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  1. OrdJk

    [SOLVED] What's the best mid range price digital camera (300-600)

    I have the eos m50 by canon in mind. any advice/suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. D

    Need help about fast vsync!

    HI..i have a question.. ok so the refresh rate of my monitor is 60hz and in some games i get 60 above frames while i get less than 60 in some games...and yea i get screen tearing when vsync is off.So i googled and found out that adaptive vsync can be the solution for me.I tried but i didnt...
  3. Polar Trap

    MSI Z270 Krait Gaming VS. ASUS Prime Z270-A?

    It's in the title, what should I buy?
  4. A

    Is my motherboard not working? Or is it my PSU? Please help!

    My problem began when I realized that the CPU cooler that came with my motherboard was inadequate at keeping my CPU from overheating. To remedy this, I purchased a liquid cooler that did exactly what I needed it to, keep the CPU cool while I use my computer. However, I noticed that...
  5. M

    Random increase in cpu temps every second

    Hello! I have just recently realized through msi afterburner and realtemp that my cpu temps go crazy even though i have nothing running and its on idle. The temps are fine for the inital startup, around 27-30 when i start the pc for the mobo, after around 5 mins then the mobo temp goes straight...
  6. B

    Blue screens, restarts, graphics and power issues every morning when I turn it on

    Hello, I will try to decribe my issues as best i can and what troubleshooting i've done. Things that happen every morning sometimes in a different order: a. pc boots fine all the way to desktop then restarts in a few minutes(without me using any program or maybe starting up firefox) b. pc boots...
  7. L

    could use some help

    So recently my motherboard died which killed my CPU as well so I had to get new ones. ever since I got new parts I am able to see the pixels and when i am on a bright page with lots of colors i can see the pixels "flicker". At first i thought it was my graphics card but I put my av cable into my...
  8. A

    Msi 290x trade with Asus Mars 760

    Hello guys, i was offered to trade my msi 290x 4gb with an Asus Mars Rog 4gb and i cant find much information about the card.. So what do you suggest me to do?
  9. P

    Help with transfering data from laptop hard drive using SATA to USB

    I took my hard drive out of my old laptop that died and need to transfer files and pictures to my computer. The Drive is working and the SATA to USB seems to be doing its thing. When I look in the Computer Management I see two things: System Reserved and (G) both say healthy( Primary...
  10. N

    Upgrade for Asus M5A97 LE R2.0

    I'm planning on upgrading my mobo for my gaming rig. I have a few ideas in mind but I want to make sure that the mobo that I get will be compatible with everything that I already have so I don't have to go and buy additional components as well. I especially worry about the RAM, if it will work...
  11. A

    Best PSU under 100$

    I am looking for a good PSU under $100. Here are the specs to my PC build CPU: FX 8350 Mobo: MSI 990fxa GD-65 GPU: 2 R7 260x oc edition crossfired Ram: Adata 8gb HDD: 2tb WD Green Cooling: Noctua 6 (the one with dual fans) Really apreciate all the help that i can get
  12. B

    3way SLI Watercooling help

    Is there something like with for 3way SLI 780ti's? Im using 3/8x5/8 tubing. http://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-fc-bridge-triple-parallel.html
  13. P

    700$ Gaming PC

    Is this a good beginning gaming pc?