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  1. S

    Question Hi, I am Brenyon and I have a burning question for my close friend Brenton about the Java client and applying it to .jars.

    Hi, I am Brenyon. My friend, Brenton is currently having a issue opening .jar's using the Java client. Below I have listed a screenshot that Brenton took on his own PC, NOT mine. In that screenshot it clearly shows that even though Brenton has his newest version of the Java client installed he...
  2. BlueGuyTTV

    Question I think i port forwarded the port 25565 so i can run the MC server, but when testing it says its closed. What do i do ?

    Hi, i have been dealing with a problem lately. I have got myself a TP-LINK Archer C80 and i bought it beacuse the settings seemed easy. They are, but not working? Let me show you my NAT port forward settings: Service name : HTTP IPv4 ADDRESS : External port: 25565 Internal port ...
  3. K-Shiro616

    Question I can't play minecraft with a ryzen 5, 16gb ram and a 2060 super

    A little clickbaity but it's true. Thing is, yesterday I was trying to play minecraft in the last version (1.16.5) with seus hrr test 2.1 and everything went ok but I wanted to try some ultra definition resource pack and I downloaded the Stratum 2048x rp, I know it's kinda hard to run that even...
  4. undlien

    [SOLVED] i can't port forward between two routers anymore ?

    I am trying to open port 25565, so my friends can play on my server, but it won't work, I used to be able, but I have tried so many things, I have had this problem for half of a year. I have tried factory resetting the main router, but not the router I'm connected to, I have so many devices that...
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Minecraft server build

    I'm looking to build a Minecraft server for me and some friends but im not sure what specs I should get im looking at anywhere from 5-15 players with some heavy modpacks that normally run 4gb of ram
  6. B

    [SOLVED] I can't solve Minecraft server joining error code Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: I

    When I tried to join my friends lan server the game gave this message : Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 27, Size: 5. I tried everything. I uninstalled minecraft, the mods, fully uninstalled java and then I tried again but...

    Question Optimizing Minecraft And Java Not Utilizing CPU or GPU

    Okay... So... I can run 300+ frames in vanilla minecraft Java. I can run RLCraft with Sildurs shaders getting about 80/27 according to optifine with my render distance at 10 chunks. So... why does my CPU never use more that 50%? Specs: 9th Gen Intel I7-9750H 12MB Cache Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660...
  8. A

    Question Help with my mojang and minecraft account.

    So i have a problem with the fact that the email i used to create my minecraft and mojang account has been deleted and i do not remember my security questions that i set on it (i made it when i was maybe 10 so that's why) and i was wondering is there anything i could do to get my account back...
  9. Myronazz

    [SOLVED] Java Installer REFUSES to do anything at all

    Hello... Just formatted a friend's laptop and clean installed a fresh copy of Windows 10, the latest build downloaded from Microsoft's Website. I finished setting everything up, drivers, etc. And everything thus far has worked perfectly but for some reason I cannot seem to get Java working, we...
  10. J

    Build I planned for low cost ( First post )

    This is my first post. I plan build the following PC with limited funds. A friend suggested me this site for reviews/opinions. What are ur thoughts of components and how will they do together: PC Case: https://www.nzxt.com/products/phantom-410-white Motherboard...
  11. luckystrikes

    MSI GTX 970 4GD5T OC - Overclock Setting Help

    Hello Community, I am planning to overclock my Video Card soon and need help from the community here. As I don't have any clues to what Mhz is safe to overclock my GPU to. This is the GPU that I recently bought...