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  1. F

    Question Migration of data from HDD to SSD

    Hello I have C: SSD with Windows 10 and D: HDD with the data like documents and so on, but also I use that D: for games installation folder. And for example, Steam and Epic etc. are installed on C: but games are put in D:. Now I want to completely get rid of that HDD and put SSD instead. How to...
  2. fangorn-forrest

    Question SanDisk Extreme 55AE external SSD recognized but unreadable: "Device not migrated" ?

    Hey all, Last night I was able to access my external SSD, a SanDisk 55AE (500GB). This morning while preparing for an interview with files on that drive, it became unreadable by my computer. My system recognizes that there's a USB device plugged in, and what the drive is called, but not that...
  3. S

    Question Moving various image, audio and video files from old bootable SSD drive to new machine

    Hi all, My computers no longer functioning as it should, so I'm looking into buying a new machine as this one isn't worth investing more money/time in. If I were to buy a new machine complete with a new SSD drive and a fresh install of windows, would i be able to plug in my old SSD drive from...
  4. R

    [SOLVED] Need help migrating data from one drive to google drive

    i basically need to make a copy of all the data on one drive to gdrive. I use good sync currently but it is very,very,very slow. I tried cyberduck but it crashes randomly and is not reliable at all. The data I have to transfer is around 4.5tb. I have tried mover but the task just gets queued...
  5. TheLesko

    [SOLVED] SSD upgrade; help with windows migration

    I'am currently using a 1tb hard disk and i would like to add a 240gb ssd to use as a boot device to load up windows faster. My question is, how to i migrate only the operating system? or the only solution is to do a fresh install of windows on the ssd, in that case do i keep all my previous data...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] Slow boot on m.2 NVMe

    Good morning guys, having a weird issue with my initial boot, i have quite a high end PC (ill list specs below) and i recently used the Samsung Migration tool to migrate my OS drive (basically just my OS and a few programs) over to from a Kingston SSD to a Samsung 970 EVO. Ever since this...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] How do I delete a second copy of WIN10?

    I migrated my WIN10 from a SATA SSD to an NVMe M.2 SSD using AOMEI Partition Assistant, so now I have 2 copies of WIN10, one on the SATA and one on th M.2. Is it safe to delete the WIN10 on the SATA SSD?
  8. I

    [SOLVED] Can I migrate Windows 10 system disk to a different OEM Windows licence?

    My PC motherboard just died, with what I believe was an OEM Windows 10 licence on it. I want to migrate the drives and ideally the whole Windows 10 setup (including apps and settings) to my new machine, which will also have an OEM Windows 10 Licence on it. I believe that if I simply plug the old...
  9. N

    Question Booting from USB drive without BIOS access

    Hi I use an Acer Aspire 5 A515-51G-50UW running Windows 10. I have forgotten the password to my BIOS (which I don't even recollect setting in the first place). I have bought an M.2 SSD into which I would like to migrate the OS using Clonezilla. However, that requires BIOS access (I know that the...
  10. P

    [SOLVED] Modding BIOS to allow bootable NVME storage

    Hello all, I recently bought a NVME storage from Amazon. It is from Silicon power and it is the 1 TB series. I installed it (with an adapter) into my ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R1 motherboard. Now, I am aware that my board does not support pcie 3.0. But, with the 2.0 speeds, I am tripling my...
  11. FaithOnHuman

    [SOLVED] Can you clone SSD to m.2 with same capacity

    Just wondering, can u clone an SSD e.g. 500gb to m.2 500gb or the m.2 should have bigger capacity? edit: SATA III -> NVMe.
  12. S

    Question How To | Cloning & Replacing current SSD

    Hello, My current system/C drive has a capacity of 2TB and is using 701GB of space. I purchased a new Kingston A400 960GB SSD and a San Disk Ultra 3D 2TB SSD. I want to clone/migrate my current SSD/OS to one of my new SSD's. I'm considering transferring my current system to the 960GB SSD and...
  13. M

    [SOLVED] NVMe SSD with Win10 (using PCIe adapter) not shown in BIOS, yet shown in Disk Manager

    Build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/FPkQFt SSD added: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07M7Q21N7/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 M.2 to PCIe adapter: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075MDH28Y/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Issue: Installed SAMSUNG 970...
  14. C

    Question Looking for some assistance migrating my OS / cloning my drive

    Currently, Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate is installed on, and boots from, my machine's SSD drive, but I want to use that drive for installing games instead (there's not really enough space on it for big games when the OS is on it - it's only like 120 GB). My machine also has a HDD that I use for...
  15. W

    Question RAID migration query to new motherboard

    Hello All, My first post here, I'm hoping to get a better understanding of an issue that I have been faced with. I had a 4x 4TB WD Red drive array running in RAID5 on a ASRock Rack C2750D4I mobo, unfortunately for me the board died and I now need to purchase a replacement, hoping that I can...
  16. S

    Question How to transfer dual boot Windows 10/Linux drive to two seperate drives?

    My system currently has a dual boot setup with Windows 10 / Linux on a single Samsung SSD with MBR. I just got a new, larger Samsung SSD. I want to transfer my Windows installation to the new drive and keep my Linux install on the old drive. I want to keep both drives in my system and select...
  17. A

    Gt 1030 240w power supply

    So I have a core i5 16gb ram and 240w power supply I just bought a gt 1030 2gb gddr5 is that able to run with my power supply I'm worried I waisted 99$
  18. C

    Ram and Motherboard

    Will this ram work for this motherboard? I am trying to buy it while it is cheap. It is 3000 so i dont know if it is compatible. plz help https://pcpartpicker.com/user/CosmoRocket6987/saved/QfPXHx
  19. W

    Possible shorting issue?

    After getting my new gaming rig all set up (i5 6700k, gigabyte z270x Ultra Gaming, 8gb x2 corsair vengeance lpx 3000mhz, Asus gtx 1070 strix oc), I found that I accidentally screwed down the motherboard on top of one of the case fan cords, pinning it underneath. To get it out I will need to...
  20. N

    Two Different Graphics Caed..

    I want to ask from you a question... Can I merge two graphics card memory and bits by inserting them on slots given in my CPU motherboard HP 8000. I have Nvidia Quadro 2000 and AMD Radeon HD6450 both 1 GB cards so I want to merge their memory to achieve better results and run games without...
  21. R

    Asus motherboard Z97 Pro wifi ac bios settings for pci express 1,2 & 3 slots

    I use to use all 3 slot #'s 1& 2 for gpu's GT740#1 & GT730#2 and for #3 Sound blaster Z sound card. now after removing the GT730 and Z card for quite awhile I reinstalled installed their latest drivers but nothing. what bios setting is needed to get these slots working?
  22. B

    is this gpu good

    i can afford this but the review worries me http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150775&cm_re=rx_480-_-14-150-775-_-Product
  23. R

    Half of my keys aren't working on my Corsair Raptor K40

    After not turning on my computer for about 3 months, my keyboard has been playing up. From the letters i,k & n to the right all work. Whereas all keys to the left of those three have all stopped working. I have opened a number of programs and games to see if it was just notepad but it seems to...
  24. A

    Took out Nvidia Graphics Card to clean, Massive FPS drop in games now

    Hello, Recently I decided to take out my graphics card as well as a Fan to get all the dust off of them. Everything went smoothly. No issues. Then i go to boot up and it had a boot failure. Forgot to plug in a couple of cables. Oops. Plugged in back in, everything booted up fine. Go to start...
  25. T

    windows cannot be installed to this disk the disk may fail soon?

    Does it mean that I need to replace my hard drive or do I need to just get a new laptop?.
  26. C

    Missing SSD in my comp.

    I just installed a sandisk ssd plus in my comp. drive shows up in bios and in device manager in Win 7. But it does not show up in my computer. Device manager says it is working, but how come I can't see it? Help please
  27. T

    Can't change out wireless router that is connected to switch

    Awhile back, my house was wired with ethernet by a IT technician but I desire to change the arrangement and haven't been able to get a hold of him. He set up my wireless router directly connected with the cable modem in the basement and the wireless router has an ethernet cable going to the 16...
  28. J

    Mods for Skyrim

    Hello, I want to play skyrim modded im all about graphics. i have a i7-4770k and a GTX 980 TI i want decent FPS and best graphics possible what should i install?
  29. A

    Fx-4100 overclocking on an old motherboard

    I have an aging fx-4100 that has served me well over the years and I plan to upgrade soon to an fx-8320 and I have some questions. 1) Can I safely oc the 4100 to something like 4.0ghz on my Gigabyte GA-880GMA-USB3 with aftermarket aircooling? 2) As I plan to OC the 8320 to at least 4.0 -...