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  1. C

    Question Problem With Port Forwarding for Mine-Craft Server (Through Modem and Router)

    I'm trying to setup a mine craft server to play with some of my friends. So far I've set a static IP for my computer. I've gotten access to my modem and my router through entering the default gateway into google chrome. I forwarded port 25565 to my routers IP from my modem using TCP/UDP and then...
  2. puw2

    Question Vega 56, very low fps on some games! HELP

    For an example, my minecraft runs 120-200fps, runs very hot and constantly is at 90-98% usage. No shaders or mods applied to the game. I've undervolted my card a bit, no overclocking or anything crazy From what ive seen from various youtube videos i should be getting avg 500fps without mods I...
  3. K

    Question Port closed

    So i wanted to start a minecraft server with my friend and after port forwarding his were still closed ,In upnp setting everything is turned on , we added ports to the firewall (25565 tcp and udp) we dont know what to do and i cant find the answer in internet
  4. C

    Question Allocating more RAM to twitch Minecraft Modpacks after installing new RAM?

    Just added another 16 gb of ram to my PC. Windows detects it and everything however I do not have the Option to increase my Ram further in Twitch (Then the already 12gb threshhold i had before already) Any Ideas?
  5. A

    Question bsod only when starting/playing games

    Hi guys! I am getting a blue screen of death every time I start a game. the game I am testing if the BSOD still appearing is Minecraft (Java edition) I had this problem in Windows 7 and Windows 10 all updates and drivers are up to date! I have : processor: i5-4670 3.40 GHz GPU : Intel(R) HD...
  6. K

    Question Old Computer, New Graphics Card - Help

    So, I have the HP Pavilion Slimline 5123W, which has a AMD Sempron LE-1250 cpu and the capacity for 8 GB of ram, and i'm trying to get a new graphics card for it. One that can limit the bottleneck between the gpu and the cpu while also allowing me to play at least Fortnite at okay speed, and...
  7. canadianvice

    Question Using old PC as game server (Modern titles, PC i5-3750k era)

    So, before I undertake this project, I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions. My old PC is an i5-3750k with 8GB ram (potentially 16 depending on if the mix goes well or not). I'm not looking to spend anything outside of trivial additional funds (read: basically none) to do this, so if...
  8. S

    Question Multiple Game Crashes, dont know problem.

    Minecraft crashes on booting and Fortnite Crashes while playing, both also making my computer freeze when crashing making me force a restart my holding the power button. Fortnite also says: File Block: Note: file blocks can be ignored if they cause no...
  9. Myronazz

    Question Radeon HD 7670M not utilised by games

    Hello... I have been having an absolute nightmare trying to get my friend's Radeon HD 7670M to work with games. But no matter what we do only the Intel HD Graphics 4000 is being used... Now it's an important thing to note that outside Minecraft we don't know if it's being used by the system, if...
  10. S

    Question Gameserver on Windows Server 2016

    I bought a new PC and thought "Why not use my old PC as a gameserver". I installed Windows Server 2016 and tried my best Installing Minecraft as a first project. The server got up and running, i can connect via the internal ip of the old computer from my new one, but the public IP from the...
  11. Dmit99

    Info Joining server cause an internet crash

    I live in the Neterlands, YES! I bought a new pc so I can use my old pc as a 'server' so lets start with making it! I live on the attic so my wifi wasn't very good at all so we fixed a cable from the modem on the main floor to the attic. Plugged in a router on bridge mode and here we go! I...
  12. A

    Question Problem with minecraft

    So the problem i'am having with minecraft is that when i take my laptop with me or just don't have it connected to my TV (used as primary display) the framerate just drops dramatically. When i have my laptop connected to my TV the framerate is about 100-140 fps with absolutely no drops under 60...
  13. K

    Question Minecraft capped at 60 no matter what I try.

    Hi, my Minecraft client has been capped to 60 for almost a month now, I've tried everything to fix it and it includes: Checking if VSync is on. Checking Nvidia settings' VSync. Reinstalling GPU driver (Clean install) (latest driver available for my GPU). Reinstalled Minecraft and deleted...
  14. R

    Question Minecraft ray tracing goes to 30fps only when looking down at feet (glitch)

    So I have SEUS PTGI e7.1 and I'm getting a constant 60fps at 720p no matter what. It never even drops to like 58fps really. (GTX 1070, 16gb ram, ssd, i5 9400f) Iv'e played for like 3 hours and the fps never drops. But as soon as I start spawning down a lot of torches to light up at night...
  15. soap12345678

    Question 2080 ti poor peformance?

    Hi, I have recently built my first ever PC, specs are an i9, 9900k, 2x8gb 3200 trident z ram, rog z390 motherboard, rog strix rtx 2080 ti, etc etc The problems I am having are due to the card underpeforming (I assume). I bought minecraft about 3 or 4 hours ago and installed a few shaders...
  16. V

    Question Suggestions on a small cheep gaming server

    I have choose some parts in Pc part picker, if this is good enough tell me but if you can optimize it and if you can make it a bit cheaper it will help It will have Ubuntu and it will run a Minecraft server for now (no I'm not a 10 year old I just still like the game better then fortnite) Help...
  17. L

    Question Weird lag issue in minecraft (is it only happening to me?)

    Hello guys, So recently i have built a brand new PC, The specs are CPU:Ryzen 5 2400G GPU:VEGA 11 RAM:2X4 CorsairVengeance 3000mhz MOTHERBOARD: ASROCK B450 PRO AM4 SSD: Kingston 240GB So the problem is that when i am playing Minecraft, it all plays fine until a point where I start to get...
  18. M

    Question BSODs have returned, drivers?

    My computer recently had two BSODs while playing Minecraft, which hasn't happened in ages. I believe this may be due to some mods I tried to install, those being Optifine and some shaderpacks. I've done my best to uninstall them, but the crashes continued. I've attached my .dmp files. Can...
  19. S

    Question Double Router Port Forwarding Minecraft

    I've been trying for a week to port forward my minecraft server to play together with my friends. I have seen a lot of tutorials but when i try Port Checker on Port Forwarding Network Utilities, my port doesn't show up. The port is 25565 and i think i port forwarded it wrong. I have two routers...
  20. AndrewFreedman

    Microsoft Teases Minecraft AR Game at Build 2019

    Microsoft teased an AR Minecraft game at the end of its Build 2019 keynote. Microsoft Teases Minecraft AR Game at Build 2019 : Read more