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  1. ArchieB

    Question Moving Windows 10 SSD to another SSD

    Hi, I currently have one SSD (C drive) and one HDD (D drive) inside my PC. The SSD is only around 60GB and holds the Windows 10 operating system and a few other small files. Unsurprisingly it is completely full and I would like to move the whole C drive to a new SSD and ultimately replace the...
  2. R

    [SOLVED] Upgrading win 7 to 10 questions

    So, here's the situation; -I got a brand new pc build ready to be installed on my desk. -I want to upgrade to win10 from an originally puırchased windows 7 that I've been using for 10 years now. (I still have the box and activation key written in it) -I want to holdon to my installed programs...
  3. S

    Question Migrating Outlook to the Cloud

    After decades of using Outlook only with a local PST file, I see the need use Outlook online. I need my different devices to be able to access old emails and for access to sync and be consistent across my PC, my tablet, laptop, etc. I have the proper license, but have no idea how to clean up...
  4. dzharo

    Question I killed brand new SSD?

    Good evening! I've bought a KingDian chinese SSD. I pluged it in the laptop's (ASUS X550J) HDD place, and put the HDD to the DVD connector via caddy. The SSD was recognized in BIOS, and Disc Management like unallocated. Then I install MiniTool Partition wizard and try to migrate OS from HDD to...
  5. O

    Question Want to move the OS from my HDD to SSD but am stuck.

    Here is my situation. ( https://ibb.co/31sySVq ) link is for screenshot of what I will be talking about. I want to move the OS from the HDD (Disk 0) to SSD (disk 1) but am unable to as the portion is over 750gb and the SSD is only 220 gb. I know the OS is not actually 750gb but I have tried...
  6. S

    Question Migrating profile to another computer?

    Hello guys. The problem: My mother's computer is a bit old. My father passed away recently and his laptop is considerably better than hers. The thing is, there are important stuff in her computer, like her outlook emails, the taxes software's data, along with other particular configurations that...
  7. L

    Question How to migrate from old pc to new pc

    Hello, I started the journey of building my first pc two weeks ago, with the help of this community (thank you really much) I decided the road to take, what hardware to buy, how to approach this build. As the day passed and more parts were getting at my house I knew it was time to address my...
  8. xxscienceboyxx

    [SOLVED] What happened to nvidia GPUs under xx50? And xxx5 GPUs?

    In the 10-series, there is a 1080, 1070, 1060, and a 1050. And a 1030. I was looking at nvidia old GPUs on the website, and found 7-series GPUs. With xx40, xx20, and xx10. There were also multiple xxx5 GPUs, such as GT 745. I was wondering what happened to this naming scheme. Why did nvidia...
  9. M

    No 5.1 sound from Netflix

    Hello all, I have a samsung ht-j5150 5.1 audio system and i have it hooked up to a philips 50PUS6503/12 via a high speed hdmi cable with ethernet (in the ARC hdmi slot). The problem is that regardless of the audio setting i choose on the tv or samsung audio system, i can't get 5.1 to play from...
  10. chibamarco

    [SOLVED] Which GPU should I choose?

    Hello, everybody! Im wondering which GPU should I choose. Here are my options: ■ Sapphire NITRO+ RX 580 8GB GDDR5 ■ Sapphire NITRO+ R9 Fury 4GB HBM I'm gonna game at 2560x1080p, using an LG Gaming 29WK600-W 29 inch HDR 5 ms 75Hz FreeSync monitor. Thanks in advance! :) (Forgot to...
  11. B

    R5 2600 soc on auto at 1.55 new to overclocking need help please

    Hey guys. To start off, I'm semi experienced with building, but I'm new to overclocking. It started with my ddr4 only running at 2166mhz so I got it running at the listed 3000mhz. Then came along the (ryzen 5 2600) cpu oc to 3700mhz. I ran prime 95 for 6 hours no crashes max temp did not exceed...
  12. P

    Received​ my RTX​ 2080 TI card from Geforce​ Giveaway, Should I worry?

    GeForce hosted a giveaway on their channel on 10 RTX 2080 TI cards, and I was one of the winners. the thing is I just received my card a couple of days ago and I did not use it till now as I am waiting for the other pc parts to arrive, however after the "Dying RTX 2080 cards" I'm worried that...
  13. Y

    Desktopcpu in laptop?

    Could you theoretically de lid a desktop cpu to put it in a laptop? Provided that it has the right socket and it has the same tsp as the cooler in the laptop
  14. K

    An extraordinary MB

    My desktop: https://www.dell.com/vn/p/inspiron-3470-desktop/pd Dell's customize motherboard involved lovely Intel® H370 chipset. CPU power receptor looks like ATX standard with 4pin (2yellow - 2black) But the system power receptor is an oddball one. There it is: Please explain the identity...
  15. Jetrise

    Constant BSOD after RAM Upgrade

    Hello All, I've upgraded my RAM today from Corsair Vengeance DDR3 2133MHz (2x4GB) to Corsair Vengeance DDR3 2400MHz (2x8GB). It's only the two 8GB sticks in the board at the moment. After around 15 minutes after starting the system up, I will generally get a BSOD saying, "System Service...
  16. G

    AMD X399 Redux: The New & Updated Motherboards for Second-Generation Threadripper CPUs

    We investigated all the available and future X399 motherboards on the market designed for your second-gen Threadripper processor. AMD X399 Redux: The New & Updated Motherboards for Second-Generation Threadripper CPUs : Read more
  17. R

    System randomly shut off mid game

    So i was playing fortnite and for some reason like maybe 20 mins in my pc just shut off. I just upgraded my psu ( evga 750w gq) . Problem is i have been playing gta v for like the past 3 days fine. Now i do have my back pannel open ( showing all the cables) as im changing case in like a couple...
  18. D

    Looking for software to show all notification from Android to PC

    Hi all, I am looking for a software to mirror all notification received to my phone on Windows PC. I need to show all notifications like missed calls, messages from Messenger and so on in some kind of table on Windows. I want it to our company because I want to show unanswered messages and...
  19. S

    Will my psu be enough?

    i have an Corsair - RMx 550W 80+ Gold psu and i was wondering if it can run my pc which is: I7-7700k Gtx 1070 Msi Armor 8gb 16 Gb Ddr4 ram 2400mhz Gigabyte GA-B250M-D3H 1 250Gb ssd and 1 2tb hdd segate barracuda and NZXT H700i which has 4 fans and a fan hub smart device Please help Thanks :D
  20. W

    1 Graphic Card = Works / 2 Graphic Cards = Black Screen on Login (Nothing new; just randomly after years of use).

    Short version: I turned on my computer and the screen is black. But only when I use BOTH of my sapphire graphics cards via crossfire. When I use just one by itself (either one), everything works 100% fine. In fact using both randomly works like 5-10% of the time. Right now I'm writing this with...