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  1. X_E_N

    Question Possible memory problems. How can I be certain?

    For years now, my computer has always crashed while playing games. I used to brush it off but over the years I've slowly become tired and dare I say it, even depressed over my computers ability to crash. First the specs: Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU...
  2. H

    Question Laptop BSOD ONLY while playing games?

    Hello, so i've made multiple threads on different forums but no one has been able to help me yet. I've had this problem where my laptop BSOD's out of nowhere when playing games. i'd be playing, my screen would freeze and all audio dissapears and then the BSOD appears. Sometimes i get another...
  3. G

    Is Asrock fatal1ty 970 performance incompatible with AMD FX-8320 ?

    Hello, i had some problems with my system. Sometimes, at the power on, three long beeps sound from the motherboard speaker, and the system is unable to boot. Some other times, I am facing blue screens, which are caused due to RAM malfunction. So I’ve done some memtest to ensure that my RAM's was...