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  1. Spiritos

    Question Question about which MIDI to USB Cable for iPad Air 3

    Hi, I just bought a digital piano (Kawai ES110) whith just MIDI 5 pin out which I want to use for my iPad Air 3. I have a Camera Connection Kit and am thinking about getting a LEKATO MIDI to USB Cable...
  2. F

    [SOLVED] Anybody knows what cable I need for this MIDI port?

    (It's on my electric piano)
  3. 010010

    Question Numark mixtrack pro I

    problem with my Numark mixtrack pro, when plugged into a rear USB 2.0 port it forces the PC to hang at POST. Other similar midi devices do not have this issue and it is fine in other USB ports (Front and rear) I changed 'legacy USB'. settings in BIOS and the issue remained. Once into windows...
  4. BobMcSmith

    [SOLVED] Soundboard with MIDI Controller

    Hi! I have an Alesis v49, and I want to turn the drum pads into a soundboard for things like discord. How can I assign the drum pad buttons to soundbytes? Thanks!
  5. L

    Can i change my laptop CPU

    i have a aspire e15 e5 575g and i was wondering if i can replace my i5-7200U with other CPU?
  6. T

    [SOLVED] Computer turns on when i turn PSU switch on

    Hello, so i just built my first pc and watch a few videos and had friends to help but when i turn the power supply switch on, the fans start spinning and the lights come on. Also I seem to get no display on the screen when it turns on. I figure its not REALLY on if I'm not getting a display. my...
  7. P

    [SOLVED] old server pc components

    i am trying to build a server pc, the problem is that i do not know what processor(s) and motherboard to use. this build is just going to be for fun, to stream and possibly store files. i would like two processors. the aim is to have dual xeons with at least twelve (12) cores overall. thankyou...
  8. A

    FX-8350 with Wraith cooler overheating

    HELP!!! I built a new system and bought a brand new AMD FX-8350 with wraith cooler. For the life of me, I cannot get this thing not to overheat. At first, I installed the cooler with the applied thermal paste. It would overheat and shut down when trying to do anything intensive. I figured the...
  9. slarty1408

    M.2 nvme ??? h110-a/m.2

    Hi guys i have asus h110-a/m.2 Setting up as a htpc but cant get my head round what 250gb nvme drive is compatible with fast read wright speeds
  10. L

    SoundBars - Yamaha, Polk, Samsung, JBL? So many choices under $500

    I've been looking at soundbars over the past week or so and am trying to decipher which would be my best option at or under $500. Every time I start digging into the reviews I just get more confused on which to select. I'm looking to replace a Sony HT-CT260H soundbar with something newer and...
  11. M

    WD Elements gone crazy!

    So, yesterday I was copying some files on to my WD Elements external 1tb hd. Every thing was great, its about 18 months old. An hour later i plug it back in and it takes ages tp pop up in my computer. I clicked on it and it freezes. I eject and repeat with the same result. It shows up in...
  12. N

    Hi am new to ISP please suggest me a devices to connect 17Km P2P connection at 20 Mbps ?

    Hi am new to ISP please suggest me a devices to connect 17Km P2P connection at 20 Mbps ?
  13. V

    Nvme ssd on a p75-d3 motherboard?

    I am looking to buy an nvme ssd for my Gyagbyte p75-d3 motherboard and an adapter to go along with it(the mother doesn't have m. 2 native support). Will this setup work?
  14. C

    some full screen games dont work or go out randomly help

    I bought a xfx radeon rx 580 but when i open some games the screen just goes black or a different game will open fine and just randomly goes black and some times shoes like an old tv static effect for a quick second this does not happen with all games it never happend when just on desktop...
  15. S

    1700x 0r 2600x

    This is posted due to the current pricing. Newegg has the 1700x for $179.99 and the 2600x for $229.99. Considering the $50.00 price difference, the plan to buy an aftermarket cooler for overclocking and gaming is not important, I am leaning towards the 1700x due to the extra cores. I do have...
  16. P

    Sd card lock has broken

    I cant down load my phitos from my Sd card. As it is locked The lock has broken off the card. I can see the photos on my camera only. Please can you help? Kind regards Carol .
  17. S

    power supply unit for gigabyte h110m mobo

    I have a 300watt power supply unit. Recently I purchased a gigabyte mobo H110m s2 and an Intel i3 7320k processor. I am yet to install it. Will my old PSU be compatible with the new mobo and cpu combo? Plz suggest.
  18. F

    Looking for a budget motherboard for the i5 8400

    As the title says, im looking for a good price value motherboard(around 80$) between the new 300 series chipsets for the core i5 8400. I have very basic needs (not going to overclock and such) and not planning to upgrade for the next 5-6 years but trying to keep expenses low. Also it goes well...
  19. B

    Why would my upload speed be 600+ mbps more than my download?

    As you can see, my upload speed is significantly higher than my download speed. I'm using a wired connection. I've never had problems with my download speed, but I'm just wondering if there is a way I could get my download up to the speeds of my upload? It seems its unheard of to have such a...
  20. E

    Seagate SkyHawk HDD

    Hello, may I ask if this is a good storage for my personal computer I will mostly put (games, movies, etc) on this drive and what concerns me is some reviews i got from amazon mostly has bad a little bit of mix reviews actually is this still good or will it stay stable in the long run? this is...
  21. P

    Charging problem Lenovo Y580

    Hi, Basically at some point my laptop stop charging. Previously i used my laptop as PC and battery was always removed, but about 1 month ago my laptop started cutting out power (just shutdown without any message, black screen and thats it). It happened when i was launching games, then it...
  22. J

    Hard drive speed low only when booting from it

    Dear All, Since I felt that my windows 10 system wasn´t performing at its max, I decided to check the speed of the 3 drives in my machine with HD Tune. What I found out was that the system drive´s speed is around 2-5 mb/s. which of course is unacceptable. So I decided to clone that system on to...
  23. M

    Some Question about the ram?

    I am about to change the pre built ddr4 4gb ram I originally wanted to go with a 2x4 but since the 16gb became more important I decided to go with a 8gb stick. Questions are 1. If I later buy the same stick how much is risky to use them in dual channel. (Is there a big chance to succesfuly...
  24. Y

    Best Used GPUs

    Hey guys ! I just had a quick question. I’m pretty strapped on cash for my new build and I was wondering what website to get used graphics cards that won’t scam me lol . I’m looking for 1050 ti
  25. U

    Wireless adapter for gaming

    Is the TP-LINK TL-WDN4800 good or decent for gaming? Thanks!
  26. A

    Computer freezes even in BIOS

    My computer will boot up and actually reach to the Windows OS bootup, but after a new minutes, the screen will simply freeze. This freezing continues after each hard-reset, and the interval between the re-bootup and the freezing becomes shorter each time, to an extend that not even the...
  27. L

    upgrading mobo / processor

    I am looking to upgrade my processor but i am not sure what to get. right now i have a AMD FX 8320e and Kingston HyperX Fury 4GB x2 DDR3. i am not looking to change my ram so what would be the best ddr3 motherboard / processor i can get that will go good with my GTX 970
  28. N

    Motherboard died, need new one

    My motherboard and PSU recently died on me. Mainly use it for gaming looking for nothing fancy somewhere between the $200 range. Also looking to upgrade my gpu in the near future probs a gtx1080. Any suggestions? All components are listed below CPU: Intel I7 4790k MOtherboard: ASUS H97M-E...
  29. L

    CPU temps confusing, DDR4 RAM misleading

    So, I got a Ryzen 5 1600 CPU, and Corsair LPX 3000Mhz MRAM DDR4 (2x8GB's). And while on BIOS iddle the CPU temps peaks at 58 C, but while on windows it peaks at 40 C. Also While on BIOS one of the RAM Mhz shows as 2800Mhz, I am worrying too much? http://imgur.com/a/FIadL
  30. R

    Powershell help, start a service only if an application is launched.

    I need assistance. Very newbie to ps. I need a script that starts a certain service only if a certain app is launched. And then stop the service if the application is closed. Any guidance is appreciated. Note: The service needs to start prior to this application started. I don't want it...
  31. G

    Fugoo Go Review: A Tough Little Speaker

    Get the Fugoo Go if you want an affordable Bluetooth speaker that you plan to expose to the elements. Fugoo Go Review: A Tough Little Speaker : Read more
  32. S

    Upgrading my fx6300 to i5 7600k or 4690k

    Hello, its time to upgrade my amd fx6300. I'm looking to spend 350-400 euro's. I think my decision is going to be between the i5 4690k and i5 7600k, because they are both about the same price in the Netherlands. So if I'm going to upgrade to either one of these, I will need a new...
  33. B

    Best size of monitor for gaming/workstation?

    Hi. Just interesting what is the best size of monitor is good for gaming/workstation? What is good resolution? Quality? Brands? Maybe there is something good used monitors for price? Any chance to buy damaged/fail monitor?
  34. P

    CPU or GPU

    I have an i5-4690 and a geforce gtx 1060 3gb. Would I benefit more from upgrading my cpu to an i7-4790k or from upgrading my gpu to a 1070 or 1080? PC is used for gaming.
  35. T

    Gigabyte Gtx 1050 not recognizing Asus 970 gaming Aura Motherboard

    Hey guys I recently got the a new motherboard(Asus 970 gaming) and new graphics card(Gigabyte Gtx 1050) And when i put on my computer it makes 1 short beep and 3 long beeps and i get no response from the monitor and all my parts are brand new. And i don't know what to do. My Psu: Rosewell 750...
  36. W

    i7 7700 non-k high temps with AIO 240mm

    HI guys, on a phone on lunch break so I'll try make it quick. Yesterday I completed my new build: Asus Strix h270f i7 7700 non-k Deep Cool Gamerstorm 240ex AIO Using the stress cpu option in cpu-z sees core temps around the 65c mark after 15 minutes. After about 45 minutes of overwatch...
  37. E

    Win 10 clean reset hangs at "Installing features and drivers"

    Acer cloudbook 32 GB SSD came new two months ago with Windows 10. Unable to uninstall enough apps and delete enough files to make room for Windows update requiring 4.7 GB free space, so decided to start fresh and delete all my files. Finally I am informed "Your PC will restart several times. Sit...
  38. S

    list of games

    My laptop has 5th gen i3 processor and 4 GB ram ,2GB Intel 5500 graphic card and my laptop is running in Windows 10 .Please tell which are the games I can play ?
  39. S

    Can someone please suggest best Wifi PCIe cards apart from Intel for Windows 10?

    I'm looking for a Wifi Card with PCIe for an embedded design which will have Windows 10. I'm looking for options apart from Intel
  40. D

    Will my gpu fit next to my wireless card

    Will my wireless card fit next to my gpu? Thanks! Gpu: https://m.newegg.com/product/index?itemnumber=N82E16814125871 Wireless card: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B007GMPZ0A/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 Motherboard: https://m.newegg.com/product/index?itemnumber=N82E16813157634