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  1. l4whitney

    Question Game server port closes after specific local PC disconnects or server is restarted.

    I am currently running a Minecraft server for a few friends on a laptop connected to a TELUS Wi-Fi Hub. I have successfully configured it so that both local and global users can connect and everything works fine EXCEPT that when my roommate disconnects from the server or the server is restarted...
  2. I

    Question MYSQL - Insert multiple strings of data in a particular way

    Hi guys. So, I'm an admin in a gaming community, and we recently started to setup a Minecraft server. Because it runs on Bungeecord, so there are technically multiple server instances--and they all need the same permissions set--(I use LuckPerms BTW)--I've configured all of our servers to have...
  3. xBlueSugar

    Question When i playing minecraft with 100+fps and i feel lagging

    When i playing in hypixel i got 200fps but i feel the screen is lagging. and i tried in singleplayer open a world and i got 1000fps .but is still lagging ,sometimes will drop to like 200 fps.
  4. Bloodshot_pico

    Question Unreachable Port

    I've been trying to setup a game server for the past few days using the port 25565, as many of you may know it's Minecraft. However when I run the server on the port 25565 I'm unable to connect to it. I'm using Ubuntu for my hosting machine, and I've triple checked my ufw rules for ports. I've...
  5. B

    Question gtx 1660 super low fps?

    I have a GTX 1660 Super and an Intel I7 and was playing minecraft 2 days ago with shaders on, I got around 100 fps without a lot of frame drops. When I wanted to play again yesterday it only gets to around 25-35 when I’m in a multiplayer server and around 60 when I’m in a single world. Keep in...
  6. I

    Question Private FTP access to a specific folder?

    Hello guys. I'm posting this in the Windows 10 section because that's the OS I'm using so I felt it was relevant. <Mod edit: Moved to "Networking"> OS = Windows 10 So, I am currently working on building a Minecraft server bungeecord network. I am, at the moment, working on hiring staff...
  7. I

    [SOLVED] Better PC running worse than mine?

    Hi guys. I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this. If not, I can move it. Anyway, so my boyfriend and I both have decent PCs. We both game, but he does a LOT more than I do. He decided to launch a modpack (Vault Hunters Official), and his performance was completely tanked. Constantly...
  8. airbornehurdle

    Upgrade recommendations for an office desktop converted into modded Minecraft server hosting?

    Hello, so I just bought this small desktop from eBay because I wanted to play modded Minecraft and I wanted to host it on a server. I don't like paying for a server so I just invested on a personal one so that it is better in the long term. I installed Ubuntu Server and AMP for hosting the...
  9. vermi

    Question R7 250 & PSU

    Hi, I have just bought an AMD Radeon R7 250 2GB DDR3. And I was just wondering if I would be able to run it on my 240W PSU without any issues. My specs are: i5-2400 16GB DDR3 I would only be playing games like CS:GO and Minecraft, most likely low graphic settings. Thank you
  10. D

    [SOLVED] PC crashes/shuts down and needs to be replugged

    So basically, yesterday i got home, i finished with my setup (also got a new monitor which could be the issue but probably not), and my pc started crashing pretty often when playing some games, it crashed while playing counter strike global offensive, minecraft and probably some other games...
  11. D

    Question PC crashes while playing most games, have to replug the cable of the power supply

    So basically, yesterday i got home, i finished with my setup (also got a new monitor which could be the issue but probably not), and my pc started crashing pretty often when playing some games, it crashed while playing counter strike global offensive, minecraft and probably some other games...
  12. Alexithymla

    Question BSOD when starting Minecraft ?

    I've made a thread about this before, but that was apparently only my temporary solution. I've recently gotten my new pc back from the shop, I was using my old 1030 build before this new one and it could run Minecraft without a BSOD on launch. Now I got my SSD replaced around 5 days ago in this...
  13. santasendskidstothegulag

    Question Minecraft Optifine doesn't work ?

    I tried to instal optifine onto my minecraft and when it didnt work i tried the new 8u311 java then went to my laptop where optifine works and tried the version of java it was running. Updated all my drivers, re-updated java, reinstalled mc, copied the entire game onto a usb and reinstalled it...
  14. A

    [SOLVED] minecraft not using cpu and gpu correctly

    minecraft not using gpu more than 25 to 30 % and CPU at 11 % to 20 % for all thread clock at 4006 component GPU amd Radeon rx 6600 xt CPU i5 10400 ram vulkan z 2*8
  15. 1

    [SOLVED] PC severely underperforming, especially in Minecraft

    Summary of Issue System Configuration Motherboard: ASRock B450M PRO4 AM4 RAM: Patriot Viper Steel Series DDR4 2x16 (Running @ 3200 MHz CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 PSU: Corsair CX Series 550w Display: HP X24i GPU: EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 SC GAMING 6GB OS: Windows 10 x64 Applications: Minecraft, poor...
  16. GoldenCrepe

    [SOLVED] Port Forwarding Not Working On Google WiFi

    I've been attempting to set up a Minecraft server for me and my friends on an old laptop, and everything went great until the dreaded port forwarding. I think I've narrowed it down to be Google WiFi's fault. Here's what the situation is: The firewall is allowing JAVA and the port forwarding...
  17. Alexithymla

    [SOLVED] Minecraft BSOD

    Whenever I launch Minecraft my PC goes to 99-100% CPU usage and BSODS . This didn't happen before but I did recently do a GPU overclock, what might be the problem and fix to this?
  18. A

    [SOLVED] Why am I having BSOD's while launching Minecraft: Java Edition?

    Hello, Recently I tried to launch Minecraft 1.17 and had a BSOD. I have tried several things like updating my Nvidia drivers, reinstalling Minecraft, launching in safe mode, contacting Minecraft and Microsoft support. Nothing has been able to fix the issue. On the BSOD it says: "Stop code...
  19. TheJandalf

    Question Minecraft won't start, exit code: 0

    Hi there, recently I bought a new laptop (Acer Nitro 5) and wanted to play some mc but when I click on play in MC launcher it opens a window saying: "An unexpected issue occured and the game has crashed. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Exit Code: 0" and the log file says this...
  20. S

    [SOLVED] Minecraft LAN

    Hi, i have a LAN issue i can't seem to solve, my girlfriend and i was playing minecraft (java) for about 30min then she got kicked out as my pc was the host. now when we try to lan again she can't find my game. she tried hosting but still can't find the game. added minecraft through firewall...
  21. J

    Question Will my laptop run Minecraft shaders at all?

    Hello! I have Asus Zenbook, i5 8th gen, NVIDA GeForce MX250. I was wondering would my laptop run Minecraft shaders. Ofc I must change some settings in a game. Pls give some tips and knowledge about this! Ty already!
  22. swbfexplosion

    Question Getting low FPS in Minecraft ?

    So, I've recently noticed that my friend and I have some pretty big FPS differences in Minecraft with and without shaders. I have an RTX 3060, i7-7700KF, 16 GB RAM. He has an RTX 3060, a Ryzen 5 3600 and 16 GB RAM, but he gets around 120-150 FPS with the BSL shaders and Optifine on 1.17.1 and 48...
  23. V

    Question My ports are not opening

    Hello! I am trying to host a Minecraft server for me and a couple of friends however when I try to port forward the port "25565" and test to see if it's open on canyouseeme.org it says that the port is closed and the reason is "Connection timed out", I've added a rule to allow the port in my...
  24. CleanGamez

    [SOLVED] i opened ports and portfowarded and my friends still cant join my Minecraft server

    i opened ports and portfowarded and my friends still cant join my Minecraft server. Im hosting on my local machine my friend were be able to join before but now they cant anymore. i have made tcp, udp inboud, outbound rules in firewall, portfowarded trough my 2 routers. HELP
  25. E

    [SOLVED] Java files will not open ?

    I'm trying to get minecraft mods again, and I just reinstalled Java, to install forge. But every time I try to run forge, nothing happens. I tried making sure the "open with" path is correct, tried running it through command prompt, making a .bat, using jarfix, nothing has worked. Any ideas?
  26. YourSpace

    Question How to change debounce time on Arch Linux?

    Hi I was wondering how to change my mouse "Glorious Model O" debounce time on linux as xinput keeps saying " X Error of failed request: BadAccess (attempt to access private resource denied) " Major opcode of failed request: 131 (XInputExtension) Minor opcode of failed request: 57 ()...
  27. artavasdes

    Question Forge jar is not launching

    I have never encountered this problem before where when I double click on the forge jar, nothing pops up to decide whether I want to download for client or server. The only thing it does is create a log file with errors in it. It only runs when I disconnect from my internet and once it finishes...
  28. SuperMuniz

    [SOLVED] I get very low framerates in Minecraft Java with my rx580.

    PC Specs- -Intel Core i7 9700k -MSI rx580 Armour 8G (Manually OC) -Samsung 970 Evo 500g nvme ssd -HP 500g SSD -Corsair RGB Pro 16g 3200hz memory -Asus TUF Motherboard (not sure the exact model) I hear that many other people with the same graphics card get much higher frame rates. I average 30-60...
  29. C

    [SOLVED] Just wanted to know how good these PC specs are ?

    AMD Ryzen 7 5800 3.8Gh.z MSI Gaming motherboard, 16GB DDR 4 ram , 8gb GeForce graphic card 500gb SSD + 1 TB HDD and would you say if it's better than : iBUYPOWER - Gaming Desktop - Intel i7-10700F - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB - 1TB HDD + 480GB SSD
  30. I_DoStufff

    Question What happened to my fps?!

    I got a new pc about a year ago, every game was running good for like 8 months and then Minecraft (low spec block game) suddenly went from 300 fps to 30-60 fps, no matter what settings I use. I even got a fresh install of windows and it didn't work. I really need to find a fix because I play the...
  31. Kuynh

    Question When launching Minecraft, Internet goes down until closed.

    Whenever my Minecraft is launched, my internet goes down except for google websites. The problem usually goes away in a random time or when I close Minecraft. It also sometimes kicks me out of a Minecraft server until the problem fixes itself. I know it is a DNS issue but I've already tried...
  32. D

    [SOLVED] Difficulty with Minecraft Server

    This is another "cant' set up a Minecraft server" post ... Hoping someone will be able to help. The short version is that the server works on my computer, but not his. Both of our computers are hardwired directly to the ASUS RT-AC86U router via ethernet cable. His local IP address is...
  33. Question CANNOT OPEN PORT

    Hello, I have been trying for the past 2 months to run a Minecraft server with no luck. My issue is I cannot open port 25565, when I try portforward tester canyouseeme.org it says Connection refused. My server software is working just fine. My router is Tplink Archer C6. I have configured my...
  34. B

    Question Terrible minecraft shaders FPS with Omen 15 (RTX 2060) ?

    Installed Minecraft shaders on my Omen 15 (Ryzen 7 4800, RTX 2060, 16 gb ram) and only get about 20-30 fps (with some minor lag-spikes) :/ What do I do? It performs very well otherwise.
  35. jtnoble321

    [SOLVED] Port Forwarding For A Server - Not Open

    Hey all, been trying for a few hours on this and I am stumped. I'm using a Netgear Router and trying to host a Valheim server. I've tried running a Minecraft server before and I believe I had the same issue. For Valheim, you open ports 2456-2458 TCP/UDP, which I have done for the correct IP...
  36. B

    [SOLVED] Minecraft Very Low FPS, Decent Computer

    I'm struggling to find the issue causing my low fps. I don't have the best computer but it shouldn't get fps this low should it? Specs: CPU: AMD FX-8350 (Vishera) 4.07 GHz GPU: MSI AMD Radeon 570 8 GB Ram: DDR3 12 GB (4 GB allocated) SSD Java 64 bit F3 Screenshot
  37. Atilanon

    [SOLVED] Minecraft shaders performance has suddenly halved itself ?

    Hello. I play on a Minecraft server with my friends, on which i play with shaders. Now, for the first few weeks, all was perfect. Shaders on high settings got anywhere from 70-117FPS. but then weeks later, i noticed that the frames would slowly decrease, starting in the 100's and slowly...
  38. B

    [SOLVED] Random FPS Issues and Stuttering with High End PC

    I have looked around the forums for a while, and looked at other sources to try and fix my issue. Starting a few days ago I have been getting major FPS drops in games like Overwatch and Minecraft, and running shaders I am getting under 40 fps. In Hitman 2 I was experiencing major hanging issues...
  39. W

    [SOLVED] Gtx 780 terrible performance

    Hello, recently my rtx 2080 ti had to be replaced and in the meantime I borrowed my friends gtx 750. He has a gtx 780 in his rig. When we went ahead and played minecraft the results were shocking. I was getting 500+ fps in 1080p and he was getting max 100fps with fps drops to 15fps. His game was...
  40. Munchos

    Question Me and a friend cannot connect to each others multiplayer servers, but we can both connect to a server hosted by another friend.

    I am trying to host a server for Minecraft java edition, and all of my friends can join except for one. If that friend tries to host his own server everyone can join except me. If one of the other friends hosts everyone can join but ideally my friend that I can not connect with or I would be...