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    Question I dont know how to Port Forward my Asus router

    I have tried several times to Port Forward this router,but at the end of the day it never works.By that i mean my port isnt open. I am trying to port forward for a Minecraft server to play with my friends. My router's model is ASUS RT-AC51U.
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    100% disk usage

    Hello experts :) I've just noticed that my HDD usage is pretty high and slow speed even when doing small tasks like copying something from one place to another, and it also reaches 100% when I'm playing a game, I've done HDD test but it came with zero errors I can't understand what's wrong? And...
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    All Fans & LEDs on, no display/signal

    Hello, I just built a new gaming PC. I have a thermaltake case. when I plug it in and click the power button, the gpu fan and the case fan both start spinning at full speed. But when I go on my monitor, there is no display. SPECS: AMD FX 6300 EVGA GEFORCE GT 730 Thermaltake VL8000 16GB RAM...
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    PC Part Picker for pc gaming build HELP?

    Hi guys, Im new to this. Im looking for pc gaming build. Im not sure I just put the link here for pcpartpicker. What do you think? I only play wow, diablo, and lol. thats it. my budget is around 1000-1500 dollars. Help me guys. I don't know anything about good gaming computers...