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Forum discussion tagged with #minecraft.
  1. Theoderic321

    Question Minecraft possible ban?

    So I was playing on the Lifeboat server in Minecraft Bedrock on pc, and after a while I notice massive input delay, it frustrated me a little and I said "<Mod Edit>" and "<Mod Edit>" now I just want to know if im gonna be permanently banned or if im safe.... Kinda scared I because dont want to...
  2. P

    Question I would like some info/ advice regarding these boards

    Which of these 3 is best suited for what? I need a fast system for building/restoring systems and (maybe a few internal drives). I would also like to build a system for grandkids to use for homeschool and minecraft learning IMHO a p4 would be good for homeschool for 2-8 yr olds except...
  3. K

    Question Why won't my game install?

    I'm trying to install Minecraft. It says that it has been bought and when I go to install it, it either says "Acquiring License" or "Starting Download". I left it installing all day today (about 10 hours) and it didn't move off of "Acquiring License". The first few times I tried to install it...
  4. Dmit99

    Question Internet crashes when playing minecraft

    I recently made my own minecraft server with portforwarding. When I want to join the server my server can't keep up the system and I'm getting kicked out. And then my internet stops working. Have to wait until the modem resets and then I've internet again. This happens everytime I join the...