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  1. LANCE1313

    Question Monitors can't find the mini displayport after getting a new monitor

    Ok, I've been running 3 monitors for a while now with my laptop. (ASUS rog gl502vs ds71). I've been running the native laptop screen and two external monitors. One has been HDMI and the other a mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter with an HDMI cord. Neither of these external monitors is anything...
  2. C

    How to Factory reset hp laptop stream

    I recently bought a hp laptop stream 11.6" and im trying to do a factory reset, however it will not allow me to. The guy I bought it from dosent remember his password for his Microsoft account & its giving me one heck of a time trying to get it done. Ive tried all the ways YouTube shows you to...
  3. M

    Trouble connecting old Bose Lifestyle 50 HTS system to new LG tv

    I have a Bose Lifestyle 50 HTS (circa 2000) and want to play the audio from the tv thru the systems speakers. The Bose unit only has RCA ports - no digital optical audio or HDMI. The tv is an LG LED model 55uj6540 but it only has HDMI and digital optical audio - no RCA ports. Is there some...
  4. D

    GTA IV couldn't know my 4GB graphics in laptop (plz help me!!)

    i have asus k501 laptop i5-6200u 8Gb ddr3 ram gpu gtx 950 4gb ddr3 so GTA IV only know 500 MB of my vram graphics (500 mb is my onbord intel 520 graphic) i have windows 10 64bit and v378.78 GeForce driver and last intel driver and GTA iv v1.0.8.0 (2016) patch and -nomemrestr.... comand in iv...
  5. K

    Possible bottleneck with 1080?

    Hello, I bought a GTX 1080FTW in hopes to push my system up a bit, but I haven't really seen any improvement at all. I play a few indie games here and there, and mostly Final Fantasy XIV. After installing the 1080 however, I haven't seen any performance increases at all (Upgraded from 970FTW)...
  6. bakumonsuno85

    can my 600watt psu handle a r9 290

    the title speaked
  7. C

    A Hardware Issue

    Okay, so i built my second pc and used most of the parts from my first. I changed the motherboard(gigabyte z77x-ud3h) and the videocard to a 760 and also a new case. Ever since i built it my hard drive keeps corrupting. Ive tried 3 different drives and i even bought one which worked for about a...
  8. Y

    Need Good Motherboard Recommendations for FX-8320

    Hello, I am building a new computer on a budget. It is centered around an AMD FX-8320 processor. What I need is an excellent motherboard to put it into. The only thing I really ask for is a price below or around $100 USD, and has decent crossfire capabilities for the future. I don't care about...