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  1. S

    [SOLVED] If these are both the exact same model of GPUs, (RTX 2060s) then how can one be physically bigger? (On the inside)

    Compare these 2 GPUs. One is a "Mini" and the other is a "3-Fan" https://www.newegg.com/gigabyte-geforce-rtx-2060-gv-n2060ixoc-6gd/p/N82E16814932117...
  2. Sovietua

    Question Gaming PC 2020

    Hello, I am going to build a new SFF PC for 2020 (even though I want to have it finished by mid-october). It is going to be strongly based on this, but using some different internals: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vx6TFwicRMw I would, hereby, like to post the full spec list in order...
  3. jazmag

    Question Mini pc suggestions

    Looking to get a mini pc to replace my ageing system. Something around two years old good for 1080/1440 gaming. Can't afford a hades canyon... Current spec Fx6300 black @ 4ghz 8gb ddr4 Geforce 980 ti gaming. Considering building a mini itx system just trying to get a better idea on what's...
  4. I

    Question Controlling the CPU fan speed in ASUS BIOS

    Hello, I just built my system and want to do a bit of overclocking. I have a 9700k, an ASUS Z390I, and a Noctua L9I. I wanted to do some light overclocking, but I can't find how to change the CPU fan speed in the ASUS BIOS. Thanks for all feedback.
  5. S

    Question Low Profile Overclocking heatsinks

    Are there any good low profile heat sinks that i could overclock with? I just need a cooler that is 42mm or less.
  6. M

    Freezing and Crashing Issue with Computer

    Hi there so I guess I will share the problems I have been having recently and see what you guys think is the problem. When I play "Overwatch" for a few minutes it crashes and my window closes. I thought it was the graphics card because its about a 5 year old graphics card and a few months...
  7. G

    hdd listed bios wont boot

    My father in law has 2 HDDs in his machine and it has been working properly since 2015. As of yesterday, the machine will boot only for one HDD, which has win8 on it ( the other has win 10 on it). The BIOS sees both the HDDs but regardless the boot order it will only boot from one. When using...
  8. C

    Notebook with dedicated or integrated graphics card for Sims 3 and Skyrim?

    I need a very light and portable laptop (13.3" preferably) that can play the Sims 3 + a few expansions, as well as Skyrim (at least the old version). I found a few options - two with a dedicated graphics card and one with an integrated card. I thought the ones with the dedicated cards would be...
  9. S

    direct programs to certain audio out puts

    i wanna have google chrome set to my speakers and my games set to my headset is there any program that can help ? i know you can do this with skype and such via setting one as a communication device and default device.
  10. T

    Dont know which to use in PC

    which is better the Intel HD 530 with a dedicated ram of 128mb, or the Radeon HD 5450.
  11. J

    Will it be safe to power up my new build?

    Hi peeps, this is my first post so don't grill me too soon. Anyway, I'm building another pc, with specs as follows: Nvidia 680i SLI mobo. Intel Q6600 Quad @2.4ghz 2x1gb Corsair DDR2 800 444-12, 1x1gb Corsair DDR2 800 555-15, 1gb of OCZ DDR2 800 (unknown timings) MSI GTX680 2gb DDR5. I also...
  12. M

    My new RAID 10 arrays are unstable and I don't know what to do

    This is my first time setting up a RAID 10 on my 6 month old home computer. It has an Adaptec 5805 controller. I used to have 2 RAID 0 arrays on it, which were stable. I decided to upgrade to 4x Kingston V300 SSDs in RAID 10, and 4x Seagate ST1000DM003 in RAID 10. I have been having problems...
  13. X

    z170 pro gaming h110i gt hydro

    Hi community i got a phantek enthoo evol itx case with z170 progaming and i need a new cpu cooler because the stock 6700k cooler sucks and is ugly :D i was wondering if this case really support 280mm radiators and what corsair support lga 1151 i was looking at h110 i gt hydro and h110i gtx all...
  14. S

    Asus PB238Q, Dell U2414H or Dell U2412M for gaming?

    Hi guys, I need to get a new 1080p 60HZ IPS Gaming monitor, was wondering if any of the above three come recommended, or if anyone has any other suggestions for £250 or less. Thanks a lot :) Links for each, respectively...
  15. C

    placing a fan

    so, i have this new tower than came with 1 fan on the back for pushing cold air in, and an extra fan i got from a friend. the case has another place for a fan at the bottom, would it be best to just push cold air in, or place it backwards to pull out the hot air?
  16. Z

    motherboard upgrade ,reinstall os,how to wipe both hard drives i have???

    okay so im getting a new motherboard and i understand i need to reinstall the os/windows 7 and i don't mind that, i want a clean pc and want my ssd cleared out, but i have a hardrive to and want to clear that drive also ,so how do i do it ,do i clean the hard drive once i download windows in the...
  17. A

    New to pc gaming £1000+ pc build

    My budget was £1000 but I am willing to go over buy 100 or 200 for peripherals this pc will be used for gaming and general use. I have a monitor
  18. O

    Radeon 7850 to 7950 upgrade?

    Hey everyone, I've currenty got the following system. FX 8120-OC to 4.2ghz stable Gigabyte 970a-ud3 8gb gskill ddr3 1600 2 Hard drives(1 boot, 1 storage) DVD burner EVGA 600B PSU Anyway, got money for Christmas this year, my system plays everything fine really. But I had been looking at...
  19. P

    Is This PSU More Than Enough For This R9 280 GPU?

    I have the R9 280 GPU and have a seasonic 80 gold 550 PSU but people on the site keep saying you need at least 650W plus for this type of GPU. Do I need to upgrade? Should I just opt for a higher PSU for a similar price? I dont want the psu to be overworking itself or running loud etc. I don't...
  20. meloninja

    Best GPU for Skyrim and Fallout: NV

    What would be the best NVIDIA card for running Skyrim and Fallout: NV at high setting at around 40 FPS? I would prefer the card to be under $300, but if there is one for around $330 or less, let me know. I won't be using any graphics mods. My build is below,,, Intel i5 4690K Cooler Master Hyper...