time before spitting out a nasty error: 0x80080005 Microsoft Store won't download any apps...
  8. noyaus

    [SOLVED] Windows Apps Store not working Code: 0x80131500

    Hi Guys, My Windows 10 App Store is showing: Code: 0x80131500 I have tried restarting it and not working. I just did a factory reset and it is still showing like that. What do I do?
  9. G

    Question Microsoft games crashing

    Hi I have a big problem. I just bought sea of thieves and forza 4 for my pc. When playing the games they crash like if in pressing alt f4 no error code appears. No nothing. I checked for any updates of my pc components and they were all good as windows updates. Tried to lowering graphics...
  10. T

    Question Windows 10 Store Extremely Slow

    It's the only thing that is slow on my computer. It takes forever to load like its maxing out the cpu or something but its sitting at 20% for the most part. I can't really figure it out. i7-8700k so I know its not my system
  11. M

    [SOLVED] $2000 or less build

    Approximate Purchase Date: As soon I decide what to get Budget Range: Would like to be under $2000 System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming , watching shows on Hulu , Duel monitors so I can do both at the same time .listen to music, Are you buying a monitor: No . I have what I...