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  1. baileyboy125

    [SOLVED] Issues after migrating OS

    I recently purchased a 512GB Samsung 980 PRO NVMe SSD from amazon. I tried cloning my older 240GB SanDisk Ultra Plus SATA SSD but Samsung Magician kept failing due to 400110[061aee]. I tried fixing it using the steps it provided but nothing worked so I eventually just used Macrium Reflect Free...
  2. S

    Question How to transfer dual boot Windows 10/Linux drive to two seperate drives?

    My system currently has a dual boot setup with Windows 10 / Linux on a single Samsung SSD with MBR. I just got a new, larger Samsung SSD. I want to transfer my Windows installation to the new drive and keep my Linux install on the old drive. I want to keep both drives in my system and select...
  3. S

    Will the EVGA GTX 750 ti work with a 144hz monitor?

    Hello, As you might notice by the title i'm kind of a noob but i'm hoping to get a 120/144 hz monitor soon and wondered if this gpu would function properly. Thanks in advance.