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  1. Daniel8

    Question Mini pcie wifi card

    Hello, could I laptop (hp 2170p) has mini pcie full size slot and mini pcie half size slot. In mini pcie half slot there is wifi card and it works (I have wifi becouse of it). But if I move wifi card into mini pcie full slot it doesn’t work and it will show 'WWAN modul 703' error...
  2. O

    Question connect mini pcie or usb wifi card to sdio port?

    Can you somehow connect a mini pcie or usb wifi card to a sdio port? Converter? Adapter? Thank you.
  3. P

    [SOLVED] Can I add a graphics card to a Mini PCIE X1 slot

    Hey there. My computer's motherboard is a H81H3-TI2 from ECS. These are the specifications for it: The website says that my motherboard has a Mini PCIE X1 slot, which can be used for...
  4. U

    Question Wiring mini PCI-E to PCI-E for Graphics Card in Laptop

    I have an old laptop and GPU that are pretty much worthless. The laptop is a Gateway nv55c57u and the gpu is a MSI GT 710. I want to place the GPU directly in the laptop just for fun. I will be leaving out the disk drive to make room for the GPU. I was trying to find an adapter that goes from...
  5. Lil’bertz

    [SOLVED] What's the latest or the best PCIe Wifi Card for laptops?

    im planning upgrade my laptop's wifi card (asus s550ca) i found out that it uses a mini pcie wifi card from this video. will it work or will it have compatibilty issues?
  6. Lil’bertz

    [SOLVED] Mini PCIe Wifi Card to PCIe 2.0 x1 adapter

    Will this work or fast? i want keep my wifi card of my laptop because it served me well
  7. K

    Question How do I get my mini pcie to pcie 16x adapter to work?

    I bought this cheap adapter that takes mini pcie and adapts it to pcie 16x so I could use it with my gtx 1060. No matter what I tried the graphics card would not show up in device manager. Please help me. Here is the link to where I bought the adapter...
  8. S

    Intel Celeron 1000m Upgrade

    Hi i just bought a Asus X401A-BCL0705Y and it has a Intel Celeron 1000m and I'm looking for an upgrade. Does anybody know which CPU will be supported and has more core and is decent for multi taking. Thanks for the help in advance.
  9. V

    Asrock Z87 Extreme 6 Error Code issue

    Hi, I've had the Asrock Z87 Extreme 6 motherboard for around 2ish years now. Just a few days ago my computer would refuse to work properly. The motherboard flashes error code 10 two times, before going to error code 53. I've tried turning it on without the GPU, with only one stick of ram, I've...