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    Question My active adapter won't support 144hz

    Hi, I have an issue with my active miniDP-DVI adapter( from what I understand, this is not a real active adapter, but my question is, if it supports 4k@30hz, can I use a smaller resolution with 144hz...
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    Question Dual monitor

    If I were to connect 1 monitor hdmi to hdmi and another mini dp to hdmi would I have two separate outputs or have one cloned screen output
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    Tom's hardware cpu and gpu hierarchy list?

    Hi. Just interesting how thats lists is accurate and what cpu/gpu level is lowest to look at, that is good enough today?
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    Planning to SLI.. keep 780 Dual Classified or upgrade to 980 standard ACX 2.0?

    Hey everyone, what would you do with your setup. I have the opportunity to upgrade to the EVGA GTX 980 ACX 2.0 free of charge with step-up. Or should I keep my 780 Dual Classified...which has a higher clock and maybe better temps? or should I go with the 980 ACX 2.0...idk how to overclock but...